8/10 “Rock of Jericho” recap with Jim Florentine‏

Aug 13, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:for those that only wanna read the Jim Florentine segments,
they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:01 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says it’s true that there’s 3 more episodes left of the show until it’s done. He says “That Metal Show’s” [TMS] comedian Jim Florentine: http://twitter.com/mrjimflorentine will be on to where he’s a metal master, says that
his last show 8/24 will have M. Shadows &
says Biff Byford will be on next week to where Saxon & Fozzy will tour together in
September. He says the CD “Wheels Of Steel”: http://tinyurl.com/kq4jn2a has the 1-2 punch with “Heavy Metal Thunder”, says
the rock starts now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Saxon’s “Heavy Metal Thunder” &
“To Hell & Back Again”.

3.Jericho calls “To Hell & Back Again” a great song title to where Metallica nicked it
from their EP “Beyond Magnetic”: http://tinyurl.com/k6lbj2p that came out
after “Death Magnetic”: http://tinyurl.com/mrdbqzt & plugs Saxon’s
“Sacrifice”: http://tinyurl.com/l48w7jd to
where it’s 1 of their heaviest ever. He calls it
their best selling CD in 20 years to where
Biff will talk about it next week, says that
Florentine’s coming on later & says after the break he’ll talk about Bon Jovi’s argument & fight with Richie Sambora. He
asks on what’ll happen to them & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces
himself, says if you’re a Bon Jovi you know
that Sambora’s not with them anymore &
says he ain’t sure if it’s official, but he don’t
play with them anymore. He says he’ll call
the band “Bon” for now on to where Sambora’s replaced with Canada’s Phil X
who played with Triumph & Frozen Ghost,
says that Frozen Ghost’s song was called
“Hey Now” to where he sings the song & calls it a cheesy, mid 80s pop tune. He again
says Phil’s with Bon Jovi who replaced Sambora, asks if you’d still see Bon Jovi without Sambora & says he would.

Jericho says as some would care while others don’t to where it’s like when Miles Copeland said when Sting started his solo band & CD [“The Dream Of The Blue Turtles”]: http://tinyurl.com/jwm64f6 , it’s
where jazz players wanted more money &
says there was lots of money on the table.
He says it’s where Miles said “listen, it’s Sting’s table, it doesn’t matter how much money’s on it, it’s Sting’s table. If you don’t
show up to the Garden, no ones gonna care. Sting doesn’t show up it’s a riot, so we
can use anybody in our band as long as Sting’s there”. He feels it’s the same with Bon Jovi, tells Sambora he loves him & wishes him a fond farewell & “Have A Nice Day”. He calls it a great segway & plays the

4.Plays Bon Jovi’s “Have A Nice Day”,
Anthrax’s “Blood” & Kiss’ “I Want You”.

5.Jericho says “I Want You” is from “Alive II”:
http://tinyurl.com/mpljqg7 to where he loves Paul Stanley’s yodel on the song, says
he heard great Paul stories last week when
Zach Myers was on the show:
http://tinyurl.com/ld2w6vv & says it’s always good having him on. He says he also
had Anthrax’s Scott [Ian]: http://tinyurl.com/7xa23bx , Charlie [Benante]: http://tinyurl.com/adqrgqt &
Frank [Bello]: http://tinyurl.com/mzp2vcq to where he was on a few weeks ago, calls
them great guests & says “Blood” is from
“Persistence Of Time”:
http:/tinyurl.com/n637vcm to where it’s 1 of
his favorite Anthrax CDs.

Jericho calls it his top favorite 1-2-3 punch
from them that has “Time”, “Blood” & “Keep
It In The Family”, plugs
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm for your
requests to where http://twitter.com/dizzymofo wanted to hear In Flames’ “Ropes” to where he plays the song.

6.Plays In Flames’ “Ropes” & Amon Amarth’s
“Twilight Of The Thunder God”.

7.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/jmb8287 wanted to hear
“Twilight Of The Thunder God” to where
Amon Amarth’s at Mayhem’s “Viking Rock”,
says it’s a stage show that’s got a big viking
ship with a big dragon on it that sits in front of the drum set & says it probably blocks the drummers view & vision to where he can’t see chicks showing boobs in
the front row. He says when in a viking metal band that’s the price you pay, says he
himself has to pay the price with some commercials & says he’ll play Black Veil Brides [BVB] to where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he had a poll on
his Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/jwu24kt on who was your favorite guest in ROJ history,
says that BVB’s Andy Biersack got lots of votes to where he did a great interview &
says he enjoyed him on the show:
http://tinyurl.com/p8637zd . He says Andy
told a story about the “Knives & Pens” video: http://tinyurl.com/mqve2je that he made for $100, says he didn’t have a band to where it was him & others that looked cool “air banding” & lip synching & says the
video’s got 5 million views to where that’s
how big they are now. He says
http://twitter.com/tiarabredavis wanted to
hear “Knives & Pens” & then plays the song.

8.Plays Black Veil Brides’ “Knives & Pens”, Fozzy & M. Shadows’ “Sandpaper”.

9.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/donalbert17 wanted to
hear “Sandpaper”, says that donalbert17
stated that it’ll be his last request that he’ll
make & calls it a great tune to where it was
on the top 10 for 15 weeks. He calls it Fozzy’s biggest hit single to where you’ll hear it in the Fall nationwide, plugs their appearances on 9/12 in Long Island & ends
10/10 or 12 [NOTE FROM JEFF:it’s 10/10] &
plugs www.fozzyrock.com for tour dates [or go on their tour link]: www.fozzyrock.com/tour.aspx . He says to come & hang with them, says to hang with
him as he does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle &
says he’ll never get sick of doing that jingle.

Jericho then does a mix version of the jingle, says he’ll play “Hitman” from their CD “Metal Church”: http://tinyurl.com/lafggn3 & says 1 time they were as big as Metallica, Megadeth,
Anthrax & Slayer to where they were in the
big 4 & 5. He says the same thing occured to
them as in other bands in that time frame,
was the quality level went down after a couple of CDs to where they were done & says he saw Metallica for the 1st time in ’86
to where Metal Church opened for them. He was supposed to play “Hitman” but instead plays the song “Metal Church”.

10.Plays Metal Church’s “Metal Church”,
Judas Priest’s “Bloodstone” & Van Halen’s
“Top Jimmy”.

11.Jericho says “top jimmy cooks, top jimmy swings, he’s got the looks, top jimmy, he’s the king”, calls those lyrics that only David
Lee Roth can write & get away with it from
94 & says “Bloodstone” is from “Screaming For Vengeance”: http://tinyurl.com/mqdfefv . He says Priest
years ago claimed to retire but thought
“geez why are we retiring, no reason for that, we’ll just cut down on our touring, we’ll cut down on our record making, but we’ll still be a living & breathing band”. He
says they’re recording a new CD now, plugs
their DVD “Epitaph”: http://tinyurl.com/m3lzstf to where it’s cool
& calls it a live Priest retrospective.

Jericho says Priest played something from
every CD live on the DVD that he likes, again says that Florentine will be on later &
says he’ll play Shinedown to where he takes
another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again says
Zach was on last week, calls him a great guy
to where he’s always a pleasure talking to &
says he has 18 #1 radio hits to where it’s insane. He says they can’t play all of their #1
hits live, says to throw some #1 hits his way
& calls Zach a cool guy to where he’ll be at
the “Carnival Of Madness” tour:
www.carnivalofmadness.com with Papa Roach, Skillet & In This Moment. He says it’s
gonna be a big tour that you need to see,
plugs the CD “Amaryllis”: http://tinyurl.com/lopyfsm that has
“Enemies” & then plays the song.

12.Plays Shinedown’s “Enemies” & Papa Roach’s “Last Resort”.

13.Jericho calls “Last Resort” classic Papa
Roach that he thought reminds him of
Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name” to where
it’s got the same guitar melody line, says if
you’d asked them they’d surely nicked it from the song, says he’ll see what Florentine thinks to where he’ll be on next & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is a
heavy metal fanatic host on TMS which’s Jim Florentine & asks Jim on how he’s doing. Jim says he’s alright to where he asks Jericho on how he’s doing, Jericho says
he’s doing great to where he was saying on how punctual Jim is & Jim calls himself a pro
to where Jericho agrees. Jim says nobody realizes this to where he’s punctual, Jericho calls it funny because since he’s a pro more then ever & says it’s because Jim’s calling from the road from Gigantour:
www.gigantour.com to where he’s the host of it. Jim says Gigantour’s got Megadeth, Black Label Society [BLS], Device, Hellyeah, Newsted & Death Division.

Jim says he has hosted this during the 1st few weeks to where it’s awesome, Jericho
asks on what he does & Jim says he comes on stage to introduce the bands, tells a minute of jokes & maybe make some announcements. He says since they’re filming a DVD of it he’ll be part of their
“behind the scenes” stuff to where he does
interviews of the bands backstage, says last
night in Oklahoma City was nuts & says he
don’t know if Jericho ever played the Zoo
Amphitheater to where Jericho says no. Jim
says it’s an outdoor venue that’s connected
to a zoo, says you can’t curse in the venue
when on stage & says he didn’t know this
when he was cursing his head off on stage.

Jim says as he put the mic down a promoter
told him “you’re not allowed to curse, you’ll
get fined for it”, says he told the guy he didn’t know & says when the promoter told
him “you didn’t know? did you read your
contact?”, he told the guy he don’t read
contracts. He says the promoter told him
“you’re gonna get fined for that, that’s
$3,000 every time you’ll say the “F” word”,
says he must’ve said the “F” word 7 times in
22 seconds & says when he told the promoter that he didn’t know, the promoter again told him “we’ll you’re gonna get fined for that” to where Jim walked away from him. He says a township
guy comes to events & stands in the back.

Jim says it’s where the guy hears all the acts, says if the “F” word’s in songs you’ll get fined so you have to remove it & says
[Marilyn] Manson got fined $10,000 last year. Jericho asks if they’re afraid if the
lions & tigers will be affended, Jim says he
don’t know & says they have a strict curfew
for 10:30 PM to where the power goes off
there. He says even if it’s GNR the animals
need to sleep, asks on what do animals have to do in the morning so they can get up early & Jericho says maybe they have to
get up to stand there so people can see them. He says it takes lots of their sleep from it & Jim says the worst from last night
was the storms & lightnings in Oklahoma City.

Jim says when devices go on they’ll go on in
the middle of the show for the new band, says as they went on there was too much lightning & says by the time everything calmed down, they missed their set due to
BLS & Megadeth. He says it was raining 10 minutes before Megadeth went on but fans
didn’t care, says as they were watching the
show the power went out everywhere in Oklahoma City & says he went out there with a megaphone to tell 8,000 fans that they’re trying to restore power so the show
will continue. He says he got booed like crazy to where 45 minutes later, he was told
that the show couldn’t be done & says he was told to tell fans that Megadeth couldn’t
go on.

Jim says 20 cops had to be called for this so
they can stand behind him on stage, says he
was told to go with the megaphone & say the show’s cancelled & says he liked it in a way to where he couldn’t wait to go out & do it. Jericho calls it funny because 1 time with Fozzy at a festival, 1 of the band members threw a bottle into the crowd to where it hit some kid & says as an ambulance was called in, a promoter told
Fozzy if 1 of them has to take the kid to the
hospital, the show has to be cancelled. He says he was also told that Fozzy can continue playing till the cops arrive which’s
when they can tells fans the show’s cancelled.

Jericho says after 3 songs he told fans that the show’s cancelled, says he got the same
reaction like Jim did & says he told fans if they’ve got a problem, look behind & they’ll
see a line of riot cops at the back of the field marching forward. He says it looked like something from a zombie movie, again says it sounded funny because it’s like
“sorry guys, I get to be the barrier of bad
news, your festival’s over, boo” & Jim says he wouldn’t wanna be in that crowd to hear
it. He says he was looking forward to making the announcement to where he likes that kind of tension, says he stood there to when they booed him & felt they
weren’t booing him enough.

Jim says that’s when he continued talking to where he said “look man I’m sorry, the
power’s out, what’re gonna do”, says he continued doing that to bother them & says
he told them “look, if you’ve got an electrician here, go climb that pole over there & get it fixed so the show can go on.
Why are you booing me?”. Jericho asks on
how is it to be a long time metal fan & expert, asks on how cool is it being on a R&R tour & Jim calls it great to where it’s different for him as a comic. He says it’s when you’re flown to a city for 3 or 4 days
for the same club, then you’d fly home & says on a bus to where nightly it’s a different town.

Jim says when on a bus you’re traveling 8 or 9 hours, says as you’ve pulled over the
bus you’re stuck there for a day & calls it a
different lifestyle to where he’s spoiled as a
comic. He says it’s where he’s in a nice hotel, says he’s picked up at an airport & says he can drop a “deuce” [s**t] at a nice
bathroom. Jericho says there’s no “#2” on the bus to where it’s the #1 rule while touring, Jim says when you’re at the venue
in the morning you have to beat the roadies to the toilet before they ruin it & Jericho calls it awful to where it’s the real life on the road. He says you need a certain
mindset to survive while enjoying it & says
fans think it’s more glamorous then it is when you’re with a rock band.

Jim says he has heard from others that the
best thing to do is to go to the furthest part
of the venue & use the ladies room, says that nobody’s at the venue when you get there at 8AM & Jericho says what he does he goes into the crowd. He says it’s where
he’ll go to where they sell merch, then be at
the bathrooms there because he stays away
from the dressing room bathrooms, especially at festivals. He says with 5 or 6 bands with 5 to 7 roadies to where it’s like
80 people that need to dump, says you’re
bad if you wake up late & Jim says there’s
also the locals that work in the venues. He says he was in Corpus Cristi to where there
was 20 Mexicans in front of them that took
the dumps of their lives.

Jim says he was #21 to where he chose to hold it in, Jericho says it’s like a deli to where you take a number & asked Jim if he
saw the bands during the tour. Jim says yes
to where it was great, says that Megadeth did Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat” from their new
CD [“Super Collider”]:
http://tinyurl.com/mj96ult & says in Dallas a
couple of nights ago, Slash was on the show
doing a radio station event. He says it was an all star jam with Slash, says that Zakk Wylde did a song with [Dave] Mustaine & says Vinnie Paul was there on drums. He says it was an all star jam that was great,
Jericho called it cool & says there’s something funny about the tour.

Jericho says with all the bands there has someone in each band that’s known from
other bands, asks Jim if he saw that & Jim
says yes. He calls it weird because Newsted
has new stuff to where they only play 35 to 40 minutes while BLS plays 1 hour, says they
don’t have much time to where Newsted
plays new stuff & says they’ll close the set
with Whiplash. He says with Hellyeah Vinnie
won’t play any Pantera stuff, Jericho says due to Dime’s death & Jim says Hellyeah’s
got 3 CDs to where they’ll just do Hellyeah
stuff. He says [David] Draiman’s trying to get his Device band off the ground to where he ain’t doing any Disturbed stuff but just Device stuff.

Jericho says it’s what you gotta do, asks Jim
on what he thinks of Newsted & asks if he’s
excited that Jason’s back in the game with a
cool, thrashy music style. Jim says yes to where he loves their EP [“Metal”]:
http://tinyurl.com/lh9aysz , says he knows
they’ve got a CD coming out [“Heavy Metal Music”]: http://tinyurl.com/lftpczg in a couple of weeks & says fans love them to
where they go on stage. He says fans were
like “he’s back” to where Jason was gone for 10 years, says fans were excited seeing him to where their stuff’s heavy & thrashy &
says even if they don’t know it, he’s really
going over well. Jericho calls Jason a great
showman to where fans forget about that.

Jericho says it’s due to the fact it has been
quite a while, says it’s the same with Robert
Trujillo & says when Jason was in the band,
he was the 1 you’d see in the 90s Metallica.
He says seeing him return to stage while
playing what he plays to where he’s an
amazing showman, says Jason makes sure
that fans get into it & says there’s no doubt
about it. Jim says Jason plays guitar, then
mentions on Staind’s Mike Mushok being
underated & says when mentioning Staind,
fans are like “oh Staind? yeah, yeah”. He calls Mike a shreder, Jericho says it’s funny
because Fozzy toured with Staind on last
years Uproar & says it’s the same in Dallas
to where they did a group jam for “This Love”.

Jericho says Aaron Lewis sang in it to where
Mike played guitar, says he knows Staind like Jim does & calls Aaron an amazing singer for it. He says while seeing Mike play
Dime’s solo to a “T”, note for note, it’s where he calls Mike the real deal. He says he never knew it before, Jim agrees to where he didn’t know what a great guitarist Mike is & calls him a great guy. Jericho calls Mike cool, asks Jim on what
song he likes from “Heavy Metal Music” & Jim says “King Of The Underdogs” to where Jericho plays it now.

14.Plays Newsted’s “King Of The Underdogs”.

15.Jericho says he was surprised to where he didn’t know what to expect, says it’s good that Jason’s back & says the thing that’s cool for Jim hosting Gigantour, is that
he came from TMS to where it’s growing bigger & bigger. He asks Jim to talk on the
early years on how TMS came to be & how
it’s grown to where it is now, Jim says Eddie
Trunk was the 1 behind it due to him working at VH1 doing interviews for an interview show & says there’s a connection
there. He says it’s the same as Jericho’s story to where Jim & Don Jameson returing
from comedy gigs on a Friday night while
driving a car to NY & says they’d hear Eddie’s [radio] show.

Jim says it’s where they saw that Eddie likes
the same music that they do to where it’s
awesome, says they never knew Eddie to where it was unbelievable & says they always looked forward hearing the show. He says 1 day they met Eddie at a concert to
where they told Eddie that they’re comics &
big fans, says that Eddie loved comics & invited them to be on his show & says as they went in, they sat there & talked music.
He says it’s where they’d debate back & forth on who’s better, Priest or Maiden, Jericho says it’s always that & Jim says it’s like it’s either Ozzy, Dio or Sabbath. He says
t’s where Eddie’s doing a VH1 talk show to
where he’s got 2 clowns that can be sidekicks.

Jim says it’s where they make fun of Eddie
while pushing his buttons, says they saw it
was perfect to where everyone busted each
others balls & felt it may work. He says VH1
gave them money for 1 show, says they shot
a show that had Lita Ford who hasn’t done
anything for 15 years & says when VH1 saw
the show, they thought it can work. Jericho
says it reminds him of the Golden Gods to
where it started when some people showed
up, says it’s where they [powers to be] would give it a shot & says it’s now the place to be to where everyone wants to be a part of it. He says it’s the same with TMS to where they’ve got more guests that they
can handle.

Jericho says there’s probably others that wanna be on the show to where it’s now the most popular metal show in America, Jim says to look at all the odds that it came
from & says 1 time it had Metallica headlining it. He asks on how you top that,
says he asked Josh Bernstein on how to top
that next year & says Josh told him he spoke with AC/DC. Jericho says with Metallica he can now call GNR, Aerosmith or Maiden, says it’s the same thing that occured with TMS to where there’s Lita Ford & Tracy Guns & calls it great & entertaining. He says when Lars [Ulrich] came on the show there’s suddenly a new vibe to where it’s “oh my gosh, this is the real deal”.

Jim says Eddie has 30 years of contacts in the business to where he’s friends with them, says that Eddie was the 1 calling & says their biggest scoop in the beginning was having Alex Lifeson on. He says Eddie had a relationship with Alex to where he tells him he’s doing a 30 minute show in NY to where it’s being taped & if he’s got anything to promote, says that Alex told him he had a DVD coming out to where he’ll be in NY for 1 week & says he’ll be on the show to where it helped. He says as Lars
viewed the show he decided to be on it, then corrects himself by saying Lars saw Kirk Hammett appear because Eddie’s a big
Louie John Roth fan.

Jim says Kirk was on the show to where he
told Kirk that Louie’s on the show, asked Kirk if he wanted to be on & says the response was yes. He says Lars saw Kirk on he decided he too wanted to be on, says that’s how it happened with other guests & says [James] Hetfield sees the show to where he’s like “I wanna come on, but I love
watching it”. Jericho calls it cool knowing that James’ watching, Jim agrees to where he was at last years Orion Fest at their comedy tent & says himself, [Don] Jamieson
& Jim Breuer on it. He says Lars introduced
him on stage to where Lars & Hetfield saw
his set from the side & says he was so nervous but it was still cool.

Jim says he told him “you guys can go, just
go, I’m just doing stupid penis jokes”, Jericho says they wouldn’t think it was funny to where James possibly loves stupid
penis jokes. He says he was at last years Download to where he & James shot the
breeze about stupid stuff, says both spoke about the old days to where James spoke about what Metallica used to do when they
stayed in hotels & says the front desk people were mean to them or if the service
was bad, they took a dump in a dresser drawer in the room. He says they’d shut the
drawer & leave, says nobody checks them to
where 2 to 4 days go by & says there’d be a
horrible smell coming from the drawers.

Jericho says it’s due to James’ dump in them to where he got revenge, calls it genius & Jim agrees. He says he grew up in
Aldridge to where his friend, “Rocking” Ray Dill, sold his house to where it was on the market for 2 years & says he thought it’d never sell. He says Ray showed it to some
people to where he was asked the guy if he was a metalhead, says the response was yes
& said he told the guy that James Hetfield vomited in the bathroom to where the guy
bought the house. He says he told the guy
that James vomited in ’82 in that bathroom
to where he sold the house on that & Jericho says it’s like saying Abraham Lincoln
slept in this bedroom if you’re a metal fan.

Jericho asks on other TMS guests that was
Jim’s favorites on those he never met before to where he was super excited to have them on the show, Jim says Lemmy
[Kilmister] was great when he was on & says
every season’s different. He mentions Tony
Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, Rob Halford & Tom Morelo being on, Jericho says the thing that was cool about Tom to
where like Jim, Jericho’s a Rage fan too & says he didn’t know how much Tom’s a metal fan to where he really knows his stuff.
Jim calls Tom a metal fan to where he named his son Rhoads after Randy, says that Eddie & VH1 gets guests to where it’s like “are you kidding me, the guy’s gonna be on our show?”

Jim says he met [Marilyn] Manson a couple
of times to where he was excited having him on, Jericho calls them entertaining to where you’d never know if Manson’s drunk,
stoned or pretending to be & Jim agrees. He then mentions Steve Harris & Adrian Smith, Jericho says it’s hard getting Maiden
guys on the show to where it’s like getting Fort Knox management & Jim says the reason why they got them, was that all of
Maiden’s from England except for Nicko [McBrain] who lives in the USA. He says they
don’t have to do press because they’re that
big but luckly they had solo CDs that they
wanted to promote & says that’s how they
got them.

Jim says Maiden did California shows then to where they had a day off as well as Steve
had a project coming out then, says they were super lucky & Jericho asks on what’s his favorite Maiden CD. Jim says it’s tough but for the [Paul] Di’Anno era it’d be
“Killers”: http://tinyurl.com/kf6hw59 , says for the Bruce [Dickinson] era it’d be “Piece Of Mind”: http://tinyurl.com/klbtvg8 & says
he can easily pick “Number Of The Beast”
[NOTB]: http://tinyurl.com/m3f9tfb , but his favorite Maiden song’s “Where Eagles Dare” to where Jericho plays it now.

16.Plays Iron Maiden’s “Where Eagles Dare”.

17.Jericho says what he loves about “Where
Eagles Dare” is that it’s 6 & 1/2 minutes long to where there’s 1 & 1/2 minute of singing & there’s 5 minutes of playing. Jim
says he remembers when the CD came out
to where he’s a Clive Burr fan, asked on how’s someone gonna fill Clive’s shoes & says he remembers getting the CD & bringing it home. He says he played the opening track & heard those drums, says to
this day it still gives him chills & Jericho calls
it a signature riff to where any drummer can play it. He says it’s where you know it by saying “oh that’s when he goes there”, calls it rare for a drum pattern & Jim says there’s 1 minute & 10 seconds of singing in
that song to where Jericho agrees.

Jericho says Old Bridge’s a real kind of early
metal community, asks if fans there were called “Old Bridge Militia” & Jim says yes. Jericho asks Jim to talk about those early metal days because when talking about that
especially with thrash, it may not have been
born in that New Jersey area but it was built upon from that part of the world & Jim says Johnny Z who has Megaforce Records, had a record store called “Rock & Roll Heaven” which was in a flea market. He
says every Friday night he & his friends went there after getting their paychecks, says it’s where they had import records &
says Johnny was like “listen to this, put this on, here’s some Riot, here’s some Raven, you gotta hear this band, you gotta hear this”.

Jim says he remembers Johnny having
Metallica’s “No Life Til Leather” cassette to
where he told them “you gotta hear this thing, it’s not even an album, check this out,
I’m gonna manage this band, this band’s gonna be huge”. He says as he heard the tape he thought they were like “wow, these
guys were great”, says Johnny brought all
these guys in to where he promoted his own shows & says he’d put them in roller skating rings, flea markets, a venue in the back, warehouses or anywhere he’d book a
show. He says Johnny had Metallica, Anthrax, Raven, Anvil, Riot & others so he had a show & says it was like Metallica, Raven & Anvil on a show.

Jim again says it can be in a roller skating ring to where there wasn’t any chair or
anything like that, says it was a “word of mouth” thing & says this is when Sting was
still in the band. He says he was friends with
Johnny who lived down the street from himself, says Johnny would call him & say
“look, these guys Metallica are friggin in my
house right now” & says it’s because they
couldn’t be in a hotel due to them being broke. He says Johnny would tell them
“they’re smelly, they’re disgusting & they’re
drunk, can you just take them out of my house for a while so me & my wife can have
some downtime” & says he’d pick them up
when he was 17 then & drove them around.

Jim again says this was when Sting was still
with them, says he’d drive them to malls, flea markets, movies or whatever, Jericho asks if they remember this & Jim says no. He
says he told Mustaine this to where he asked Jim “are you serious?”, says that Dave
told his wife that last night by saying Jim used to drive him around when he was in Metallica & says Lars don’t remember either. He says he did this for them a couple
of times to where Raven knew him & remember this, says that Metallica then was
so drunk & out of it & says he was younger
then to where those “metal militia” guys were older like 21. He says he really didn’t
hang out at that scene.

Jim says once they met those guys & had their own houses with big parties it’s when
they didn’t hang with 17-year-olds anymore, says back then he didn’t have a
[drivers] license & says he was driving his
mom’s car which was a Dodge or something. Jericho calls it cool as a young
kid, says he remembers hanging at hotels &
hoping to see 1 of those guys & says Jim actually took them & drove them around. Jim says he’d drive them to shows to where
they’d hang at the record store during the day, says they had nothing to do either & says they’d sit there all day to where Johnny would put a new band on by saying
“hey listening to this” & mumbled something that I couldn’t make out.

Jericho says it’s funny because Johnny’s the
1 that signed Fozzy in ’99, says he was doing
Megaforce up & running then & says Fozzy
would say they got signed by the same guy
that signed Metallica & Anthrax. Jim calls it
good putting that on the resume to where it’s almost saying like you banged Raquel
Welch, asks on “when” which it don’t matter because you banged her & Jericho
says “now, yesterday, who cares”. Jim says it
don’t matter as long as it’s on the resume,
says they don’t need to talk about the year
& Jericho says it don’t matter. He calls Raven 1 of his favorites to where he had
John [Gallagher] on the show & calls him a
cool guy.

Jericho asks Jim on why Raven never got to
the next level, Jim calls it a tough 1 due to
them starting speed & thrash metal & mentions “Rock Until You Drop” [RUYD]:
http://tinyurl.com/lm3ne2j , “Wiped Out” [WO]: http://tinyurl.com/mwfanek , “Live At The Inferno”: http://tinyurl.com/mpv83vg & “All For 1” [AF1]: http://tinyurl.com/mx8orov . Jericho says after those they were signed to a major label, Jim says after they did that they put hockey masks on & some paint & feels that’s when they lost everyone. Jericho says that occured to other bands to where they lost what brought them there & says when looking at Raven, Loudness & Saxon, they lost the heaviness & grittiness & went

Jericho says they over produced to where
fans like themselves that got into them didn’t wanna hear them go in that direction
because it was a super 80s style, Jim says with Saxon it’s another good point to where he mentions “Power & The Glory”: http://tinyurl.com/ko22uwq & “Crusader”: http://tinyurl.com/l7czeo8 were both good & says after that, they were going for the
American fans. Jericho agrees to where they
did that instead of taking care of the audience that they already had, says they
found their way back to where Raven never
did & calls it 1 of those sad stories in music
to where at 1 point, they were 1 of the best.

Jim says to break it down more he don’t feel the songs were there after their 2nd CD, then mentions Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All”: http://tinyurl.com/l9qy6ho , “Ride The Lightning”: http://tinyurl.com/mq8jyza &
“Master Of Puppets” [MOP]:
http://tinyurl.com/ldh8ttj & calls MOP their
masterpiece. He again mentions Raven’s
RUYD, WO, AF1 & “1 For All”:
http://tinyurl.com/mx82gz6 to where they’re good CDs, says they don’t come close to MOP & says Anvil was the same with “Hard ‘N’ Heavy”:
http://tinyurl.com/md23lrg , “Metal On Metal”: http://tinyurl.com/mcgakl3 &
“Forged In Fire”: http://tinyurl.com/mnmxufo .

Jim says they were good but wasn’t killer,
Jericho says Jim would know Anvil being
from Old Bridge & himself growing up in
Canada & says when hearing about the
Anvil documentary [“Anvil:The Story Of Anvil”]: http://tinyurl.com/my9vj3j , he calls
it a great piece of work to where they’re great guys. He says when seeing the opening interviews with Lars, Scott & Slash
talking about time, says he ain’t saying they
weren’t good enough but they weren’t poised to be the next big thing & called them a good band for the 1st 2 CDs to where they continued along. He says the way they painted it in the documentary was
that “they should’ve been the biggest thing”.

Jericho says they got screwed to where it wasn’t really that way, Jim agrees & says if
they would’ve put out a masterpiece like MOP, Anvil would’ve done that on their 3rd
CD to where they could’ve had a great career. He feels that was the key CD to where it didn’t work for them, says it went
down hill from there & Jericho says it’s especially for a metal expert like himself, Jim & their friends. He says they got smart quick to when metal started in ’82 or ’83 it’s
where bands came out, says they heard
Metallica, Megadeth & Slayer to where they
felt they were better then anyone else & says that came quick to where the pretenders made them lose interest quick.

Jericho says it’s due to them being much better to where they started out the same,
says it was like a race to where Nascar guys
took off in 1st place up the bat & Jim says the only band you’d think of that made a
switch to please American was Def Leppard
with “Pyromania”: http://tinyurl.com/kcbg4re & “Hysteria”: http://tinyurl.com/mxvf8m6 to where their 1st 2 CDs were great. Jericho says that’s when they turned their backs on it due to
chicks liking them for being pretty, Jim says
“Pyromania” had “Mutt” Lange to where he
was also on “Hi & Dry”: http://tinyurl.com/kvye74r & called it more of an AC/DC CD which he loved.

Jericho agrees to where the cool thing about it’s that Def Leppard’s still plays those songs, mentions songs like “Wasted”,
“Switch” & “625” & says those type of songs
they do now which’s cool. Jim says he don’t
have any problem with Def Leppard’s career & the way they went like others to where they’re like “oh I got the 1st 2 & that’s it”, says they went more commercial
but feels the songs are great for a great band & again says he don’t have problems
with them. Jericho asks Jim on what bands
that came out in the last few years does he
like, Jim says there’s new stuff coming out,
asks Jericho if he heard Scorpion Child & Jericho says no.

Jim says he saw them in Austin, Texas to where they sounded like Zeppelin, calls them real good & says their debut CD [“Scorpion Child”]:
http://tinyurl.com/l2wzjeu came out recently. He mentions the Canadian band
Monster Truck, Jericho says he has heard of
them & Jim says they recently came out to where he digs them. He says Ghost’s 1st CD
[“Opus Eponymous”]:
http://tinyurl.com/mdb8zez was great to
where Jericho says they got huge in the last
few years, Jim says it’s tough getting into &
Jericho says they’re starting to get too weird. Jim says it’s due to too much synthesizers to where they ain’t heavy enough.

Jim says their 1st CD was heavy & evil but not super heavy, says it just felt evil & Jericho agrees. He asks on what Scorpion
Child song should he play, Jim mentions their opening track “Kings Highway” to where it’s great & Jericho says he has read
lots about them to where he hasn’t heard them. He says he’ll hear them now by playing the song.

18.Plays Scorpion Child’s “Kings Highway”.

19.Jericho says “Kings Highway” has a cool
vibe to it to where it’s “Zeppelinly”, Jim says
they’ve been kicking around in Austin for a
few years to where they’re big in that scene
with their CD & says they’re on this years
Mayhem. He says he’ll see them in 1 week to where he’s excited about it, Jericho calls it cool to where it’s 1 thing that lots of us
have which’re European style festivals like
Uproar, Mayhem & Gigantour & calls it a
great vibe. He calls it cool where new bands
get a chance to be seen, says you can see your favorites to where Gigantour’s like that from beginning to end & calls it an entertaining day at the races. Jim says he
saw Fozzy at last years Mayhem.

Jim says he was at stage side to where Jericho was running around like a maniac while it was 110 degrees, Jericho says that’s
what they do to where they don’t have pyro
or dragons flying from ceilings & says they’re the show. Jim says Fozzy was on the
Jager stage, Jericho tells him to see Fozzy at
NY’s BB Kings with Saxon: http://tinyurl.com/kya4u7x , Jim asks if it’s in October & Jericho says it’s 9/13. Jim says
he’ll be there to where it’s great that they’ll
play with Saxon, Jericho calls it cool due to
Saxon hasn’t toured the USA in a while & says they called Fozzy to where both worked it out. He says like Jim he’s a big Saxon fan since ’82.

Jericho says he’s excited to where Biff’s a
great guy, says it’ll be lots of fun, Jim asks if
his favorite’s Maiden & Jericho says on paper it’s The Beatles. He says Maiden &
Metallica flip flop back & forth, says his 4th
favorite which’s obscure’s Helloween & says
he loves them to where he always was obsessed with them for whatever the reason. He asks Jim for his favorites, Jim says it’s Sabbath & Ozzy to where it’s what
he grew up on & calls Brian Slagel’s a big
Maiden fan to where it’s his favorite. He says that Brian’s best CD by them’s NOTB,
says that Brian feels the best song from it’s
“Hallowed Be Thy Name” [HBTN] & asks Jericho if it’s his favorite Maiden song.

Jericho says his Maiden taste ranges from
early 80s but likes the new stuff, says that
HBTN’s gotta be up there & his favorite Maiden song’s “Powerslave”. He says for
whatever the reason he goes nuts for it to where he loves it, again mentions HBTN & mentions “Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”,
“Where Eagles Dare”, “Revelations” & others. He says it’s 1 of those to where all
songs they did from “Killers” to “7th Son Of A 7th Son”: http://tinyurl.com/lnfu285 which’s great, says there’re some like
“Somewhere In Time”:
http://tinyurl.com/lakem5c which was a bit
doggy & says he liked that era till ’88. Jim says it’s amazing on what Maiden went thru
when Bruce & Adrian leave.

Jim says it’s when they got Blaze Bailey to
where they’re playing at clubs, says they went from 20,000 fans to 400 fans & says
they’d get Bruce & Adrian back to where they’re doing 80,000 fans. Jericho says it’s
when they’re bigger then ever, Jim calls it
insane & Jericho agrees to where Rod Small
saw Fozzy play in Brighton, England a few
months ago. He says he asked Rod on who’s
the bigger band then Maiden worldwide,
says that Rod mentions U2, Bruce Springsteen, Lada Gaga & Metallica & says
the biggest rock band worldwide’s AC/DC.
Jim agrees, Jericho says that Rod said the only reason why they ain’t bigger then they
are’s that they’re too lazy.

Jericho continues by saying that Rod said if
AC/DC can play big stadiums 3 nights in a row if they wanted to, says they’ll only do it
once to where they’re happy with it & Jim
agrees. He says they can tour easily for 3 years to where they’ll come back tomorrow for fans to see them again, Jericho says that
was the cool thing when Rod says even as
big as Maiden is but also said he wanted to
know on how they can be more bigger then
AC/DC. He calls it the genius of Maiden to
where they still want more, tells Jim it’s
great having him on the show to where they can talk all day & says he appreciates him coming on to where he’s a great guest.
He tells him he appreciates him calling from
the road.

Jericho tells Jim he’s glad to get a chance to
experience the other side of the R&R lifestyle, Jim calls it different to where it’s fun & calls it Groundhog’s Day daily. He says
it’s where you’d wake up, get off the bus &
walk into Catering & says usually the food’s
crap to where “ah what am I gonna do, I gotta eat”. He says he’s gotta do the show
to where it’s hot from being the summertime, says it’s where you’d chill on the bus & do the show & says it’s great having Vinnie Paul on the tour to where he
loves hosting parties. He says Vinnie’s BBQing nightly to where he cooks for everyone, says there’s drinks there & calls him 1 of the greatest in the business.

Jericho calls Vinnie the life of the party to
where he loves cooking, says to try his scrambled eggs at 6AM from being up all night to where they’re good & Jim says that
Dave Mustaine’s nothing but nice to everyone on the tour to where he’s in a great mood. He says Dave catches lots of crap to where he’s cool with everything, calls him a sweet guy by hanging with bands & Jericho calls it cool to where you’d
see the real side of these guys. He says all are the same to where they’re musicians &
happy by touring & hearing metal, says that’s what it’s about & Jim agrees. Jericho
thanks him to where he’ll see him soon & says he’ll keep in touch.

Jericho again says he appreciates Jim for being on the show, Jim thanks him to where
he too appreciates it, Jericho tells him he’ll
talk to him soon & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again welcome back
to the show to where he again thanks Jim for being on the show, calls him a big metal
head, comedian, Gigantour host & a swell guy. He says it’s like Slash:
http://tinyurl.com/77t7n3l & Duff McKagan: http://tinyurl.com/mr9x437 are also swell guys who’ve been on the show before, says that Slash was the 1 that took the show to the next level & says he can’t thank him enough. He says he won’t bother with a
reunion with Axl Rose to where it won’t happen, says if it does who cares because
Slash has done great solo work as well as
Duff & Axl & says they were a super power & 1 of the biggest bands worldwide.

Jericho says it’s when they released 2 CDs on the same day which were “Use Your Illusion” [1]: http://tinyurl.com/lz5rq25 & [2]: http://tinyurl.com/mcs6rqf , says his favorite from them’s “Locomotive” to where
he says “last song” 3 times & says he’ll play
classic GNR. He says it’s got an amazing groove that’s laid down by Matt Sorum, tells Matt to take it away, then says 3-2-1 &
go & then plays the song.

20.Plays Guns N’ Roses’ “Locomotive”.

21.Jericho calls “Locomotive” a great tune to where he loves the piano thing at the end, says that was Axl when he figured out
on what to do with GNR & feels his vision for them was to be like the Rolling Stones.
He says it’s where to play any music style but keep it in that GNR groove, says maybe
we’ll see it again someday & says until then,
be happy to have the memories. He says he’s happy for the memories with you to
where there’s 2 more shows left, again says
Biff will be on next week & again says 8/24
will have M. Shadows. He says he expects you to be with him on these shows, thanks
fans to where he’ll see you soon & says to stay hard, hungry & heavy. He says good night & God bless to all of you, again says good night & the show ends at 7:08 PM.

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