8/17 “Rock of Jericho” recap with Biff Byford [2nd appearance]‏

Aug 18, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Biff Byford segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5 PM by saying welcome
to the show, then introduces himself & says
this is the 2nd last episode of the show. He
says Saxon’s Biff Byford:
http://twitter.com/saxonofficial will be on to talk all things Saxon to where it’s a huge
comeback for them, says they’ll talk about
their upcoming US tour:
http://tinyurl.com/74s6bhj that’ll start 9/12
& says M. Shadows will be on next weeks final episode to talk about Avenged Sevenfold’s [AS] new CD that’ll be out 8/27 called “Hail To The King” [HTTK]:
http://tinyurl.com/mv3kkmz .

Jericho says he’ll play something from “City
Of Evil”: http://tinyurl.com/mrlrp3b with the
1-2 punch with “Beast & The Harlot”, says the 2nd last ROJ episode starts now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “Beast & The
Harlot” & “Burn It Down”.

3.Jericho says “Burn It Down” was played on
the 2nd last ROJ episode to where he again
says M.Shadows will be on next week to talk about HTTK & says what a CD it is to where it’ll be amazing. He says it’ll blow fans away with their new groove style, says
that AS will also blow fans away when Biff comes on later & says he’ll talk about the
new Queensryche to where he takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces
himself, says a few weeks ago he had Todd
La Torre on the show:
http://tinyurl.com/k65xewr to talk about the new CD “Queensryche”:
http://tinyurl.com/qfby6ar to where it’s a
big success & says fans & himself are very satisfied on it. He feels it’s a great return to
form for them to where it’s a great 1st effort from Todd who replaced Geoff Tate’s
shoes, says all the drama & BS will be settled to where Geoff’s “Frequency Unknown”: http://tinyurl.com/mq7aeaf
wasn’t received well by fans & says Todd’s
“Queensryche” got big this Fall.

Jericho says there’ll be a big court battle to
decide on which version of Queensryche gets to keep that name, says if you’re going
by who stuck to the guns on what the band
originally was by bringing them back to form & says he’s picking Todd’s version. He
says he’ll play Todd’s Queensryche with
“Don’t Look Back”.

4.Plays Queensryche’s “Don’t Look Back”,
Newsted’s “Godsnake” & Ghost BC’s
“Secular Haze”.

5.Jericho calls Ghost BC 1 of the hottest new
bands nationwide, says they used to be just
called Ghost but are now Ghost BC & says
it’s due to another Ghost band that sued them to change their name [NOTE FROM JEFF:there’s no way to see which Ghost band sued them since there’s more then 1 band with that name according to these
links]: http://tinyurl.com/mp9jy6m &
http://tinyurl.com/m9u4gh6 . He says if he
was in a Ghost band even if it sucks that there’s another Ghost band that made it &
took the Ghost name, he asks on what’s the
other Ghost gonna do & says Ghost is Ghost
for now on. He mentions Papa Emeritus with face paint.

Jericho calls it a cool vibe to where it’s a
Blue Oyster Cult/Merciful Fate, says it’s sweeping the nation & plugs Newsted’s new
CD “Heavy Metal Music”:
http://tinyurl.com/kekpnu4 will be out soon. He says Jason did a great job of his
version of thrash metal, says what else’s doing a great job all the way to the end to
where your requests keep coming & says he
appreciates those that followed him on
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm & for
those that made requests for all the shows.
He again says he appreciates it to where he
thanks you, hoped that you enjoyed the show as much as he enjoyed doing it & says
if he was in Spinal Tap, he hoped you enjoyed it twice as much as he enjoyed doing it.

Jericho says http://twitter.com/y2j_jessica
wanted to hear Bullet For My Valentine
[BFMV] to where Matt Tuck holds the record for being on the show 3 times [NOTE
FROM JEFF:Never got a chance to cover Matt’s 2nd appearance, just his 1st:
http://tinyurl.com/bqg63y7 & his 3rd:
http://tinyurl.com/a6bwn8j appearances,
sorry folks]. Anyhow he says he don’t think
any other guest has appeared 3 times, asks
if Bruce Kulick was on 3 times [NOTE FROM
JEFF:it was only 2]: http://tinyurl.com/ljcllxa & http://tinyurl.com/akajkj9 & says he don’t
remember. He says if you know to Tweet him & says he’ll play “Saints & Sinners” from BFMV’s “Temper Temper”:
http://tinyurl.com/n36vubw .

6.Plays Bullet For My Valentine’s “Saints &
Sinners” & Slash, Myles Kennedy & The
Conspirators’ “Anastasia”.

7.Jericho says the 1st guest that put his show on the map to where he’ll always owe
him, says he’ll never forget it & says it was
Slash who appeared on the show:
http://tinyurl.com/77t7n3l when Jericho was doing his 1st few episodes. He says it’s
when they took it to the next level, says
http://twitter.com/octulum01 [link don’t work] wanted to hear “Anastasia” & says
Slash’s in the studio doing some writing for
songs on his next studio CD. He says Myles’
back with Alter Bridge to where they’re getting ready to do another CD & a tour,
calls Myles 1 of the busiest men in showbiz
more then Jericho & while he was trying to
say that he’ll play something by Black Veil
Brides [BVB], at the same time the ROJ plug
was being played.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he’ll play more
requests, says that
http://twitter.com/marineltalkhowie [again
link don’t work] wanted to hear BVB & calls
Andy Biersack a ROJ alumni:
http://tinyurl.com/p8637zd to where he’s a
driven young man. He says BVB’s killing it on this years Warped tour:
www.vanswarpedtour.com , says they’ll be
touring with BFMV & plays BVB’s “Perfeck

8.Plays BVB’s “Perfect Weapon” & Papa Roach’s “Before I Die”.

9.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/thatmusicfreak8 wanted
to hear “Before I Die”, says that Papa Roach’s in the studio & getting ready to record a new CD & says they’re always touring too to where he’s excited about it.
He says it’s now time the jingle that’s sweeping the nation, says when the show’s
long gone years & years from now fans will
still sing this jingle & then does the
“Jericho’s iPod” jingle. He says he’ll miss singing that for you, says you should record
it now & keep it on your phones forever &
says to be ready to record it on your phones by putting the mics on the speakers
to where he counts 3-2-1 & again does the

Jericho says this weeks iPod has from Maiden’s “No Prayer For The Dying”:
http://tinyurl.com/lpscz2u is “Hooks In You”,
calls it interesting because it’s 1 of their last
CDs with Bruce Dickinson & says it’s the 1st
without Adrian Smith to where in his opinion, was the bands true chemistry. He
says Adrian was the 1 that held it together,
says when he left it’s when Maiden went thru their downward period which was their least popular & still calls it a great song because it was the last song co-written by Adrian before returning on their
CD “Brave New World”:
http://tinyurl.com/l98dcct 10 years later to where he then plays the song.

10.Plays Iron Maiden’s “Hooks In You”, Whitesnake’s “Slow & Easy” & Helloween’s
“Back On The Streets”.

11.Jericho says “Back On The Streets” [BOTS] is from “Pink Bubbles Go Ape”:
http://tinyurl.com/k3onmtf that’s got the
classic CD title, asked Helloween on what were they thinking to where he calls them
“wacky, crazy Germans” & calls BOTS a great song that has Michael Kiske. He calls
“Slow & Easy” a classic, asks on what more
do you have to say & says Whitesnake’s still touring: http://tinyurl.com/kdzz6ja with
guitarists Reb Beach & Doug Aldrich to where they’re still a great R&R band. He says he ain’t sure about [David] Coverdale’s
vocals to where they’re rough & worn but since he’s in his 60s, when going to see them don’t expect perfect vocals.

Jericho says he don’t want perfect vocals but wants to hear tunes, says he wants to
see David do his wacky dances while pretending that his mic’s his “wang” & says
everyone’s happy. He says he’ll play
Shinedown & Fozzy, again says Biff will be
on later & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says touring for a long
time for the CD “Amaryllis”: http://tinyurl.com/lopyfsm is Shinedown & says they & Fozzy toured together on last years Uproar to where Shinedown’s now touring in Canada with Kiss. He says both are non-stop to where they’re playing acoustic shows with Zach Myers & Brent Smith there, says they’re killing it on stage to where they’re a great band with great riffs & says he’ll play Shinedown’s “Sound Of Madness” now.

12.Plays Shinedown’s “Sound Of Madness” & Fozzy’s “A Passed Life”.

13.Jericho calls “A Passed Life” [APL] 1 of his
favorites from “Sin & Bones” [S&B]:
http://tinyurl.com/lv7c6ha , says that Fozzy
will tour starting 9/12 with Saxon nationwide & Canada:
http://tinyurl.com/74s6bhj & plugs
www.fozzyrock.com for tour dates [or just
go on their tour link]:
www.fozzyrock.com/tour.aspx to where they’re excited. He says Fozzy never played
APL live to when the tour’s done & a few
more tours afterwords, he hopes to do S&B
in it’s entirety & says APL will be a hard 1 to
do to where it’s a cool & vibey tune. He says
he’s glad you liked it to where it was voted as 1 of the favorites on Fozzy’s Facebook poll: www.facebook.com/fozzyrock .

Jericho says they’re excited to play other
songs from S&B with Saxon while hanging
with the guy that’s coming up next which’s
Biff, says that Biff will be calling from Germany & says that’s the type of international influence that he’s got for the show. He says he’s coming up next, tells fans not to go anywhere & takes another break.

After the break Jericho says on the phone’s
calling from Germany is a legendary man
who’s a great guy, says he’s Saxon’s lead
singer which’s Biff & asks Biff on how he’s
doing. Biff says Saxon’s on their way to a big German festival called Bang Your Head,
calls it good, Jericho asks if they’ll be in the
headlining slot for it & Biff says yes. He says
they’ll be with the big production with eagles, flames & other stuff in the R&R circus, Jericho calls it amazing because he remembers laughing about it to where he’s
got a poster at home of Fozzy & Saxon playing “Bang Your Heads” in 2003 & says
Saxon headlined that night too. He says it don’t end for them due to them continuing
to be 1 of the biggest bands for European

Jericho asks on how are things occuring this
summer to where he knows that Biff has been busy, Biff says it’s been great to where
they’re doing 5 to 7 headline slots & says they’ve done songs on the festivals like
“Denim & Leather”, “Power & The Glory” to
where they’re great festival songs. He says they’re songs about the fans that they like,
Jericho says for USA fans that don’t know that in Europe, the festival seasons are always a big tradition from June to August & says they’re busy all summer long. Biff says they’re busy to where they’re doing the USA in September, says they wanna try
& do it as possible & says they’ll play old & new songs on the tour.

Jericho says the new CD “Sacrifice”:
http://tinyurl.com/jvfqxuf came out a few
months ago, asks if it’s 1 of their biggest CDs in years & as far as reaction & Biff says
it’s their biggest in 20 years. He says their
last CD called “Solid Ball Of Rock” [SBOR]:
http://tinyurl.com/kntehan , says that
“Sacrifice” surpassed fans expectations to
where it’s doing well & says fans in America
bought it or are thinking of buying it to where it’s good. Jericho asks when Biff said
it was their biggest CD since SBOR as far as
sales goes or was it their last gold disc, said
he didn’t understand that & Biff says the CD
had 9 out of 10 star reviews to where it has
been played a lot.

Biff says it’s #14 on Germany’s charts, says it
was on American’s Heat Seekers list & says
it’s not about sales to where he says it’s their biggest selling CD since SBOR. Jericho
asks if it’s on a worldwide basis or just in
America, Biff says worldwide to where they’re still promoting it especially in America & Jericho says time has changed as
far as everyone in the business knows. He says when talking about the biggest selling
CD since SBOR which was from ’90, says that
fans now don’t buy as many CDs nowadays & says for the fact that they’re selling at that level, 20 years ago it would’ve been a
platinum CD. Biff says you have to do relative terms on how it used to be.

Biff says fans download, buy it on vinyl & the limited edition, says there’s albums of all different formats & says you have to live
with it. He says the days are gone when it was just 1 product & when they can buy it in
shops, Jericho agrees & calls Saxon prolific to where they release CDs every 1 & 1/2 to 2 & 1/2 years since the 80s. Biff says they
release either a DVD or live album in between to where it’s prolific, Jericho asks if
“prolific” a big word for R&R guys to use & Biff agrees to where it can be a song title.
Jericho says both should write a song called
“Prolific” to where Biff sings lyrics for it,
Jericho thinks it sounds good & says they spoke last time: http://tinyurl.com/7rtxpfq .

Jericho says it’s when “Call To Arms”:
http://tinyurl.com/87hoa5n came out to where it was 1 & 1/2 years in between, asked on what was it that made “Sacrifice”
go so big to where it’s their biggest CD in
20 years & asks if they did something different or did all the stars line up to creative this classic CD. Biff says it’s a bit of
both to where they all lined up the planets
on this CD, says they went back to more heavier & basic type style of writing & recording & says he produced most of it. He
says they were more focused on what he
thought they should be at this point in time & says they have Andy Sneap to mix it
& help out.

Biff says it has been great on this CD to where everyone likes it, says whether there’s interest of the more darker mental or the more melotic mental & says it has
crossed the board on the CD to where it’s a
heavy 1. He says it’s got lots of melody too,
Jericho says Biff knows what the Saxon sound is to where he has a long 30 year
career & says there has been different styles with them to where they always retained that sound. He says when 1st hearing the song “Sacrifice” it’s not that he
couldn’t believe it but it blew him away on
how heavy it was, calls it so strong, heavy &
powerful & asks if it was 1 of the 1st songs
he wrote for it.

Biff says no but had an idea for the CD for
the “Sacrifice” song title, says that bassist
Nibbs [Carter] came up with the riff to where it sounded like an early Slayer & says
it developed from that riff. He says he wanted it to be melotic with bone crunching guitars & melotic vocals, says it worked well to where the song came together quick & Jericho then plays

14.Plays Saxon’s “Sacrifice”

15.Jericho tells Biff that the high note on
“Sacrifice” that he hits at the end’s insane,
says he never heard him sing that high before & asks on where he got it from. Biff
says he just went for it to where it’s above
the roots, calls it cool to where he went for it & says he tries doing it live, but sometimes he makes it & sometimes he don’t. He says it burns out his jeans out of
the time, Jericho says if he hits it once it’s amazing to where it’s the way to do it & asks if it was cool working with an outside guy like Sneap. He asked if Andy helped him
with the process or if he’s done with the
songwriting by the time he hooked up with

Biff says both did songwriting to where Andy had some ideas & different things,
says that Andy fiddled around on “Night Of
The Wolf” & says he pretty much wrote the
songs. He says Andy was involved to where he was in the studio at times & chatted with
Biff on where they were going, says that Andy kept an eye on the project & called it
great. He says Andy’s a fan of the ages to
where he’s hardcore too, says for that respect it was like “who’s witty” & says it came together to them being an 80s band,
they like modern stuff too to where they like classic & modern that works for them.
Jericho the 1 cool thing that Andy’s getting a good reputation for almost being a metal
version of Rick Rubin.

Jericho calls Andy a fan of the bands from all stages of the career, says he knew that
he did it with Accept by getting them in the
studio & telling them “as a fan, I’d like to hear this from your band” or “as a fan, I don’t wanna hear this from your band” & says Andy’s influenced by Saxon. He says it’s
probably cool for him to work with bands like them that has influenced him & vice versa of knowing that Andy with this talent,
is a Saxon fan too. Biff says it’s great being
sort of a having someone in charge of you
to where they know how to come up with the goods, instead of having a big “?” & says
with many CDs, sometimes when going with
producers that a big “?” is gonna end up.

Biff says lots of this themselves early on to
when Andy came in, he didn’t see any problems & thought it was good & thinks he was more involved with Accept projects. He says Andy maybe involved with their next CD, says he don’t know & Jericho says they’ll have to see. He again says Saxon’s got a big US tour starting 9/12, asks Biff if he’s excited to where it has been 1 of the most extensive US tours they’ve done & Biff
says yes. He says they want to do long tours
due to being famous for it, says it’s OK to go & do a few shows & says it’s good getting out to all the towns & get back. He says there’s lots of fans that appear that saw them in the 80s & 90s.

Biff says it’s a matter of trying to get new fans to see them & trying to get old fans to
see them again, Jericho agrees & asked on
when was the last tour they did of this magnitude in the US. He asked if it has been a while, Biff says yes to where it must’ve been 10 years of a coast to coast tour & says they’re looking forward to it to
where it’s gonna be interesting. Jericho says they & Fozzy touring coast to coast, Biff
mumbled something that I couldn’t hear &
Jericho says his favorite rule’s when Biff told Fozzy no smoking allowed. He says it’s
when he told Biff “thank God, we don’t smoke either, so it’s perfect”, especially for

Biff says there’s no smoking but there’s lots
of partying to where you’ll party without smoke, Jericho agrees & asks when Saxon 1st started, does he recall their 1st US tour.
Biff says it was with Rush in ’80 to where it
was 1/2 of America, says they did big shows
with Rush to where they allowed the young
Saxon guys from UK & says they played a
maximum amount of people to where they
played in UK which was about 4,000 fans. He
says in Jacksonville they played for 20,000 to 25,000 fans, calls it a WOO moment & says they got used to it. Jericho asks on how
was it coming from the UK & touring America for the 1st time & what was the
difference between fans & countries.

Biff says they were breaking in America to
where their reaction’s hard to get fans to
acknowledge them, says following a great
band like Rush you have to go nuts & says that’s what they did to where they still go
nuts today. He says the biggest tour they did was with Maiden on their “Power & The
Glory” & “Piece Of Mind” tours, says they did a headline tour with Accept with a special guest on the “Crusader” tour & says most fans remember that. Jericho asks if they played arena level venues then, Biff says with Maiden yes to where they did lots on the “Crusader” tour & says their 1st show was in Oklahoma to where they were
on the verge of breaking.

Biff says they had fun with their record company to where they had to get a 1 & 1/2
year rest, says they lost the momentum of it
& Jericho asks if it was from their 1st CD. Biff says after “Crusader”:
http://tinyurl.com/kp3qy5o which was their
last CD with the French company to where
they went to another company & had their
CD “Innocence Is No Excuse”:
http://tinyurl.com/mtezemh . He called that
a 2 year break when they were in court with
some company, says looking back if they
kept the momentum going to America they
probably could’ve been more bigger & says
that’s how the cookie rolls. Jericho calls it
interesting especially during those times.

Jericho says it’s when Saxon was “out of sight, out of mind” to when they were out of the game a bit, says all of this was in the
documentary “Heavy Metal Thunder:The Story Of Saxon”: http://tinyurl.com/mgu8fjq
& says there’s cool moments in it. He asks if
it has been released in the US or just in Europe, Biff says it has been released in the
US on EMI & says he can’t guarantee it, but he thinks it is & available online. Jericho calls it an amazing story to where if you haven’t seen it, says it shows the ups & downs on any R&R band that has been around for 30 years & says it was interesting to see when Biff mentioned

Jericho says it’s when Saxon’s record company brought in a pop producer who did REO Speedwagon CDs, says it was someone that gave you a molotic & polished sound & calls “Crusader” a great CD. Biff asked if it means that he cut his balls off, then admits it was more polished
to where it was less raw & says with the new CD, they returned to the raw edge again. He says that’s what fans like about it,
Jericho says in the 80s things were different
to when it was a style of having a more polished sound & says everyone had it. He
says whether it was Maiden or Kiss, says other bands had that & says Saxon was always molotic on their 1st couple of CDs to
where they were raw.

Jericho says it wasn’t that much of a culture
shock, Biff says no to where things like that
happened slowly & says it wasn’t a sudden
change. He says it’s when you move on to where you get different managers & companies, says the only 1 that’s influenced is the band & says that’s how it goes. He says “Crusader” gave them success to where
that song [“Crusader”] is 1 of their biggest songs worldwide, says it wasn’t produced very heavy & Jericho asks what songs does he like besides “Crusader” from the CD. Biff
says he can’t remember that many but knows that “Rock City” & others have good
R&R moments & calls “Rock City” good.
Jericho agrees & then plays the song.

16.Plays Saxon’s “Rock City”.

17.Jericho says he told Biff this when he
introduced him at last years Metal Hammer Awards, which’s that when he was 13 or 14 he wanted a Christmas present during that
time & says it was the “Crusader” CD. He says he got that & “Denim & Leather”:
http://tinyurl.com/m964lnj to where it was
a great Christmas to where it was a double
Saxon shot, Biff said something about the
CDs & Jericho agreed by saying all of them’s
got great tunes on them. He says since Saxon toured with Maiden on the
“Crusader” tour, asked if Motley Crue was 1
of the supporting acts on the tour & Biff says they did a headline tour with Accept &
a band called Heavy Petting.

Biff thinks that before that, they were part of the Motley Crue tour, says that Motley
was part of “Crusader” & calls that tour great too to where it was wild. Jericho says
he’s sure there’s some great stories from
those days, Biff says yes & Jericho says there’s some that Biff can tell & others that
he can’t to where Biff agrees. He says he’s
sure there’re others that remember those
days while touring, Jericho says it was great
with Metallica’s 30th anniversary when they
had Biff came out to do “Motorcycle Man” &
says Lars [Urlich] told a story on it was
Metallica’s 2nd gig ever was opening for
Saxon at The Whiskey. Biff says they did 4
shows in 2 days there.

Biff says it was the “who’s who” of musicians on the 2nd show on the 1st day to where it was crazy, says that Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, Ratt & other bands were
there & says there were bands that they never heard of at that time were there. He
says he remembers watching Metallica from
the top of the stairs when going down to the stage, Jericho asks on what did he thought when seeing them & Biff says he don’t know because he saw it as watching 1
of the bands then. He says it was over & done with quickly, Jericho calls it funny because after all the gigs they did all these
years it’s when Biff saw bands come & go to
where he may’ve seen 1,000 openings bands.

Jericho says that 1 of them ended up being
Metallica while others disappeared & never
to be seen again, Biff says it’s because some
bands have something special whether it’s
aggression or songs & says there’s always 2
or 3 bands of a generation making it while
others unfortunately couldn’t write songs
that move a generation. Jericho agrees to
where it’s 1 of the things that Saxon does well, says it’s why they’ve survived for many
years in many countries & says they sings songs about the fans & the love of R&R. He
asks if he feels that Saxon has had a great
appeal for a long time, Biff says yes & says
they don’t have any problems about singing
about things that other bands think they’re
odd or taboo.

Biff says they go for it, says if it comes out great then that’s good & says if it don’t, then they return in the bedroom & rethink
about it later in the “rock liquidizer”. Jericho calls that good, Biff thinks
“Liquidizer” should be a song to where he sings a line from it & Jericho says
“Liquidizer” & “Prolific” are 2 songs on their
solo CDs that they’re doing. He asks on whey Saxon plays live by headlining “Bang
Your Head” & other festivals, he asks on what songs get the best fan reactions & Biff
says since they play a 2 hour set, the big ones all do it. He says they have big hits in
Europe then in America & says “747” is 1 hit
from the “Wheels Of Steel” CD:
http://tinyurl.com/lvmdxtk .

Biff then mentions “Crusader”, “Denim &
Leather” & “Princess Of The Night” are those that’s big at festivals, says the more
recent stuff like “I’ve Got To Rock To Stay Alive” & others & mentions Angry Anderson. He mentions Helloween’s “No
One Cares”, says that Saxon will play 3 or 4
new songs like “Sacrifice”, “Night Of The Wolf” & “Wheels Of Terror” & says it’s across the board to where they do songs of
their earlier CDs like “Metalhead”:
http://tinyurl.com/k3kgejc . He mumbled
something about going solo & 8 meters,
Jericho asks when they do festivals if it’s
something that they put shows together for
each festival & if they change it yearly.

Jericho also asks if they just put it in the closet for the rest of the year, Biff says they
try putting a production together such as
last years from Wacken & says it’s the same
production they do now. He says it does
change due to how big the stage is & how
high is the bill, says last week they did a slot
with Within Temptation & Slipknot with the
production & called it a new thing for them
to play in front of a younger audience. He
says it was great because they played in between them to when the sun went down,
says after that everything went off to where
it was great & Jericho says with Saxon that
has been around they’ve got older fans & asks if younger fans appear too.

Biff says yes to where some fans are 60% younger then 30 in Europe, says that’s for all bands now whether it’s for Maiden, Priest & any band & says there’re younger fans in Europe & South America now. He says they don’t tour America enough to tell,
says that Fozzy has toured America to where they’re younger fans there to hear old & new stuff & Jericho calls it interesting
on how times changed in the last 10 to 15
years. He says he remembers seeing photos of his dad [Ted Irvine] when he was Jericho’s age, says that his dad looked old to him & says he saw the Rolling Stones a couple of weeks ago to where Mick [Jagger]
is 70 & still sang & move great.

Jericho says Biff’s in his early 60s to where it’s the same, says it don’t matter to where
young fans don’t look at older people & say
“this guy’s old” & calls it a vibe. He says if you can still perform, look & sound great it’s when fans don’t care, says that’s the 1
thing that’s occuring & Biff says he saw The
Who 2 days ago in London to where they were fantastic. He says they played well, looked OK & says they’re still doing the plane & helecopter guitar moves while jumping up & down. He says it was great seeing them to where it has been a while since he saw The Who live, again called it great & tells fans they should see them. Jericho says it’s the same when he saw Saxon last year in the Netherlands.

Jericho says they performed at a small club
to where it was what it was, says they killed it to where they played over 2 hours that had 18 to 20 songs & says they sounded great to where they’re still headbanging. He calls Nibbs a great live presence while
drummer Nigel [Glockler] is great, says they
put a great show together which’s what bands should do & says it was cool seeing it
to where he was impressed with Biff’s vocals after doing it for so long. He asks on
how does he feel about he can still scream & sing as better as he ever has, Biff says he
don’t know but feels he’s lucky & says in his
younger days he was good with the girls
while partying with the crew.

Bill says that was his thing, Jericho tells him
to stick with the chicks & Biff says to stay away from “doom rooms”. Jericho calls
“Doom Rooms” their 3rd song along with
“Liquidizer” & “Prolific” & then plays 1 of his
favorite Saxon songs which’s “Denim & Leather”.

18.Plays Saxon’s “Denim & Leather”.

19.Jericho says he’s sure that “Denim & Leather” goes well nightly when played to
where all his friends talk about the song,
called it a cool song title for being a metal
head then & Biff says he had to fight to get
that CD title because lots of people thought
it was a big “hippie-ish”. He says his response to that was “NO WAY MAN”, says
it’s about R&R, motorbikes & anything rolled into 1 & Jericho says it’s not like they’re talking about deer skin. Biff said something about “Heavy Metal Thunder” to
where he was overruled on that, Jericho says it’s the wisdom of record companies & says the logic at times are left to be desired
o where he again plugs Saxon’s upcoming US tour starting 9/12.

Jericho says it’ll start in [Patchogue] Long Island: http://tinyurl.com/kumbxf6 with Fozzy also, asks on what US fans can expect
to see from Saxon & Biff says they’ll hear new songs from the new CD as well as older
songs. He says on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/saxon he thought on doing something to where US fans can suggest a setlist on what to hear, says maybe they can pick 12 songs & says maybe
they’ll either play the best ones or take adverage songs. He says he’ll talk to the other Saxon guys if they can set it up to where it’d be cool, Jericho calls it smart &
Biff says they did this in Europe to where it
was great.

Biff says it may also work in America to where fans can be involved, says they were
selling VIP tickets that’s doing well:
http://tinyurl.com/m5hwcsk & Jericho calls
that a good idea to where fans can be involved. He says the Stones did that for
fans voted for 1 of their songs, says that Fozzy may wanna do something like that too & says their VIP thing’s a cool experience: http://tinyurl.com/kdq3rlq . He
plugs www.saxon747.com for more info as
well as their setlist idea:
http://tinyurl.com/n426t8x , Biff said something about their Youtube page:
http://tinyurl.com/m3qd5ap to where there’s millions of hits there.

Biff says he may do an upcoming podcast on
there, says he’ll get his idea on a US setlist
together & Jericho tells US fans they can decide on what songs you wanna hear on their US tour. He tells Biff he’s excited about this to where he again says the tour
starts 9/12, says that Fozzy can’t wait to where they & fans are excited & says they’re
looking forward to seeing Saxon on US soil.
Biff says he can’t wait too to where US fans
are the best worldwide, says they need to be there & get stuck in & Jericho feels it’s
gonna be a great tour to where he’s looking forward to it. He thanks Biff for being on the show & wishes him a great gig
at “Bang Your Head”.

Jericho says he’ll see him soon to where they’ll rock it, again thanks him & again takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again thanks
Biff for being on, calls him amazing to where you can see that Biff’s excited on returning to the US & again tells fans to chose what Saxon songs you wanna hear to
where he again plugs Saxon’s site. He says
maybe Biff’s leaving it open to where you can pick Saxons most obscure songs like
“Party Till You Puke”, “You Ain’t No Angel”
or “Frozen Rainbow”, says to keep checking
their site for more info & says Fozzy’s guitarist Rich Ward emailed him a photo of
himself when he was 19 with Barren Cross’s lead singer. He says Barren Cross was a christian metal band that was behind Stryper.

Jericho says Barren Cross was 1 of the biggest christian bands to where he loved them, says it’s due to them sounding like
Maiden because they were super heavy &
said the singer Mike Lee, sounded like
Dickinson which’s very hard to do. He says he’ll end off the 2nd last show by saying
“last song” 3 times & then plays “2,000 Years”.

20.Plays Barren Cross’ “2,000 Years”.

21.Jericho asks on what a scream Mike Lee
has on “2,000 Years” on an amazing show,
thanks fans for listening all 95 shows & says
this weeks show’s #96 to where on #97, he
again says M. Shadows will be on. He says he almost made #100, says it’s too bad because he booked Mick Jagger on #100 &
again thanks fans for listening. He says he’ll
see you next week for the last show, says to
send feedback by again plugging his Twitter
& again says M.Shadows will be on next week. He says to stay hard, heavy & hungry,
says God bless & good night, says he loves
you to where you’re the greatest & the show ends at 7:08 PM.

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