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‘Total Divas’ Episode 2 recap

total divas

This episode starts with The newbie’s talking about where they want. Then The Bella’s are backstage talking about how they are going to be living in Tampa then Washington. Then Natalya with the new girls. Road Dogg is shown backstage talking to the Bella twins and he tells them to do the twin magic on the Funk Girls. They show the girls doing the twin magic and the Ref reversing the decision. They show Eva Marie backstage talking about Auditioning for Fandango’s Dancer. They show Eva Marie talking to Fandango backstage.


Bella’s are shown flying on a jet plane with John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Eva Marie is shown in her Hotel Room and her boyfriend is Jonathan. He is shown bringing her Donuts from Cali and he says he loves her so much and He asks her to Marry Him. She says yes. Next we are seen Vincent with the Ariana and she is trying to get some good and fast gear.

We are shown John Cena’s home and Daniel and Bri is coming downstairs to find Cena and Nikki. They take a tour around Cena’s Home. They see the Pool and around the house then his car collection.

WE are back with Eva and her Fiancee. Eva is shown taking her Engagement ring off and JoJo is upset cause its just a business meeting.


We are back and we see John and Nikki in the Pool together. Daniel and Brie are shown getting into the pool. Eva is shown talking to Fandango at a Lunch. Eva is shown going to a club with Fandango.


Daniel, Cena and the Bella’s are shown in the Jet Plane again.  They are all on their way to Daniel and Brie’s place in Aberdeen Washington.  Nikki is telling her to get rid of Bryans Parents furniture. Bryan is having John Cut Wood and have a wood chopping competition. The Divas won…

They show Nikki and Cena in bed and the girls go in to town. Brie is talking about how she is getting scared about moving to Washington.


They are shown Trinity, and Ariane, Eva and Nattie backstage. Eva is talking how nervous she is shown talking backstage with Stephanie McMahon.


We are back and Eva is auditioning for Fandango’s Dancer. Turns out Eva lied about being a Dancer and Jane is really upset.  The Funk girls are backstage trying to figure out their outfits.

They show Eva backstage with Stephanie McMahon and she is pissed. She said You have embarrassed yourself and the Company and this is not ok.


Eva is backstage with Stephanie still and Stephanie said if she does this again u wont make it and u will be gone And u wont be back.

They show a preview for next week and that’s the End of Episode 2.

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  1. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Aberdeen is that town you stop in and get groceries and supplies when you’re on your way to go camping on the shores of the Pacific Ocean!

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