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WWE issues official statement on Darren Young


On TMZ this morning, WWE Superstar Darren Young revealed to the WWE Universe that he is gay. WWE is proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality, and we will continue to support him as a WWE Superstar. Today, in fact, Darren will be participating in one of our Be A STAR anti-bullying rallies in Los Angeles to teach children how to create positive environments for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation.

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  1. leg lover j says:

    A rainbow has many colors but none of them are black.

  2. Michael t tuesdays says:


  3. Derek says:

    I don’t care what your sexuality is, no one needs to hear about it. I’ll probably get insulted for this but its true. People make such a big deal if people are gay. I mean who cares?

    Its just their sexual preference, why is such a big deal made? A bigger deal should be made about the person if they are a decent human than their sexuality which matters to no one but them and the people they are close with.

  4. Urvy says:

    Let’s hope WWE won’t pull an Adrian Adonis this time.

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