Another report on last night’s Smackdown tapings in Bakersfield

Aug 21, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Opening in ring segment with Vickie Guerrero introducing Randy Orton as new WWE champion. Randy says he’s the face of the WWE. Out comes Daniel Bryan, stating Orton has been given everything to him because of his father. Bryan calls Orton pretty, so pretty he wants to kick him the face. Fans start chanting yes! He wants a rematch against Orton tonight. Orton says not tonight and goes for RKO but Bryan dodges and drop kicks Orton out of ring end of segment.

Backstage promo of Vickie on the phone Barrett shows up. Its now Bryan vs. Wade Barrett in a cage match.

Curtis Axel w/ heyman b Rhodes. Heyman cuts promo about Punk, calls him a sad pathetic loser. Brock Lesnar beat Punk 123 @ sslam. Without Heyman, Punk is nothing. With Heyman, Axel has found himself and is untouchable.Axel challenging Punk this Monday from Phoenix.

Ziggler b Big E Langston w/ zig zag.

Del Rio b Christian via arm bar submission. Cuts promo about being a Hispanic hero. Tells people they can’t be him because they’re peasants. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and cuts almost same promo as Monday. He introduces RVD. Christian attacks Del Rio from behind. RVD hits a rolling thunder. End of segment.

Show & Mark Henry b 3MB in a handicap match. The Shield appears on screen says that have no respect for Show and Henry.

Darren Young b Antonio Cesaro with gut check. Young’s mouth was busted open just a bit.

Randy Orton comes out prior to main event and hides under ring.

Axel v Punk confirmed for next weeks raw.

Daniel Bryan b Barrett via running knee for pinfall. Bryan celebrates around the ring; Orton comes from under ring and RKO’s Bryan on the outside. He raises belt in victory over DB. End of Smackdown..

Dark match Bryan & Show & Henry b The Shield

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