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The Rock’s congratulates Randy Orton

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  1. Lane Sycks says:

    Yeah, congrats…..pfttt……
    They think that Orton is more over with the crowd than Bryant? Big Mistake! Lets keep re hashing the same bs WWE.
    Del Rio=boring.
    Cena, Orton= 20+ titles between them = done that, boring.

    Why is WWE so afraid to have Bryant, Ziggler as their champs for more than a month. They are far more over with the crowd and fresh to boot.

    The only half good decision they have made for a major champ in the last 3 years has been Punk or Sheamus.

    Might as well bring Flair, The Rock and HHH and let them have it again.

    Quit living in the past WWE!

  2. Drew says:

    Lost some respect for The Rock after reading this.

  3. ~J* says:

    lol c’mon…so Rock can’t be an Orton fan now?????

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