8/10 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup from Dundalk, MD

Aug 11, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Maryland Championshp Wrestling’s annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup from Dundalk, MD:

Derek Frazier & Ruckus b Unleashed, Drolix b Alexander James, Luke Hawx b Lance Anoa’i, Papadon b Oliver Grimsley, Mike Mondo b Sean Patrick, G-Fed & Buck Chlyd won seven-team gauntlet match for tag title, Cobian DCOR Nui Tofiga, Jessie Kaye & Veda Scott b Renee Michelle & Amber Rodriguez, Christian York b C-Fed, Luke Hawx b Mondo, Papadon, Frazier, Drolix and Adam Cole to win the Shamrock Cup.

Luke Hawx cut a promo out of the blue claiming that Bob Holly was an old piece of sh*t and challenged him to fight him anywhere to prove who the toughest guy in wrestling is

credit: Joe Burrows and F4wonline.com

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