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WWE’s Dr. Michael Sampson recently spoke with about John Cena’s injury. Here is what he had to say about the injury and how it will be repaired…

“John has been dealing with a large left elbow bursitis. We did an MRI, which showed a partial triceps tear. Being the warrior that he is, he did not want to have surgery [forcing him to cancel his SummerSlam match].

After SummerSlam, John agreed with us to have surgery this week with WWE’s Dr. James Andrews. He will begin physical therapy after that.”


According to, Cena’s injury may require a shorter physical rehab than was initially feared. Cena’s tricep tear is smaller than what expected; he is still having surgery but he may not be out for quite as long as feared.

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  1. Agent Cooper says:

    Of course. They always overdramatize his injuries so that SuperCena can miraculously come back sooner than expected.

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Hopefully the Royal Rumble will be saved and he won’t come back just in time to win it

  3. ~J* says:

    WORD LIFE!!!!!!!!

  4. Yawni says:

    Oh you silly Cena haters, Cena winning a Rumble doesn’t ruin it. How petty do you have to be to think something is ruined because you didn’t get your way.

    Did your mother’s shelter you from any form of entertainment sometimes not having the happy ending your little mislead heart wants? Sure seems that way.

    Yawni says the right thing all the yime.

  5. jim says:

    The vibe of the comments on this site is just awful. Everyone bitches and dissmisses eachother. Its sad.

  6. Venom says:

    I don’t see why everybody is against John Cena! He works his ass off day and night! People may think that the WWE is shoving Cena down the WWE Universe’s throat but truthfully, they’re not! Cena has done more for the company in this generation then The Rock, and Stone Cold combined. He has granted the most wishes in WWE history. He is the all time wish granter. He always show up for work, injured or not! He has proven himself to me. And I am a 22 year old MALE! And I am all for John Cena! He is true to himself. Nobody can ever take that away. People just need to back off!

  7. havok says:

    he might be a surprise entrant, along with sheamus, but i doubt he’ll win

  8. Denis says:

    Don’t hate on Cena. He’s just doing what the WWE wants. Just like Hogan or Warrior before him. Supermen. You can beat if the Rock was an active wrestler today as he was back in the Attitude Era he would be just like Cena is today.

  9. Ali says:

    John Cena’s on air character may be stale. (a heel turn is in order) his work ethic be it his work schedule, working through injuries, and number of days plus all of his charity work can not be questioned. In a day when everyone wants to work the light schedule, and still make big money Cena works circles around a lot of wrestlers!

  10. Saxon says:


  11. Really? says:

    Cena seems to be a really good guy, and he’s a hard worker who gives his all.

    His character is stale and boring after a decade and a lot of people are sick of him in the main event.

    Those things can all be true at the same time, you know.

  12. cenation says:

    how can a guy who’s held the top spot for a DECADE be considered stale… I hope they write a storyline to have cena win every single title, defend them on each show & ppv just to piss you people off and then i hope your kids beg you for cena gear every xmas and bday. you want him off the top, go knock him off or stop talking about him

  13. Justaquestion says:

    I don’t hate John Cena.

    He seems like a good guy in real life.
    Im bored with him though.

    It is World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Entertainment should not repeat itself constantly or it becomes Boring, Stale or just not Entertaining. Same with any other show or movie, it just dwindles away the audience.

    Its a fact that the audience has been dropping over the years Cena has dominated. Sure it goes up for Wrestlemania. But that was well established before Cena’s time.

    If you want to argue about merchandising Cena could easily appear as much as Brock Lesnar and still get WWE the merch money.

  14. cenation says:

    so because cena is stale, ratings drop? what about the other guys on the roster? doesn’t that mean they aren’t pulling their weight? cena isn’t the wwe, he carries the company at times but if it were to fail its not on his shoulders…

  15. Ali says:

    Cena is stale in the fact that the majority of the audience doesn’t want to see him be the quintessential hero anymore. If he were to turn heel he would be the top heel no doubt! Would be hard to publicize all the charity work (which most of his is not made public because he does SO much) I do think if he were to turn that he would be red hot as a heel. May be hard for him because he is what some consider too decent

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