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Dolph Ziggler: “WWE Needs a Change”

Dolph Ziggler mentioned in an interview to Slam! Sports that he hopes to see Daniel Bryan leaving SummerSlam with the WWE Championship.

“Cena, personally I’m sick of him,” Ziggler wrote. “Ten years, doing the same thing, same five moves, the crowd loves him, the crowd hates him, either way, he does the same thing … I’m sick of it. I understand the awesome charity work he does, I understand what he represents, he makes a great face for our company … I’d rather see his face on a WWE dollar bill than Daniel Bryan’s.

“But I feel like we need a change, and as much as I feel like I’m that change, Daniel Bryan is in the position to actually beat John Cena.”

Ziggler also hopes that CM Punk will beat Brock Lesnar and noted that Big E. is “just getting going and he’s going to be great.”

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  1. Daniel says:

    Cena needs to turn heel. It’s the only way to make waves in the WWE. Cena heel turn would be almost as epic as Hogan forming the NWO in WCW back in the day. Do it WWE!!!

  2. What? says:

    This should be part of a storyline, otherwise WWE would never stand for him making such personal comments against someone he has to work with on a near-daily basis and is, for better or worse, the face of the company (at least to the non-hardcore-fan general public). Also, saying “it’s time for a change” doesn’t count unless he first says “enough is enough.”

  3. Nick says:

    yes! a wrestler showing some honesty. WWE does need a change and i still cant believe how they just gave up on Ziggler.

  4. Denis says:

    Now I know never say never in wrestling, but Cena will not turn heel as much as the ICW wants him to. He does too much charity work with Make A Wish, sells more merchandise than any other WWE superstar, and is the face of the WWE, yes, even to hardcore fans like me. Is he stale? Of course he is. But you can thank WWE for that. When the then WWF started putting the smaller territories out of business, the days when a wrestler would stay in one place for a year or so then move on was over. Back then that’s how wrestlers stayed fresh. Plus since WWE is a publicly traded company now, their bottom line is to make the investors happy and make them money. The best thing they could do with Cena is have him take off 6 or 8 months. Then people might be interested when he does come back because whether you like it or not, he is probably the hardest working superstar in the WWE. Sure he doesn’t have the moves that a CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler has, but he does put on good matches when paired up with someone like that. The reason his matches against the Rock didn’t live up to they hype was because both need someone to lead them through a match. Think about when Hogan was champ. How many “great” matches did he have? Most of the time he was paired with similar styles (Warrior, Bundy, Studd, Andre, etc.). His best match was probably against Randy Savage. Watch tonight’s match. I guarantee you it will be a good one because of Daniel. And yes I hope Bryan does win. Unfortunately the McMahons have inserted themselves into this match to take any glory away Cena and Bryan. Now that I’ve said all this, with my luck, Cena will probably turn heel and make me look foolish! lol. Not that that wouldn’t be a hard thing to do

  5. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    John Cena is a HEEL, it’s the gimmick known as the annoying babyface!

  6. me says:

    WWE needs to go bankrupt and out of the McMahon clan’s hands! That is the true change WWE needs!

  7. Budman316 says:

    it sure does need a change and a jobber like him isn’t what i had in mind.

  8. Nick says:

    I agree with you Denis 100%

  9. art123guy says:

    Aaaaannnd now we know why Ziggler’s push was taken away.

    They had the chance to freshen Cena up and didn’t do it right. After losing to the Rock in their first match, he seemed to show signs of questioning his ability. Had he lost to Brock at the next PPV (which would have benefited BOTH wrestlers), he could have exhibited even more doubt. Imaging the story that could have been told if Cena had been on a losing streak for a year and then come back to win the WWE title.

  10. JD Storm says:

    i don’t think Cena needs to be heel so much as tweek his character. in this case, he needs an actual character. nobody i know can honestly say what his character is other then “that generic dude that panders to the crowd”.

    WWE doesn’t even need to do much with Cena to freshen him up. give him opponents that actually look like serious threats. give him opponents that are challenging enough or dangerous enough that actually gets fans to believe that Cena’s days are over. have these opponents win enough key matches to convince the fans that Cena isn’t invincible.

    it’s really that SuperCena that’s pissing most fans off.

  11. ~J* says:

    ziggler couldnt cut it hope bryan can, betting he will have to wait until raw or something for a rematch due to a screw up or some bs so cena can get one more big win and then lose on raw.

  12. aj troche says:

    @JD Storm…. We all thought mark henry was gonna stop cena after that fake retirement speech, but nooooo. Supercena wins clean again

  13. Mike Flyte says:

    I applaud Ziggler for speaking the truth. It seems that the WWE has to introduce HHH and Stephanie into the storyline due to nobody in the locker room bringing the “wow factor”.

  14. Guess What says:

    OMG DOLPHINS1925 is Dolph Ziggler, DOLPHins1925!!!! FACTS FACTS FACTS!

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