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GERWECK.NET Trivia #4‏

Thanks for all the entries, a few more than usual this week, good stuff! As usual, we begin with last week’s answer.

Q) Which three men competed at all of the first 5 NWA:TNA weekly pay-per-view events?

A) AJ Styles, Brian Lawler (or Brian Christopher) and Ron ‘K-Krush’ Killings

Congratulations to those who answered correctly. The current top of the leaderboard is as follows:

1) Jorge Pernas – 18 points
2) Vivian – 17 points
3) ILMH – 16 points

The leaderboard is very tight at the top and indeed all the way down to about 7th place, so it’s still all to play for!

Just one quick word before this week’s question. A few people told me they hadn’t seen this question. If you can’t see it on the home screen, use the search bar to look for ‘GERWECK.NET Trivia’ and it’ll be there


This week’s question is all about a lovable loser. Can you tell me who has competed in the most WWF/E pay-per-view matches without picking up a single win?

I will also award 3 bonus points to anyone who correctly guesses how many matches they have lost. Remember that you have to get the main question right to earn the bonus points

Good luck!

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13 Responses

  1. KrisKaos says:

    Diamond Dallas Page

  2. Jorge Pernas says:

    Eric Bishoff with 5 ppv matches and no victories.

  3. Dan Boy says:

    Recent or past??? All time???

    Gonna go with Santino Marella (if you dont count pre show??)

    Tough question

  4. Dan Lovato says:

    Tito Santana w/ 7

  5. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Uncle Eric

  6. Sinnful says:

    Eric Bischoff

  7. montez says:

    Vince mcmahon

  8. Jau says:

    Anyone who had a feud with Triple H or John Cena.

  9. ILMH says:

    Eric Bischoff with 5.

  10. confused says:

    im sorry but this a joke. how can really pick out a winner? cause 3 people could say the right answer, then 3 more people could do the same thing.
    how do you hand out the points.
    this should be in some kind of poll form

  11. Jamie says:

    @confused – the rules were clearly posted a few weeks ago. The first correct answer receives 6 points, the second 3, the third 2 and all subsequent correct answers receive 1 point

    Here is a link to the post:

  12. Vivian says:

    I try with Boris Zhukov with a 0-7 record in WWF/E PPVs

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