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‘Total Divas’ audience drops

total divas

‘Total Divas’ on Sunday night did 1.35 cable million viewers, a drop of 19 percent from the prior week after ratings had risen for weeks two and three of the series. This week’s edition went up against the Summerslam PPV.

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  1. kent says:

    total divas are hot!. only if they were on the beach all day

  2. James says:

    I’m not surprised to be honest. The first two episodes were fairly decent with their weighting of the outside “reality” (b.s. this stuff is scripted) and the behind the scenes wrestling.

    These last couple episodes has been all about the scripted reality. Seriously, why do we care about Ariane’s breast implants, or about how fat/skinny Nikki Bella is?

  3. Drew says:

    They should put the show on AFTER the PPV.

  4. aag44 says:

    Well, considering that the normal pattern for reality shows is for the audience to drop on the second episode, I’d call this a win. Also, I’m sure some of the audience was watching SummerSlam that night.

  5. How is this news? They were on at the same time as SummerSlam and I’m sure the folks that missed it will watch online or watch a repeat airing of it.

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