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Kurt Angle arrested for DWI

Kurt Angle has been arrested again for a DWI. TMZ reports that Angle was arrested on Thursday night in in Wise County, Texas following the Impact Wrestling taping. Specific details of the arrest are not yet clear.

This is Angle’s fourth alcohol-related arrest in six years, starting with a DUI in Pennsylvania in 2007. He was arrested twice in 2011, the first for being drunk in his parked car and the second for a DWI. He pled guilty to the charge of being drunk while parked and avoided convictions on the others.


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16 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    … again? :(

  2. Manny says:

    Dun dun dun dun da. YOU SUCK, da da, YOU SUCK, da da, YOU SUCK YOU SUCK!!

  3. Kerry says:

    If he was still in WWE, he would have been “future endeavored” by now.

  4. Mighty says:

    Good lord, didn’t we all need a drink after the Ortiz surprise?

  5. savemore15 says:

    Didn’t think you could get drunk off milk…

  6. jake says:

    Instead of “you suck!” they’ll be chanting “you’re drunk…you’re drunk” 😉

  7. JD Storm says:

    again? really?

    how many times is he gonna do this before Kurt’s luck runs out? at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before an innocent bystanders gets hurt.

  8. Boogeyman says:

    Does WWE pay for rehab even if they have a contract with another company?

  9. Opinator says:

    Kurt needs Help! Needs a loooong time out of TNA! With TNA being on the road – Kurt needs to stay out of stress for a longer time. … Needs a change of mentality about life and the stressfull wrestling business – sports or entertainment …

  10. ~J* says:

    was he wasted on Impact? hence the flag shades that he never wears?

  11. Lane Sycks says:

    Yeah maybe it was not the best thing to do but who are all you on this feed to judge? I suppose you all have perfect lives and have no skeletons in your closets? At least he made something of his life. None of yours or my business.

  12. JD Storm says:

    who are you to judge the rest of us, Lane Sycks? your logic works both ways.

    considering Angle’s behavior has a public threat to it (he could actually hurt somebody), i’d say this is our business. do you read the stats on DUI related injuries & deaths? do you realize how serious of an issue this is, Lane?

    if Kurt’s behavior only hurt himself, then go ahead…..hurt himself all he wants. since this has the strong potential to hurt others, we have every reason to complain.

  13. You says:

    You Americans really love and support your heroes!

    He won a gold medal for your over-infatuated country. For over a decade he seduced you to watch him wrestle!

    Now, all of you are making funny jokes of one of your kind!

  14. ~J* says:

    ^^Now that’s some quality trolling.

  15. JD Storm says:

    that’s rather generic trolling, IMO. not a horrible effort, but it’s nothing i would brag about.

  16. FrischDVH says:

    Actually, it sounds like an Iron Shiek promo from the 80’s….

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