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Staff predictions for Summerslam: John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan

summerslam 13 - cean vs. bryan

Jamie Cruickshan​k:
The only thing I’m pretty sure about in this match is that it will not feature only these two. I expect some kind of interference towards the end of the match against one or both guys. Again, I’m flipping a coin, because it could go either way.
WINNER: John Cena

Atlee Greene:
Timing is everything and Daniel Bryan is red hot right now. Cena
doesn’t need to be champion, but it is the last piece of the puzzle
that will make Bryan a true main eventer. Bryan will make John Cena
pass out with the NO Lock. That way, Bryan gets the win, but Cena
saves face because he wasn’t pinned or submitted. The party will be
short lived as Randy Orton will cash in the briefcase the following
night on Raw and will stand side by side with a newly turned heel HHH.

Steve Likoski:
Daniel Bryan defeats WWE Champion: John Cena – I think a lot of people believe Daniel Bryan is going to win and then Randy Orton is going to cash-in the briefcase and win the title from Daniel Bryan. And hey, it may just happen. But I still think Daniel Bryan will win.

Michael Riba:
Rumor has it that John Cena needs immediate elbow surgery. Does that mean he will lose this match? Not at all. He could very well defeat Bryan, only to have Randy Orton cash in right after and win the title. Would I like to see Orton cash in on Cena? No. Would I like to see Orton cash in on Bryan? Of course not. Orton shouldn’t be the holder of the briefcase, nor anywhere near the title picture, but I digress. Hopefully the Vince McMahon/Triple H involvement in this story will end after SummerSlam, but I seriously doubt it. In the end, Bryan will make Cena tap out (yes, I’m saying Cena will tap out) to the Yes Lock, due to Cena’s elbow.
Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Mike McMahon:
Bryan over Cena

Stephanie Sias:
Daniel Bryan

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3 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    I kind of see this match ending in a DQ or countout or something and then they will build to a Mania match. I don’t know, I just don’t see Cena dropping the belt and I don’t see Bryan winning it so easily.

  2. Nick says:

    Here is what I think: Daniel Bryan will win with a roll up or somthing stupid like that, Cena will wlak out pissed (Cena will be taking time off cuz of his elbow needing surgery.) during this triple H, Vince, and Step will come down and Triple H will celebrate with Daniel Bryan holding is arm up and what not, then Triple H will give him the thumb up and then steph will get in the ring behind Bryan, then Trips will give him the thumb down and Steph will low blow him and Trips will pedigree him leaving him lying. Then Orton’s music will hit and he will come down and punt Bryan then pinning him and thus Orton will then become the corporate champion as summerslam ends with Trips, Steph, Vince, and Orton holding their arms up.

  3. skrat says:

    I foresee alot of involvement from the vince in this (getting a pedigree probably) leading to trips being distracted steph getting involved at some point also, super cena will somehow roll up bryan reversing the yes/no lock getting the pin setting up orton to come in and rko first bryan then cena cashing in his case, cena will take time off for elbow, orton and bryan will feud, this works well because orton lost to bryan during the whole weakest link crap which led to the title shot in the first place, at some point there will be a swerve and bryan will shake hands with the devil (vince) and get his title reign hopefully leading to cm punk vs bryan for the title at wrestlemania

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