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Necro Butcher suffers serious injury reports that hardcore legends Necro Butcher who suffered a compound fracture in his right leg Sunday night at the JCW Bloodymania 7 show in Cave-in-Rock, IL. Butcher took a bump off the apron through a chair. His bone was sticking out of his leg.

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  1. Scott II says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, anytime I hear anything like that (someone’s bone sticking out of their leg), I just cringe. Hope he can get well

  2. Icon says:

    I’m a little surprised it took this long in his career too obtain such a serious career threatening injury. Hopefully he can come back from it like Sid did. I know Necro is a good dude and is doing what he loves while supporting his family.

  3. KRobinson says:

    seriously you are surprised its took this long, let me guess because he’s a “Deathmatch” worker he’s going to be injured seriously? No however this is horrible and hope he recovers well

  4. dave says:

    He is one tough s.o.b too, he’ll come back or try his hardest to. I would’ve loved for him to get a WWE contract purely so he can work for leisure the rest of his life, or until he retires.

    I too, cringe at the thought of this break

  5. Adurka Durk says:

    @ KRobinson

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