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Staff predictions for Summerslam: Natalya vs. Brie Bella

summers 13 - natalya

Jamie Cruickshan​k:
I confess to fast-forwarding through most segments featuring the Bellas, so I’ve not exactly kept up with this feud. Flip of a coin says Brie wins
WINNER: Brie Bella

Steve Likoski:
Brie Bella defeats Natalya (or maybe a no-contest) – With all the other Total Divas’ involved, I just can’t see this ending normally. It’ll possibly end up in a big brawl.

Michael Riba:
The wrestling purest in me wants to see Natalya win this match and receive a long overdue push towards the Divas Championship. The realest in me knows that Brie Bella will win this match because that’s what the WWE does. Either way, though, I really don’t care.
Prediction: Brie Bella

Stephanie Sias:

Mike McMahon:
Brie over Natalya

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2 Responses

  1. chris says:

    Hey Michael how can you be so disrespectful in saying you don’t care? The divas deserve more then that…even though its a proven fact that the wwe doesnt care about them. No build up like other matches. No wonder so many divas leave

  2. Nick says:

    i thought this was supposed to be natalya and maria vs. Brie and somebody else? what happened?

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