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Total Divas Episode 3 Recap

total divas

We start the show and it’s the Bella Twins in the car talking about Tree’s lol
We go to Brie and Daniel Bryan packing up for the road. They are talking about Video Chatting with their Dog Josie. They are talking about moving to phoenix so they can spend more time with their dog.

We see Trinity and Jon Uso talking. He gets upset with her taking off her engagement ring.

We go to the NXT building and see the Divas practicing in the ring. Then Jon and Trinity is at a Mexican Restraunt and then he asks why she doesn’t wear her ring at work. She says the WWE doesn’t want her to wear it. The WWE wants the Divas to appear Available. We go on to San Diego Cali. And Nikki and Brie is working out. Brie is telling her sister she is moving to Phoenix with Daniel Bryan. Nikki is upset that she is moving to Phoenix.


Nikki is shown talking about signing for a feature film together and Brie is late for the meeting. We go to Jo Jo and her boyfriend Sebastian. They go walk on the beach and spend time together while we go back to San Diego and they go to train and Nikkie starts getting upset about the moving.

We are back with JoJo and her boyfriend and he is making her choose between WWE and him. JoJo gets really upset cause he came all the way out there to break up with her. She starts to cry and is very upset.


We are back and Trinity and Jon is training in the ring. She goes to do a Leg Drop onto him and screws it up.  They start arguing in the car and he is asking her when they are going to get married. We see JoJo and Eva Marie and Jo Jo is now thinking about quitting WWE.

We see Brie and Daniel Bryan packing to move and Nikki comes over to help. Nikki gets very mad about the moving and now she just leaves their place and doesn’t help. Nikki is mad cause they are moving for a dog.


We are back and we see the Divas in the ring at the WWE Training Facility practicing in the ring with Natalya. Jo Jo is on the side watching due to her concussion. Natalya is telling Jo Jo she needs to figure it all out and Nattie tells her she needs to pick cause Sebastian obviously isn’t strong enough to help her be in the WWE.

We now go to Nikki and John Cena in the car. She tells John about her freaking out at Daniel Bryan and Brie. She told John she told them she hated them. John wants to know why Daniel thinking about him and Brie is bad? Hs ie msad cause he is taking her away from her. He is telling her how she needs to give Bryan some slack.

We now see Trinity and Jon in their place. He wants to know about when they are going to get married and he asks her if they want to be together. Jon gets mad and leaves because they start fighting about the married.


Nikki and Brie make up and they help packing. They show the Divas walking backstage for Raw. Ariane is sick and has been for that whole week. Trinity and Ariane finds out they are doing a 8 man tag Bella’s and Uso’s vs. The Funks


We are back and they are all in the ring. Nikki puts her arms around Jon and Trinity goes crazy. Trinity goes in the ring and attacks Nikki. Then Nikki tags in Jon and then Trinitiy hit’s a hurricarna on Jon and he is asking why she did that. Then Brodus goes on to pin Jon to the mat.


We see JoJo backstage saying she now realizes she needs the WWE. Trinity goes to talk to Ariane about the Marriage and realizes she needs to talk to jon. Jon says maybe we need a break and she said she is so sorry and does want to be with him. They talk it out and are back together.

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