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War of words between Kharma and Reby Sky

In her new YouShoot with Kayfabe Commentaries, former WWE Diva Kharma refers to Matt Hardy’s fiancee Reby Sky as a “ho” and places her name in the “Ho Bag.” Reby responded on her account:

“Not aware of this, if it is true. Doesn’t make much sense, as I don’t know her on a really personal level & we have been nothing but nice to each other in passing at shows. We’ve actually texted back & forth a few times, so if she now has a problem with me, I can only attribute it to one thing/person. Fake as fuck to be nice to my face & talk sh*t to a camera if its true, but no shocker there. That’s 99% of the women in this business anyway. Next.”

She also responded to a fan and commented on wrestlers doing shoot interviews:

“Broke wrestlers doing “shoot” interviews for a couple hundred bucks to support their drug habits can KEEP mentioning me. Everyone knows I’m in an AMAZING committed relationship & love a good name drop Smile”

Another fan later asked if she was calling Kharma a drug addict. Reby replied:

“And for the record, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying, and for damn good reason. No use in continuing to play nice or protect anyone who is sweet to my face & a cunt to me & my close friends behind my back.”

source: Wrestling Swarm via Facebook

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5 Responses

  1. cool arrow says:

    Matt Hardy’s fiancee is calling someone a drug addict? Well, I guess she would know a lot about drug addicts.

  2. sorry says:

    The promiscuity never ends! … on the American pro-wrestling indy scene!

  3. ~J* says:

    Kharma’s gonna eat Reby Sky.

  4. Shacoria J says:

    Wait she said she doesnt really know her but knows shes a drug addict hmm…………

  5. She knows because she steals drugs out of Kong’s bags, Bob Holly Style.

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