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Fourth Video From #August1Warning

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  1. Mark M says:

    #august1warning is Tito Ortiz. Look at this mans pointy ears and then look at a picture of Tito Ortiz ears!

  2. ~J* says:

    TNA has changed over from collecting wwe hasbeens to ufc hasbeens.

  3. Kyle says:

    It’s not the writers ruining wrestling its fans. This is an interesting and new thing TNA is doing and all I constantly hear Is bitching because its this guy or that guy but no one knows for sure and that’s the best part. Do I have high hopes, given their track record not really but I do give the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Nick A says:

    If this proves to be Keiji Mutoh I’ll be very excited. I would even acccept Jeff Jarrett in the role, though he doesn’t fit the profile. Otherwise, I’m not sure anyone will be impressive as “The August One”.

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