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WWE Main Event Results 7/31/13


WWE Main Event Starts off with R-Truth Coming to the ring.

R-Truth Vs Wade Barrett

Barrett starts off with some headlocks. R-Truth does some of his dances and hip tosses Barrett and a leg drop and yells “What’s Up!” then goes for a quick pin 1 kickout. Barrett quickly goes to the outside. He gets back in the ring and they do a test of strength and Barrett gets Truth in the corner quick, some elbows then a quick pin 1 kickout. Barrett goes to do a splash in the corner but Truth moves, he then hits a few hip tosses and has Barrett in a arm bar on the ground. Barrett gets up and takes him to the ropes he hits a snap mare but Truth gets up and hits a quick arm drag and another arm bar on the ground. Barrett gets up and a rake to the eyes then a clothesline. He hits some elbows and a cover 1-2 kickout. R-Truth gets the upper hand again and Barrett back to the outside. Truth bows and yells Whats up again and Barrett lifts him up and truth goes head first into the stairs. Barrett goes back in the ring


We are back and Barrett is in total control of R-Truth. He lands some big knees then a huge boot to the face to send R-Truth to the outside. Barrett gets out and goes and gets him. He slams him back first into the barricade. Then he goes back first into the ring before Barrett gets him back in the ring. He goes for a pin 1 kickout. He its a nice suplex 1-2 kickout. He puts in a headlock and Truth is trying to get the fans behind him…He gets up some elbow to the stomach and a slap but Barrett gets it back and a knee to the stomach and a kick to the face. 1-2 kickout. Wade gets him in the corner and starts kicking him and then puts him on the turnbuckle. He is laying belly first on the turnbuckle and Barrett runs and kicks him pin 1-2 kickout. Wade gets him in a headlock on the mat and once again Truth is trying to get the fans to help him, he gets back up some punches but Barrett doesn’t let it happen, Out of no where Truth hits a kick to the face. Truth kicks him and punches but then a clothesline and another. Elbow to the face and hits a reverse suplex 1-2 kickout. Truth goes for the scissors kicks and Barrett moves and kicks him down to the mat. Barrett gets a pin 1-2 kickout. Barrett puts him in the corner and is punching him in the stomach Ref makes him back off and he runs and splash’s Truth. He goes for another one but R-tuth moves, he hits a twirling kick goes for a pin 1-2 kickout by Wade. Truth goes to the top but Barrett quickly pushes him down. Barrett hits him with some punches and goes to pick him up but Truth reverses and gets a sunset Flip powerbomb 1-2 kickout. Truth runs into a midair sidewalk slam, 1-2 kickout by Truth. Barrett is setting up for his Elbow Finisher….but he misses and Truth hits the lie detector but Barrett rolls to the outside. Truth is trying to get him back in the ring but Barrett hits Truth with the elbow as Truth goes to run to the outside. He goes for the pinfall 1-2-3! Winner: Wade Barrett

They show Last Monday where Punk interrupted Curtis Axel’s match and tries to attack Paul Heyman.


This Friday: Vickie Guerrero allows Alberto Del Rio Pick his own opponent for SummerSlam

The Uso’s Vs The Prime Time Players

The match starts off with Jimmy and Darren Young. Jimmy starts with a arm drag But Darren gets him  in a arm lock quickly but he gets up and a shoulder block to send Jimmy back to the ground. Jimmy hits a clothesline and Arm Drag and puts on a arm lock but Darren gets up but Jay tags in, and Jay gets Darren in a arm lock on the ground. He hits a elbow slam on his arms and 1 kickout. Darren hits him and goes for a splash but Jay moves and hits a arm drag and puts him back to the mat. Jimmy tags in and but hits a hug chop and a quick arm drag and back to the arm lock. Darren throws Jimmy into the corner and Instead of helping he elbows Titus in the face. They do a quick switch while Ref was keeping Titus on the apron. Jimmy tags back in and but then jay tags in, they are double teaming Darren. Darren runs and gets to the corner and tags in Titus.


Come back with Titus having his way with Jay and throws him into the corner. They tie up and Titus scoops him up and slams him down he goes and tags in Darren but Jay chops him but Darren starts punching him. Jay throws him in their corner and farearm to the face. Jimmy gets tagged in and a quick pin 1-2 kickout. Titus gets tagged back in and Jimmy tries to get a headlock but no the ref was distracted and Darren kicks him in the back. Darren hits a huge neck breaker on the apron. and Darren tags Titus back in. He gets Jimmy in a arm lock and He tries to get back into it but Titus grabs his hair and slams him to the ground. He then puts on another arm lock and Jimmy is trying to get back into it and Titus cuts him off. He Throws him into the corner hard and Jimmy falls to the ground. He gets him up and throws him back in the corner again. Titus tags in Darren and they do some double team moves and a quick pin 1-2 kickout. Darren gets him in a headlock and gets back up but Darren punches him in the face, Darren runs and they slam their heads together. Jimmy Gets spun around and nails a huge kick to the face. He goes to try and tag out to Jay as does Darren to Titus. Titus and Jay gets tagged in and Jay is all over the ring with some good moves and high flying. a Flying Fore arm to the face to a pin 1-2 but Darren breaks it up. Jay goes to the top and lands the Splash on Titus. Jay pins him 1-2-3! The Uso’s Win

Up Next: Championship Respect


We come back and they Replay Cena picking Daniel Bryan and then the Raw rebound.

Mark Henry is on his way to the ring and he has a match  Up Next


Mark Henry Vs Drew McIntyre

Match starts off with a tie up but Mark quickly backs Drew into the Corner. Drew throws Mark off him and Mark gets mad and throws Drew over the top rope easily. Drew puts his shoulder into mark’s stomach and punches him like crazy but Mark slams him down with some headbutts. Mark yells “That’s what i DO!” and runs and misses in the corner. Drew is trying to chop down Mark and he finally hits a big boot and down goes Henry. Ref didn’t even get a 1 count before Mark kicked out. Mark Throws Drew off of him and gets up and hits a huge power slam 1-2 kickout. Mark Gets him up but Drew reverses but Mark quickly picks him up and hits his Finishing World’s Strongest Slam. 1-2-3 Mark Henry Wins.

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