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WWE wants to get the Friday Night Smackdown show up to par with Monday Night Raw. The current talk is to put more focus on the show, and there is even talk of expanding Smackdown to three hours in order to feature more stories, reports WWE’s current contract with SyFy is expiring shortly, and it is expected that they will re-sign and keep SyFy Smackdown’s home.

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  1. matt says:

    To feature more stories… I say make both shows 2 hours & feature more wrestling.

  2. ~J* says:

    You’d think they would want to move Syfy to a different time slot and different night rather than keep it in the 8pm Friday night death slot.

  3. DBRude says:

    “Up to par”? Smackdown is already as boring as RAW.

  4. Adam says:

    Three hour Smackdowns?

    NO! NO! NO! NO!

  5. Skeeter Valentine says:

    They have a hard enough time filling three hours of Raw.

    I read the spoilers, so I don’t feel the need to watch Smackdown. I can’t see that changing

  6. Will Henderson says:

    i rather have TNA go 3 hours then SmackDown, at least a 3 Hr Impact Wrestling can do more storylines there since TNA’s TV time is limited compare to the Monopoly that is WWE.

  7. jim says:

    I only aatch raw and I miss nothing

  8. jim says:

    Mainly bc i have a life

  9. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Any chance of putting NXT on national television?

  10. Paul says:

    Rumor is that WWE will be moving The Main Event to either Tuesday or Saturday and WWE NXT taking its place on ION on Wednesday come Sept-Oct

  11. Asterik says:


  12. Takumi says:

    3 hours is too much. The amount of time the show has is not the problem. The quality of the product that they put out with that time is the problem. Instead of asking for more of something they waste, why not just improve the 2 hour format by having longer, better matches, and less filler segments and long rambling promos.

    If RAW on Monday was any indication thanks to The Shield (particularly Dean Ambrose), Christian, and Daniel Bryan, the promos can be better and still fit within a 2-hour format.

  13. Joe B says:

    I was recently thinking that a live 3 hour smackdown only on Fridays before PPVs or major PPVs

  14. mackdeezy says:

    Maybe if it was as good as it was in 2004. Right now smackdown has nothing going for it. There was a time when I liked smackdown more than raw but that time has changed.

  15. Mr Snooty DeKoconut says:

    WTF is wrong with some of you? WWE hasn’t had problems at all filling 3 hour RAWs. What kind of crybaby bs do you all want to throw up this time? Recaps? You act like this is new, just about every wrestling tv show devotes time each week, WWE is not doing anything unreasonable. Rematches? Again if your over 5 years old and have been watching wrestling for more than a year, you really can’t take that seriously. Rematches happen every single day in wrestling.

    WWE currently puts out 8 hours of show each week. They have big enough of a roster to add another hour if they want it. Quite frankly they should let a few more people off NXT-only and let them have some time on SD or Superstars to even it out. With the main and developmental roster they’ve got over 100 people to work with, clearly they will have no problem expanding an extra hour with a few more matches a week on SD!.

  16. Please do not do this. The creative team can’t come up with good stories and the matches are boring. CM Punk and D Bryan matches are good but apart from that the matches are just crap. I say reduce RAW to 3 hours and have a revamp in the creative team.

  17. *I say reduce RAW to 2 hours

  18. bill says:

    really needs to go back to thursday nights. most people go out on fridays, it’d really help the ratings

  19. Neumanrko9 says:

    I’ve always said Smackdown is such an underrated show and more times than not they have better and longer matches than Raw (RVD/Christian/Orton triple threat and RVDvs.Orton were fantastic recently) but two 3hr programs weekly may be a bit overkill in my opinion

  20. Meh says:

    Five hour WrestleManias?


    Four hour normal PPVs?


    Four hour Raws?


    Three hour Smackdowns?


    Two hour NXTs?


  21. Besides NXT, Smackdown is the only other show I really enjoy that the WWE currently produces. However, I do think 2 hours is enough. Unless they actually edit the show to a great 3 hours with enough wrestling and promo segments for all!

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