SummerSlam Coverage: Ring of Fire Match

Aug 18, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Ring of Fire Match: Bray Wyatt (w/Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) vs. Kane
I apologize, folks. There was a power surge in my apartment complex and I missed the first few minutes of this match. I catch up and I see the flames rise every time Rowan and Harper get close to the ring. Kane delivers a choke slam to Wyatt. Harper and Rowan place a tarp over the flames and get into the ring and begin beating down Kane. Rowan splashes Kane in the middle of the ring as Wyatt is down in the corner. They hand Kane to Wyatt. He kisses Kane on the forehead and delivers his finisher. Wyatt gets the pin fall on Kane.
Winner: Bray Wyatt.
After the match, The Wyatt Family stands tall over Kane. Rowan and Harper place Kane on the steel steps and then smash his head in between the top and bottom steps as Wyatt looks on. Rowan and Harper pick Kane up and drag him away while following Wyatt to the back.

Again, my apologies for missing the first few minutes of this match. As I said, there was a power surge in my apartment complex, and I was without power from the time the Wyatts made their entrance until right before Kane chokeslammed Wyatt.

We see a video package for WWE 2K14, which will be released in October.

We go to the Superstar Panel, and Josh Mathews reintroduces Booker T, Shawn Michaels, and Vickie Guerrero. Booker says what just went down was disturbing. Michaels said is was scary and Vickie says that’s not how she runs Smackdown. Mathews tosses it back down to Cole, JBL, and Lawler.

We go back to the Kickoff Show and revisit Paul Heyman’s interview where he announced that Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk will no be a No Disqualification Match.

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