Update on former WWE talent Rico Costantino

Aug 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


CARSON CITY — A Taxicab Authority law enforcement officer who was fired after a video surfaced of him engaged in a wrestling match while he was on light duty for a non-work related injury has won his job back.

Hearing Officer Paul Lamboley ordered the Taxicab Authority to reinstate Americo “Rico” Costantino with full back pay and benefits minus any income earned during his period of termination.

The authority regulates the taxicab industry in Clark County.

Costantino suffered a serious knee injury while playing beach volleyball and had to go on light duty starting in August 2012.

Costantino, who is also well known in the wrestling world during his time with World Wrestling Entertainment from 2001 to 2004, continued to work light duty in November when he appeared in a Future Stars of Wrestling promotion in Las Vegas.

In the tag-team match, the Taxicab Authority said Costantino “was engaged in very physical wrestling moves and activities beyond the scope of the physical limitations proffered in the Ability to Work forms.

“Costantino was repeatedly dishonest by asserting to his employer that he was physically unable to perform his law enforcement duties at the same time he was engaging in wrestling for personal gain,” the authority said.

Costantino said the match was choreographed and that he was using wrestling as a way to recover from his knee injury. He also said he was not compensated for participating in the event.

Costantino said he never hid the fact that he was participating in the match.

The Taxicab Authority fired Costantino in April, which was appealed.

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