Staff predictions for Summerslam: Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Aug 18, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

summerslam 13 - cody

Jamie Cruickshan​k:
Again, I’m torn on this one. Sandow has the briefcase but Cody has the momentum. Whatever happens, I expect this feud to continue over the coming months. I’m going to go with Sandow winning this match, but Cody to take the ultimate feud victory, though it could well be the other way around
WINNER: Damien Sandow

Atlee Greene:
I love this match up, but the feud is kind of lost on me. The Money in
the Bank match is a no rules, everyman for themselves type of affair.
Sure, Rhodes did all the heavy lifting and Sandow snuck in the
backdoor, but Sandow didn’t do anything wrong. He operated within the
rules and this whole thing makes Rhodes look like a cry baby. Sandow
gets the win in this one.

Steve Likoski:
Damien Sandow defeats Cody Rhodes – My pick is Damien Sandow. Mostly because lately Cody Rhodes has been getting the better of Damien Sandow. But I think it’s time Damien got one over Cody. Maybe using the briefcase as leverage. Not doubt this feud won’t end at SummerSlam.

Michael Riba:
This match should be a fun one to watch. The breath of fresh air of a new feud that will get its time to shine on the summer’s biggest pay-per-view event is here, and I for one am highly anticipating this match. I do hope these two guys get enough time to show what they can do in singles competition against each other, but with the rumors of two more matches getting added to the card at the last minute (which would take the total to nine), this one might be cut short. I could see this match going either way as well, but in the end I believe Cody Rhodes will get the win. Hopefully this feud will continue on, and even build into a World Heavyweight Championship feud after Sandow cashes in.
Prediction: Cody Rhodes

Mike McMahon:
Sandow over Rhodes

Stephanie Sias:

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