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Hogan appears on ‘Today’

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  1. ~J* says:

    ahaaaaaaaaa that is funny BROTHER!!!!

  2. Bobbo the Destroyer says:

    What’s up with Hogan’s twitter photo? It looks like something a 14 year old girl might post.

  3. Scott II says:

    Question is, how many times did he say anything about TNA. Probably none, like usual

  4. Bobbo the Destroyer says:

    How many times do you think he said “brother”?

  5. Oops says:

    Broke Hogan to her Dad: … Daddy, daddy, (whine…), I wanna be on the WWE Total Divas! show … (whine!). I am a Total Diva! I was born on this Earth to be on that show! Not those bimbos, the Bellas . Its not fair! Life is so unfair to our family! (whine!) … With hatred: I hate those Bellas screwing Vince’s TV boyz just to be on his show! … I wanna be on the show! … Please, daddy dearest, talk to Dixie, you know she always listens to you, talk to Eric (Bischoff), … I wanna be on WWE Total Divas show! (whine even harder!) …. How can that Natalya – the Canadian cow-girl, from the middle of nowhere, be the featured blonde on the show! I am a natural blonde, Im even taller, even prettier, … I wanna be on the show! … Whine-whine!

    Hogan: All right, all right, I ll talk to Eric, talk to Vince, … I ll find a way. … Life is trully unfair to our great great sports-entertaiment family, and this all because of Vince envy of my success. … I hate his guts! I made him! I made his company! How dare he not having my beautiful sweet-heart daughter on his new Diva show!

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