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Randy Orton being attacked incident a work?


It appears the “fan” that attacked Randy Orton was a trained wrestler…

From M. Huntley: The guy who ‘attacked’ Randy Orton during last night’s event at the Gran West Arena was local South African wrestler The Blacksmith. Many fans in the arena found the whole incident strange and suspicious as he was posing for photos before the show with fans who recognized him. He was sitting 5 or 6 rows in front of my friends and I. He entered the ring when the event crew backed-off from the security spots giving him the window to proceed into the ring. Everyone on the bus home was suspicious about the whole thing, a few people reckon its a WWE publicity stunt to sell tickets or to take away attention from TNA’s August1 videos given the fact that people would be watching footage of Orton’s so-called attack.

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  1. lll says:

    Sick…in a bad way.

  2. Mimura says:

    that’s purely speculation…..He could very well been a local guy attending the show. I’m pretty sure if someone did recognize him, they probably would ask him. Could he just not be some local wrestler who’s trying to get some more exposure outside of his area?
    Not ruling it out obviously, cuz that is WWE’s bag
    One fan’s account does not make it fact. Just because it’s written on the internet doesn’t mean we have to believe it on the drop of a dime.

  3. Mimura says:

    and if it was a work? How the heck is that sick?

  4. squirrbells says:

    On a aside…south African accents are annoying as hell.

  5. Geoff says:

    Not a work unless we see the guy signed to WWE within months.

  6. So because he’s a trained wrestler, it’s automatically a work? Hardly. As someone else said, maybe the guy was just trying to get exposure for himself. If this is part of a storyline, why not do it on a televised event? Doesn’t make sense to me. Time will tell though.

  7. ~J* says:

    guy delivered a perfect flair low blow. wwe security must have been napping…and it was posted on so it MUST be true, no work here nothing to see folks.

  8. Matt says:

    How at all does that make it seem like a work? Why would WWE have a publictity stunt involve someone not even under contract? What good would it do?

    On top of that what kind of idiot actually believes this is some kind of anti-TNA conspiracy. Get a real job people, you suck at making half-assed conspiracy theories that don’t make sense.

  9. dave says:

    The WWE statement seemed to milk the incident seen as Orton looked fine after the attack. No-one knows right now except Orton/WWE/& the fan.

  10. T says:

    Nice sell by Orton.

  11. Squirtle says:

    Squirtle! Squirtle….. Squirtle?

  12. What? says:

    My instinct would be that if it was a work they would have much higher quality cameras around.

  13. dave says:

    @What? viral videos needn’t be so perfect.. and it adds to the realism. You can guarantee there’ll be many fans filming inside the arena. I doubt it was a work but the WWE is exaggerating it a little.

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