8/2 WWE house show results from Johannesburg, South Africa

Aug 2, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By Ryan Clingman

I just got back from the WWE house show at the Coca-Cola Dome in
Johannesburg, and here are the results, and my two cents on a couple of

R-Truth beat Fandango in the opener – the crowd was really into Truth

AJ beat Kaitlyn with a handful of tights

Rob Van Dam beat Wade Barrett with the five star frog splash

Justin Gabriel beat Titus ‘O’Neil with the 450 splash, only for Fandango
to attack him after the match to set up their match on tomorrow’s show.
Gabriel still managed to clean house.

Orton beat Langston with the RKO — by far the most over of the night,
no post match shenanigans here.

Brodus Clay & Tensai with the Funcadactyles beat the Rhodes Scholars
with Brie Bella. The gimmick was that Sandow and Rhodes were forced to
team due to contract obligations. Rhodes ended up abandoning Sandow
allowing for Clay to land his splash for the win.

Sheamus beat Jack Swagger via pinfall. Sheamus landing the brogue kick
got the biggest pop of the night, and caused a mini-stampede.

Del Rio beat Ziggler in a no DQ match after a superkick. Ziggler was put
through a table at one point, and they used kendo sticks. After the
match Del Rio told the fans that they could only leave when he told them
to, which ended with Ziggler putting him through a second table. This
match lacked heat compared to other matches (the crowd was still into it
though) as the fans weren’t invested in either man as babyface or heel,
which is probably a coverage issue more than anything else.

The one thing that I really took away from this show is that security
really is bad over here. It seems strange from an outside perspective
looking in, but tons of people stood on their chairs, and the first
couple of minutes before and after each match were rendered unwatchable
by people leaving their seats and storming to the front of the crowd. In
fact, I thought that many of the fans were actually stomping their feet
during the Sheamus match, but it turns out that it was just a flock of
people rushing from everywhere to see the finish. This was a safety
issue, as kids were sliding all over the place. Plus, people from all
over the place where moving seats, and no one cared. However, I took a
couple of pictures, and was stopped from doing so; that was an exception
and not the rule. There were also a few people fighting with security,
and complaining about their view. Suffice to say hopping the guardrail
really wouldn’t have been that hard under these conditions. I was
impressed with many of the improvements done to the layout of the seats
over the 2007 shows, which was the last house show that I attended, and
all in all it was a very fun time.

Ryan Clingman,

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