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Kurt Angle: “I Will Overcome this”

Angle via Twitter:

Thank You to All My friends Who Have Supported Me. GOD Bless!!! I Will Overcome this.

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  1. Travis says:

    Hopefully, you will overcome this by spending a few months in jail and having your license revoked.

  2. Captain Ass says:

    Amen to that, Travis. I don’t get it…he’s got millions of dollars, kids and is presumably happy….so why does he drink again? If he was a drunk, he’d get arrested all the time for DWI’s, but that’s not the case, so to me there’s no excuse for this constant stupidity and childishness.

  3. The Orgasmatron says:

    There’s nothing to overcome! This isn’t a situation that was put on him, this is a situation of another over privileged moron trying to play faux ” survivor” when all he he had to do was NOT DRIVE DRUNK! Remember the three I’s: idiocy, insanity, and inebriation!

  4. Swayze says:

    “Remember the three I’s: idiocy, insanity, and inebriation!”

    This got a hearty laugh out of me. Keep ’em coming!

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