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Alberto Del Rio’s brother returns to Mexico

Guillermo Rodriguez, the brother of Alberto Del Rio and son of Dos Caras, who was in WWE developmental as Memo Montenegro, will be working for WWL under the name El Hijo del Dos Caras.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. sorry says:

    Montenegro is a nation in the Balkans, South of European continent.
    I can only guess that a creative genius brains like that of Jean-Paul Levesque-McMahon would appreciate such completely idiotic gimmicks for the brain-washed WWE fans!

    B.t.w., just wondering … does HHH have any college education or graduate/ … Lord forbid …/ post-graduate studies? How did he get to such a position in a multi billion company? … Other than getting cut and bleeding grotesquely on PPV matches from blades delivered by referees.

  2. Later Marks says:

    You do realize that the guys come up with their own names and management signs off on them. When is the IWC going to understand that?

  3. Matt says:

    They won’t. Lot of the IWC is also made up of people with bad taste in names anyway, it’s a good thing a lot of them will never have kids.

    It’s far from a bad thing people are picking ring names with first and surnames, it’s contemporary. A lot of older wrestlers had different gimmikcy names but there’s only so many of them to go around with. Female wrestlers can get away with just a one word name more today than male wrestlers can.

    Hell just look at Mexico for an example, in a place where they don’t use real names most of the time, a lot of their names are just recycling based on history.

    WWE’s ringnames are just fine and a lot of them sound good. (which i can’t say for the same for lots of IWC handle names). The real problem is that trademark and ownership laws that do great in nearly every field they are used, except pro wrestling, where the company wants to have the ownership even though the idea of a wrestler spending his career in more than one company is the norm. Is it a shame that people have to change their ring names when they come to WWE, yes. But as long as they are still wrestling and have a new good name, why the hell should we care?

    Just get over the name change and move on with your lives people. If you have such trouble accepting this, i damn sure hope no one in your family ever gets married, i suspect some IWC members would need counseling for that.

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