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Viewership up again for ‘Total Divas’

WWE Total Divas continues to improve as far as the viewership numbers go.

* Sunday’s show did 1,671,000 viewers

* last week’s show did 1,526,000 viewers

* The debut week did 1,340,000 million viewers

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  1. kramer says:

    at least it’s about people who actually work and have jobs. Not about people who are tax cheats and beat up their family members and friends.

  2. jim says:

    If you frequent sites like this, then you are NUTS not to be watching. This blows what little kayfabe is left over from the 90’s. It is sold on the hot girl factor, but there is a lot more to it than that.

  3. Jay says:

    A WWE Diva Show has better ratings than TNA Impact. Shame

  4. Fisha695 says:

    @Jim, that’s basically why I watch it. I’ve always understood that wrestling is a show and not legit the way boxing (and now MMA I guess has taken over as the #1 legit combat sport) is and it’s nice to finally get a look at the behind the scenes stuff even if it is still sort of staged/scripted.

    Though I did laugh when one of the Funkadactalys (is that spelled right?) was trying to explain to the Uso why she doesn’t wear her ring because “the WWE wants the Divas to appear single” (which is or was the truth and is good marketing) yet she’s saying that on a show that is pretty much about how none of the divas (or atleast those involved) are single. haha

    Another thing that I’ve found kind of funny is that it appears to be selective as to who kayfabe is broken with, for example Daniel Bryans real name is used as is the Funkadactalys and the Usos, yet the Bellas & Eva Marie use their stage names (Bella instead of Garcia, Eva Marie instead of Natalie Nelson) and everybody in the company talked about Fandango in his character the entire time.

  5. cas says:

    the show is money! I don’t care what people think. it gives you just enough insight on behind the scenes. booking right now to me is at a high. shredding kayfabe little by little is golden right now.

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