8/3 “Rock of Jericho” recap with Zack Myers

Aug 6, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Zack Myers segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:01 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says there’s 4 more episodes left to where he’s almost wrapped up on the
greatest radio show of all time. He says Shinedown’s Zach Myers:
http://twitter.com/zmyersofficial will be on
to where it’ll be a big show, says that M.
Shadows will be on the last show which is 8/24 & says he’ll play prog rock’s upstarts
Periphery who’re on The Summer Slaughter Tour: http://tinyurl.com/k6z2qww .

Jericho says the song’s “Muramasa” which is
the 1-2 punch by them, says the rock starts
now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Periphery’s “Muramasa” & “Have A Blast”.

3.Jericho says “Have A Blast” is a very Rush/Faith No More/Saga, asks if anyone
remembers Canada’s Saga to where it’s
proggy & catchy & says Fozzy toured with
Periphery at Australia’s Soundwave in February to where it was impressive. He says it’s cool when seeing new prog rock
bands come out to where the market for
progressive metal gets smaller all the time,
says that Periphery will bring it back & says
Zach will be on later. He says he’ll play a Rich Ward superset, says to stick around
because the show has begun & then takes a
break [NOTE FROM JEFF:after the break, #3 was repeated again, why?].

4.Plays Stuck Mojo’s “The Monster”, Rich Ward’s “Suicide Machine” & Fozzy’s “Spider
In My Mouth”.

5.Jericho says “Spider In My Mouth” [SIMM]
is the opening track from “Sin & Bones”: http://tinyurl.com/ktrrdnt which was requested by http://twitter.com/holowatuk , says to wait
till you see the new [Fozzy] merch that they
have based on the SIMM concept & says he
loves it. He says the 1 thing when being in a
band to where you’ve got cool merch:
http://tinyurl.com/mycc4lx but when touring for the last 2 years with the same
shirts, fans start getting mad to where it’s
like “you guys have been here 3 times & you
have the same shirt every time”. He says it’s
a cool 1 to where you’ve got to make new

Jericho says the new merch’s a good 1 to
where he can’t wait for you to see it, says
“Suicide Machine” is from Rich “The Duke”
Ward’s solo 2006 CD [“My Kung Fu Is Good”]: http://tinyurl.com/lrqqa9h & says it’s not what you’d expect from Rich. He says it wasn’t super heavy but more of a singer/songwriter thing, calls it Rich’s genius because as much as he loves Pantera
& Zakk Wylde & says as much as they love
Rich, he also loves Neal Schon, Mick Jones &
Neil Young to where they’re more 70s guys.
He says with Fozzy it’s where if Metallica &
Journey ever had a bastard child, it’d sound
like Fozzy & says he’ll play your requests to
where he’s down at the “nay-gree-to” & nitty gritty with it.

Jericho plugs
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm for you
to send requests, says
http://twitter.com/iamjscorpion who franchised Fozzy for a while on Bullspike
Radio: www.bullspikeradio.com & thanks Jay
Scorpion for it. He says Jay requested Maiden’s “The Evil That Men Do” which’s from “7th Son Of A 7th Son”: http://tinyurl.com/lcgon8w , says it’s 1 of his
favorites & then plays the song.

6.Plays Iron Maiden’s “The Evil That Men Do” & Metallica’s “Whiplash”.

7.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/angelwitchy2j is where he always takes a source of great pride when fans have his name on their Twitter
handles, says it shows that he has made a
mark worldwide & says if he died tomorrow, at least he knows that fans have
his name in their handles to where it’s not
bad. He says angelwitchy2j wanted to hear
“Whiplash” to where it don’t get any heavier or more old school then that, says
whenever you hear the sounds from it that
Jericho impersonates on & says he always
remembers the 1st place he was when he
heard it which was at his parents house at
13 or 14.

Jericho says he heard it on a big turntables
that was the size of a sofa, asks if you remember those & says when he put on that record, he heard super & crazy stuff that “Whiplash” was on Side 1. He says it’s
always a winner to where you’re always a
winner, says he’ll play more requests to
where he’ll play Halestorm & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show that’s on XM 242, again
introduces himself, again says Zach will be
on later & again says he’ll have M. Shadows
on the last show. He says Shadows has toured many times with Halestorm, says
http://twitter.com/ryanthenewb [link don’t
work] & says he don’t know what a newb is:
http://tinyurl.com/3xhnsw but says Ryan is 1. He says “ryanthenewb” wanted to hear Halestorm’s “Innocence” to where Lzzy Hale’s a ROJ alumni: http://tinyurl.com/93adsas , says he went thru hail or high water to find her & says he
got her on the show to where she’s the only
female guest on the show.

Jericho tried pronouncing the word
misogynistic to where he spells it, then calls it chauvinistic & says he’ll blow the myth away to where he plays the song.

8.Plays Halestorm’s “Innocence”, Kiss’ “Into The Fire, I’ve Had Enough” & Guns N’ Roses’ “Think About You”.

9.Jericho then pronounces misogynistic which’s what his producer, Justin, told him & says you can’t be more misogynistic then
80s Kiss to where
http://twitter.com/belindahudson wanted to hear something 80s old school. He says he thinks old school would be the 70s but if
you’re younger, 80s would be old school &
says “I’ve Had Enough” is from “Animalize”: http://tinyurl.com/mv7m5hw . He says it had the late guitarist Mark St. John to where he only lasted 1 CD, says he never toured with Kiss due to his hand swelled up
& says he had carpal tunnel syndrome. He says there’s great solos on “Animalize”
especially during that time frame.

Jericho says Gene [Simmons] & Paul [Stanley] wanted a total shredder guitarist,
says they got it when they had Mark & says
you can hear it on “Into The Fire, I’ve Had Enough”. He says you can hear the evidence
to where business will pick up to where he
does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle, says he
copyrighted the jingle to where he tells fans
not to steal the jingle & says if so, his lawyers will find you. He says the 1st song
from this weeks iPod has Derek Shernian who was on last week:
http://tinyurl.com/ktv9kgb on keyboard for
Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”, says that Billy
had crazy songs & says they were either metal, punk or R&B to where they were cool.

Jericho says he should hear his Billy collection to where he says he don’t have 1,
says he should buy some Billy songs & then
plays the song.

10.Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”, Velvet Revolver’s “Fall To Pieces” & Saxon’s
“Power & The Glory”.

11.Jericho says you’ll hear “Power & The Glory” during Saxon’s Fall US tour:
http://tinyurl.com/74s6bhj to where it’s their 1st US tour in 10 years, says there’s a
poll on Saxon’s site: www.saxon747.com to where you can choose the setlist on songs that you wanna hear:
http://tinyurl.com/n426t8x & says to go on their site to vote. He calls it cool to where you’ll see them in September, plugs
www.fozzyrock.com for their tour dates [or go on their tour link]: www.fozzyrock.com/tour.aspx & says Velvet
Revolver has ROJ alumnis Slash:
http://tinyurl.com/77t7n3l & Duff [McKagan]: http://tinyurl.com/mr9x437 .

Jericho calls them great guys to where he &
Slash discovered that both have a kindered
spiritship to where they love dinosaurs, says
both love them to where they’ll discuss
plesiosaurs & allosaurus for 15 to 20 minutes & says you never know what’s occuring in the heads of true rockers. He says he’ll play some more ROJ alumnis as well as Canada’s Annihilator & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that Annihilator’s 1
of the longest thrash bands that’s lasted for
25 years from Canada & calls Jeff Waters an
underated genius to where he’s 1 of the greatest riff writers of all time if you like
thrash. He plugs the new CD “Feast”: http://tinyurl.com/kpolw4a that’ll be out soon, says that Fozzy toured with Annihilator at some festivals a couple of years ago & says seeing them live was another thing all together. He calls Jeff a great performer & says even though they
barely play in North America, if you’re in Europe you should see them:
http://tinyurl.com/266sk84 .

Jericho says if you wanna hear something
from their CD “Metal”: http://tinyurl.com/mjddr55 , calls that a good CD name & says he’ll play
“Detonation” to where it’s got a tribute to
“Children Of The Grave” in it.

12.Plays Annihilator’s “Detonation” & Sepultura’s “Refuse/Resist”.

13.Jericho says he always loved the early &
angry Sepultura to where “Refuse/Resist” is
from “Chaos A.D.”: http://tinyurl.com/mleprz9 , says that Andy
Wallis produced it to where he produced
Advenged Sevenfold new CD [“Hail To The
King”]: http://tinyurl.com/nxt8qf3 & says he
saw Andy do his magic in the studio to where he calls him an amazing mixer & producer. He calls the CD insane to where
Andreas Kisser who’s a ROJ alumni:
http://tinyurl.com/kopbe82 , calls him very
smart to where you’d never expect that &
says Andreas convinced him that Rolling
Stones were better then The Beatles to
where both argued about it.

Jericho says that Andreas’ arguments worked to where he understood what he said, says he don’t know if the Stones are better then The Beatles but they’re neck & neck to where Andreas was the 1 that showed him. He says that Zach’s another
Beatles & Stones fan to where he & Zach talk about them, says that Zach will be on next & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone’s from
Canada is Zach & asks him how’s it going.
Zach calls Jericho his best friend, Jericho agrees & says it’s funny because it’s amazing on how much time flies when you’re on their job & doing what they do. He says he can’t believe it has been 1 year
since they toured together to where it also
has been that long since they talked, Zach
agrees but says both text & Jericho calls it
talking in this day in age. He says Zach’s busy to where Shinedown’s continuing to grow, plugs “Amaryllis”: http://tinyurl.com/lopyfsm & their tour:
www.shinedown.com/tour & says they’re
non stop.

Jericho says Zach’s in Canada with Kiss, asks
on how he got to tour with them & Zach says both have the same booking agent, but
Kiss came to Shinedown. He says it’s not anything that Shinedown requested due to
them planning on a European tour this month, says it’s when they got the offer to where they accepted it & says they weren’t
affended by the offer. He says Kiss don’t need their help in Canada, says it was nice of them to come & reach out to Shinedown & says they accepted it to where it has been
a blast. He says they’ve played in Canada & i places that they’ve never heard of before & Jericho says he follows them on Instagram: http://instagram.com/zmyersofficial .

Jericho says Zach’s like “we’re in Lethbridge
today”, “we’re in Moosejaw”, Zach agrees &
says “today I’m in Brandon”. Jericho says it’s
funny because Brandon’s 90 minutes from
Winnipeg to where he don’t remember anyone going to Brandon, says that everyone went to Winnipeg & says Kiss does that to where they play in secondary
markets that have nice venues. Zach says it’s in lots of new minor league hockey places, calls it crazy to where fans come in
droves in small markets & says he was in
Regina to where it looks like Rockford, Illinois because nobody lives there. Jericho says it’s where everyone comes out to where Zach says it’s 7,000 fans out of the
wood work.

Zach says if they don’t have a Kiss shirt on is
because the only reason they’re dressed as
Kiss, Jericho says that’s the 1 cool thing about Canada to where it’s a great R&R country & says he always laughs when people say “we’re going to ‘Regina'” [as in vagina] to where everyone chuckles. Zach says Brent [Smith] calls it “the city” to
where 1 day before, it’s where they’ll show
up & someone will say “welcome to Regina”
[pronounced as a girls name, “Re-ge-na”] & says it’s Regina [as in vagina]. Jericho says
growing up in Canada he never thought twice to when he asked on what’s wrong with that name & says it was like
“OOOOOOOOH, I get it”.

Jericho asks Zach if he had interaction with
Gene & Paul & if he met them before, Zach
says yes when touring with Saliva to where
they toured with Kiss & says that was 10 years ago. Jericho asks if he talked to Kiss during the tour or does Kiss keep it to themselves, Zach says Paul goes in Shinedown’s dressing room daily & says himself & Eric Singer are both “watch” guys
to where both talk watches a lot. He says Paul has been in their dressing room daily
to say hi, says he asks Brent if he can try hitting the wrong notes to where he’s being funny & says Gene’s to himself to where he’s the same that he hears a lot. He
says all of Kiss has their wives there.

Zach says during the 1st week they were in
Vancouver, says this week they’re staying in
& says next week they’ll be in Toronto to
where they just fly in & out daily. Jericho calls it cool because when getting to know
Shinedown, they’re like Fozzy to where they’re a fan at heart & asks on how cool is it when he said that Paul comes in their dressing room daily to where it’s like WHAT? Zach says it’s 1 of those things to
where Paul comes in, says both will talk to
each other like Zach’s talking to Jericho due
to them being friends & says he & Paul chat.
He says after that Paul leaves to where it’s
like “what the?” & Jericho says it’s like
“what just happened?”.

Zach says Paul came to hang with them to
talk to where he’s nice, says he made it fun to where Paul’s a good guitarist that was out the 1st week & says he was super sweet.
Jericho says he’s got videos of them jamming to where there’s a huge afro that
Paul used to have in ’78, Paul says it was a huge afro & Jericho says it’s funny because they did Soundwave this year to where Metallica was there. He says he met Lars
[Urlich] many times to where both hung out
several times, says 1 night Lars texted him by asking on what he’s doing & when Jericho told him nothing, Lars asked him to
come with him to watch a punk band because he’s bored.

Jericho says he responded by saying “OK
Lars Urlich, [the] guy that I waited outside &
tried getting into your hotel room in ’88”,
says it’s where it pays off where it’s a YES &
Zach says you don’t think about it too much
to when meeting those people, they look at
you that like appear to where it becomes
real. He says it’s the same way when you try
hard looking at them, says he ain’t idolizing
Lars & says it’s like that with these guys to
where they’re super & incredibly nice. He says when showing up on the 1st day Paul &
Doc McGhee said “don’t let anybody on this
tour tell you no”, says it’s because you can get anything you want to where it’s like

Zach says even today when coming to the dressing room they’re asked if anyone’s happy & good, asks if anyone’s treating them weird & if they need anything else. He
says they don’t have to do that because they’re Kiss, says they don’t need Shinedown on the tour & Jericho calls it respectful because they’re a legit & headlining arena band to where it’s an honor for Kiss having them too. He says Kiss
knows what Shinedown’s bringing to the table to where it’s respectful, Zach calls it
important to them because they come to be
respected which of course they are & says
Kiss takes care of them to where he calls their show sick.

Zach says he wondered to where it has been 35 years & when they’re gonna change the bass of the set, says it’s got all
the cabs in it & says the set’s nothing like you’ve seen before. Jericho says Kiss got a new set to where it’s cool, says they’re in their 60s to where they didn’t have to do it
& says for the fact that they’re putting money into the show, he calls it impressive & inspirational. Zach says their show probably costs lots of money to put on, calls
it a giant spider & Jericho asks if he sees the
show nightly. Zach says he didn’t see the show last night due to a headache but saw
some of it on previous nights & Jericho says
during Uproar, he saw Shinedown’s show
almost nightly.

Jericho says he remembers either Zach or
Barry [Kerch] telling him that they’re spending lots of money for the show to
where they don’t care, says it’s the big picture to where they want flames, fire & different levels. He says when being in a position as a headliner it’s more important
to put a spectacle then walking out with some extra money, asks Zach if that’s the mindset & Zach says they always had that
mindset from bottom to the top. He says
when it comes to the crew they’d rather
spend money to make it right, says they had
an arena touring crew when they were a club band & says that’s how they always did

Zach says someone once told him “you pay
peanuts, you get monkeys”, says it’s true to
where they always take care of the crew &
says they always had a Class A which were like Kiss crew guys when they were in clubs.
He says they’ve toured worldwide forever
with big arena bands to where they take care of them & show respect, says you get
what you pay for to where they’ll always spend money to put on the show & says at
Uproar, they didn’t walk out with any money. He says they’ve got merch but was
more worried about the show to where they put a good 1 for fans that came out to see it & Jericho says it shows that it expands
their fan base & their reputation.

Jericho says he had M. Shadows was on the show: http://tinyurl.com/7brahpw to where
he spoke about the same thing, says they
built a big stage to where they know they’ll
lose money at times & says it ain’t about that, but the big picture & reputation to
where they’re like the new Kiss which’s what they want. Zach says you’d wanna show up & put on a show so fans can talk about it so they can tell their friends about
it, says he saw “The History Of The Eagles” [THOTE] & when he tells Jericho to watch it,
Jericho says he ordered it from Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/kjs6jpj to where Zach says it’s good. He says he knows The Eagles
are a different band then Shinedown.

Zach says Don Henley said that 1 time The
Eagles was accused of “lortering” the stage,
says he respects that on some bands & says
Shinedown’s not that band to where they’re bands like that out there who do that legendary band. Jericho says he remembers Heaven & Hell toured in 2008, a
friend of his told him they’re 1 step away
from sitting on stage & says if you’re Tony Iommi, you can get away with it but it’s not
really what you’d wanna do. Zach says it’s
not what you’d wanna see when going to a
show, Jericho says they’ve got lots of energy on their show to where it’s fun watching & says on their recent tour, they’ve got a shorter set.

Jericho asks on which song they like playing
that charges them up which has fans get into, Zach says “I’ll Follow You” is catching on good to where it’s their new single & says it’s good hearing it. He says it’s #9 in
Canada to where it’s awesome, says he’s excited about it because it’s a Kiss show & says he didn’t expect “I’ll Follow You” to get
a big reaction. He says everyone’s freaking out over it, then said something about a metal cod piece & Jericho says they’re getting showered with blood or something
like that. Zach says they love it to where it’s
awesome & Jericho then plays “I’ll Follow You”.

14.Plays Shinedown’s “I’ll Follow You”.

15.Jericho calls “I’ll Follow You” a great tune
to where it’s cool about it, is that before the
Kiss tour started that Zach & Brent did an
acoustic radio tour to play “I’ll Follow You” & calls it an extensive run. Zach they did 1
month of that which had them do 3 stations
daily, says it was 1 of those things to where it was important to go in new markets & stations & says they went & played songs for fans. He says they did 2 acoustic headline shows to where they’d go in a club
like House Of Blues to play, says they’d take
over the night while playing & says they did
a singer/songwriter/storyteller thing. He says it was cool to where both shows sold out.

Zach says the fact they sold out to where fans showed up to see 2 guys play guitar &
sing songs was cool, says it was an extensive
run to where it was a rough 1 & says he can’t do a schedule to where they were doing 3 cities daily. Jericho asks him on how
he did it, asks if they drove or flew & Zach
says they did 1 in March before the CD came out & says they flew everywhere to where it was a nightmare. He says now they
use the band’s bus, Jericho says Zach booked in cities that he can get to within hours & Zach says it was 90 minutes to 2 hours away. He says they flew a couple of times to where they started in Denver & went to [Washington] DC.

Zach continues by saying after DC they went to San Jose, Jericho asks on how long
the tour lasted & Zach says it was 1 month.
Jericho says it was cool they did it to where
it was an old school way of doing things,
says it’s like you have to do things nowadays due to the demise of rock radio &
the CD business & says you have to go out & sell your wears like a traveling salesman.
Zach says it’s like a “R&R Avon lady”, Jericho
agrees & says “let me show you what I have
in my bag”. He calls it a smart move to do that to where “I’ll Follow You” is growing big, Zach says it’s doing good & says they’ve
got another song going out. Jericho asks how many singles from “Amaryllis” & Zach
says this’ll be #5.

Jericho says they’re starting to be in hysteria territory with 7 singles, Zach says
“The Sound Of Madness”:
http://tinyurl.com/l3gxtob had 6 & Jericho
calls it amazing that they’re big as a radio
band. He says it’s funny because you still
wonder on what it means now on radio, says that every song they put out goes to the top & says they’ve got a big reputation
now. Zach says they’re lucky to where they’ve got 18 #1 songs, Jericho calls it crazy & Zach says they understand on how they do on what they do. He says they were
built on radio & nothing else, says they weren’t in magazines & promises they weren’t on the cover of anything but local

Zach again says they were built on radio to
where it’s a test from Brent, says that Brent
at the beginning was like “we don’t say no
radio for anything” & says he wanted to show up in a back yard BBQ & judge a cannonball contest & they’d be there. He says it’s why they’ve been successful at radio because they still do those things, says they still care for radio to where they
treat it #1 & calls it an important issue for
themselves. Jericho says the thing on why
they’re cool to where most big bands are like this but small bands aren’t, says everyone in Shinedown’s a level headed & cool guy & says they’ll understand & get it to where they’re doing anything for radio &
touring & building fan base that way.

Jericho says with Fozzy they have a “no turndown” policy with interviews, says he don’t care if it’s for “little junior’s” website
that’s got 5 people on it & says he’ll get
either Billy [Grey] or Frank [Fontsere] to do it. He says if 1 fan reads it & comes to see Fozzy as a result, says it’s what you have to
do now & says that lots of bands don’t do it.
Zach calls it crazy to where he remembers
touring with Fozzy to where Fozzy’s tour
manager told him “yeah, he won’t turn down any press”, says that Fozzy’s doing the right thing, says if fans show up to
where both talked about it before, it’s where they’ll talk to Jericho about his other
job & Jericho says it’s his wrestling job.

Zach says when fans discover Fozzy it’s where they’ll like it, says at least they turned 1 fan around & again says Fozzy’s
doing the right thing by doing that. He says
Shinedown don’t turn down anything, says
they have to because they want fans to know about them & says he did an recent
interview to where he was asked on why he
wanted to be a musician. He then mumbled
something about being an “interview doctor”, Jericho calls it cool because he
remembers Zach showing Rich 1 of his rare
guitars & says he loves it when they get
together with others on the road to where
it’s about music. He says “hey look at this guitar I got”.

Jericho says as a singer he’ll see it’s a guitar, Zach calls it a piece of wood & Jericho says “it’s a ’67 Sharvelle, ah look at
this, ah look at this”. He says that’s what it’s
about to where you still have the wonder &
respect not only for music but the players &
instruments that do it, says he loves seeing
it in musicians & says that’s what it’s about.
Zach calls it a mutual thing between Fozzy & Shinedown on that tour to where everyone knew Rich, says it’s got that connection & says that’s the thing about
touring that they love to where they love
being with other bands while seeing how
they react.

Zach says Shinedown’s having Papa Roach,
Skillet, We As Human & In This Moment on the Carnival Of Madness [COM] tour, says it’s cool seeing them to where Papa Roach has been around for 20 years & calls it cool to watch to where the stuff that comes with
it is why you’d do it. Jericho asks on when the tour begins, Zach says 8/10 in New Jersey: www.carnivalofmadness.com & Jericho says they’ve toured non-stop to where it’s the old Maiden mentality when nobody played them on radio. He says they were in a different boat then Shinedown, tells Zach he has to go out & play for fans & says it’s their 4th or 5th tour in the USA for their CD & Zach says yes.

Zach calls it crazy because the places get bigger, again calls it crazy because on the
Madness tour which’s how it occured & says
they started there to where they were taking time off from it. He says they’d go in
clubs for 800 to 1,200 fans to where they’d
undersold so it can sell out, says they kept
growing to where it was awesome & says
that’s how you’d wanna do it. He says there’s 4 or 5 bands that goes away to make a CD, then return to arenas & says
there’s Kiss, Kings Of Leon, Motley Crue, Aerosmith & some new bands like The Black
Keys. He says until tonight it’s nice doing that, Jericho agrees & says “The Sound Of
Madness” is a song Shinedown opened last
year at Uproar.

Jericho says he loves the song to where it’s
a great opening track, says he’s sure they
play it nightly & then plays the song.

16.Plays Shinedown’s “The Sound Of Madness”.

17.Jericho says he loves the riff on “The Sound Of Madness” to where it’s so heavy,
says it makes you wanna punch someone &
Zach calls it sad but true. Jericho asks that
after COM will Shinedown continue touring
or will just settle down & think of new material & Zach says they did a 2010 storytellers tour called “Anything & Everything”. He says it became a DVD
[“Somewhere In The Stratosphere”]:
http://tinyurl.com/kcdx5e8 that had acoustic but it wasn’t your grandma’s acoustic show, says it’s got cool guys on stage to where the drum tech had a big
percussion setup & played “Lap Steal” & says they’ll do it again either November,
December or January.

Zach says it’ll be in small arenas to where
the tour will be storytelling, calls it cool to
where it’ll be fun & says maybe they’ll do a
CD. He says Shinedown talked about doing
a February Canadian show that’ll headline,
says they ain’t sure yet but they take time
doing their CDs & Jericho says if it’s still hot
to where they’re releasing singles, why rush
it. Zach says “Adrenaline” is about to be on
rock radio to where it’s a good song, says that Jericho’s other job [WWE] used the song & Jericho says he was at a taping at
Smackdown: http://tinyurl.com/kuzh8
which’s his last show for now before touring with Fozzy. He says he always forgets to text Zach.

Jericho thinks that “Adrenaline” is the theme song for Main Event: http://tinyurl.com/atyhu7t [NOTE FROM JEFF:it’s actually [“Diamond Eyes [Boom-Lay
Boom-Lay Boom]]. Anyhow he says Main
Event’s before Smackdown to where he always hears the song, says it’s like “ah,
there it is again” & says he has to tell Zach
that WWE’s playing their song. He says he
thinks it’s “Adrenaline” but can’t remember,
Zach says it’s gonna be the next single & says he has to see Fozzy because he never
seen them live. He asks Jericho if he’s got a
day job, Jericho says yes & says his 3rd job’s
a hooker. He says he’s gone for a while [from WWE] but may return next year.

Zach asks Jericho if he’ll do Fozzy, Jericho
says yes because that’s how he has based it
in the last few years & says he does wrestling in between Fozzy tours to where
it’s cool. He says when talking about
“Adrenaline” being a single & the tours
that’s giving Shinedown longevity, says he
wants to talk about both of them being Beatles & Rolling Stones fans & says that
Zach recently saw Paul McCartney live to
where he asks him to talk about it. Zach says the best way to describe it is that it’s the only show where he has cried at, says he told Jericho he’d go to it & says he was in the room with “The” Beatle who was playing.

Zach says he saw Paul do “Let It Be” to where it was like Zach’s life came thru the
sunlight, says he was watching Paul do “Let It Be” & says when Paul sang “there’ll be an
answer, let it be”, that’s when Zach cried to
where it was awesome. He says the show was good, Jericho says it’s cool going to it
because what he loves about it is that the
soundtrack of their lifetime & says it’s not
about guys his & Zach’s age, but from kids to 70 year old fans. He says there’s no age
limit, Zach says it’s the way it is & says seeing other fans there is when he says Shinedown’s shows are fun, but Paul’s show
is fun. He says to see McCartney fans dance
is where you’d see 4 generations of fans.

Zach says it’s where you’d be dancing & singing to where it’s beautiful seeing it, Jericho says he remembers the song “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” to where it ain’t bad & says he ain’t mad at it because it’s not 1 of
his favorites. He says when Paul sings it that’s where everyone dances & sings to it,
says it’s like the greatest song of all time &
Zach says “they got fines, they got fines” to
where it’s funny. He thinks that Paul uses
much pyro like Kiss does in their show in 1
song, Jericho says after Paul sings it he pretends to have a heart attack & says it’s
hilarious. He says he loves it to where Paul’s
a total showbiz master to where he’s got the crowd at the palm of his hand at all times.

Zach says as soon as you leave it’s like Paul’s got everyone to where he can do anything, Jericho says Paul did “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” & “Lovely Rita” & says Paul did stuff in the set to where he
opened with “8 Days A Week”. He says he
never played that song since ’65 which shows that he still loves doing what he does, calls it impressive because you know
he don’t have to do it & says he can play the
same songs nightly to where nobody would
care. Zach says that Paul don’t have to tour,
says that’s what he appreciates about him to where Paul’s got more money then anyone & says he don’t have to tour, but loves playing music.

Zach says Paul loves seeing fans to where he knows he does the same thing nightly,
says that Paul’s also getting older & it’s not
like “aw I gotta come up with new stuff” &
says seeing him in Memphis, it made him
proud. He says Paul did “8 Days A Week” &
after that, the 1st thing he told fans there
was “hello Memphis, if it wasn’t for
Memphis, there wouldn’t have been The
Beatles”. He calls it awesome to hear him say it meant the world to Zach, says that Paul talked about Elvis [Presley], the Memphis sound & Stax. He says that Paul
said he wouldn’t be writing songs if it wasn’t for Elvis, Jericho calls it rad & said that Paul tweeted a photo of him at Elvis’ grave: http://tinyurl.com/l6pfxcp .

Zach called that cool, says if he knew Paul
was there he’d stalk him & Jericho says that
Zach would’ve climbed the wall. He asks Zach if he sees himself playing in his 40s to
70s, Zach says he hopes to make it in his 50s
& says that Shinedown’s been around for 10 years to where nowadays for a rock band, that’s impossible. He says especially with their last success to where Jericho says
they’re still growing, Zach says fans care about them to where it means the world to them & hopes they’ll continue as long as possible. He says the band gets along to
where that’s important, says as they get older they get along better & thinks it’s supposed to be the other way around.

Jericho says it’s where you’d throw away the band stuff to where what you have’s special, says it’s 1 of a million type of a vibe
to where you have to appreciate & Zach says that’s another thing about THOTE to
where it’s 4 hours long. He says it’s where
you’ll carve out a chunk of your day to see it, says it’s what The Eagles talk about because they let it get to them & says when
they got older & reunited 14 years later, they remembered on why they’re friends in
the 1st place. He felt it was cool to see this,
Jericho says with the exception of still hating Don Felder, Zach says he respects
them because they interviewed everyone &
Jericho says they could’ve kicked Don out &
ignored him forever.

Zach says it’s not like “I don’t want people to hear what he has to say, because all he’s
gonna do is talk negative”, says it’s not like
that because it was like “no, let it all out” &
says they let everything out. He says there’s
audio of Don & Glenn Frey arguing on stage that had Glenn saying “I’m gonna kick
your ass if you do it on stage”, says they
were seriously going at it & Jericho says that’s what occurs when being in a band for
that long. He says especially for 70s bands to where there was drugs involved to, says it’s where it changes your mindset too & Zach calls it funny to watch Randy Meisner
saying that he’s got a wife & kids to where
it’s hard explaining that he’ll be gone for 1

Jericho calls that chump change, Zach calls it nothing & Jericho says Shinedown’s always touring to where he plays
“Adrenaline” now.

18.Plays Shinedown’s “Adrenaline”.

19.Jericho says Shinedown’s got the Midas
touch with songwriting to where every song’s better then the last, says it’s where
every tour’s better then the last & says it’s
great talking to Zach after touring last year
for 6 weeks or whatever. He says it’s a pleasure to where he thanks him for being on the show, Zach says they should do it again somewhere & Jericho says somewhere & sometime to where they’ll keep in touch & figure it out. He says both
talked about it for a while, Zach asks Jericho if he’s home & Jericho says he’s in
Nikki’s [Sixx] LA studio. Zach says to leave Nikki a note that looks like a penis & Jericho says he’ll draw a big penis that says
“Zach Myers says hey”.

Zach says to put the “actual size”, Jericho asks if Shinedown will be in Winnipeg & Zach says they’ll be there “tomorrow”. Jericho calls the MTS Center a great venue
to where R&R fans are there, plugs D-Jay’s Pizza in Winnipeg: www.djaysrestaurant.com to where they’re the best worldwide & Zach says he’ll get Jordan [his brother] to get some for the
aftershow. Jericho says D-Jay’s has a pizza
called “The Jericho”: http://tinyurl.com/lw8blk & says when he was a kid, he always had it. He says when he
got “famous” D-Jay’s called it “The Jericho”
which has pepperoni & grounded pizza, Zach says he’s having it tomorrow & Jericho
again tells him he appreciates it.

Jericho tells him to be safe & he’ll talk to him soon, Zach calls it awesome to where he tells him to be good & Jericho takes another break.

After the break Jericho again thanks Zach to where he’s always fun talking to, calls him a laid back guy, a great guitarist & a good friend. He says Zakk Wylde’s part of
this years Gigantour with Black Label Society, says 1 of his favorites of Zakk was in ’92 to where the CD “Pride & Glory”: http://tinyurl.com/mrukcwp was a metal
Allman Brothers Band & says he mentioned
this last week to Shernian. He says if you haven’t heard the CD & like Zakk to buy it on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/mqgabul , says
“last song” 3 times to where it’s “Shine On”
& then plays the song.

20.Plays Pride & Glory’s “Shine On”.

21.Jericho asks on what did you think to where the solo at the end of “Shine On” was insane, says he loves Zakk’s voice better on Pride & Glory then now to where he had more soul to it & says it wasn’t as heavy. He says it’s not that Zakk screams but has more balls & gruffness to his voice
to where it’s more cleaner, says he loved the CD & says he loves the fans. He thanks
fans for listening, again thanks Zach &
again plugs his Twitter for requests to where he’s keeping the ROJ Twitter up after
his show ends. He says Jim Florentine from
“That Metal Show” will be on next week to where he’s a comedian & metal expert & says it’ll be a great show.

Jericho says to stick around for next week,
says to stay hard, cool & heavy & says good
night. He says God bless you & the show ends at 7:10 PM.

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