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Sin Cara injured on Raw

According to PWInsider, Sin Cara broke his fingers in his right hand on Raw Monday Night. It all went down when he went to dive to the outside of the ring onto Alberto Del Rio. Cara connected with the dive and immediately upon landing, called for the referee as several of his fingers were obviously out of place.

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  1. Scott II says:

    WWE should just cut their losses, and get rid of Sin Botcha. It’s one thing when you bust your knee up or such doing a dive out of the ring. Sometimes, stuff just happens. Busting his fingers up?!? At this rate, Sin Botcha is just a liability, mostly to himself.

  2. Nick Walters says:

    Please release this botchamaniac already

  3. gerry says:

    Won’t be long before suicide dives are banned cause of this guy

  4. ~J* says:

    To his credit, he did make it through the ropes successfully.

  5. Fisha695 says:

    Watching the video it appears that it was actual Del Rios kick to Cara at the start of the match that injured his hand. This isn’t the first person that Del Rio has injured with his kicks either and that includes giving a concussion to Orton.

  6. Agent Cooper says:

    Sin Cara botching a move? No way! Remember when he was supposed to be the next Rey Mysterio? Neither do I.

  7. Joe Kool says:

    They said on Raw it was his left hand and he used his right hand to wave for the ref

  8. Meh says:

    Please also release Ryder too!

  9. Matt says:

    No, give the talented man a mask he can see out of before sacking him.

  10. raven12516 says:

    Didn’t he just come back from an injury?

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