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Jul 30, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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Results from Pro Wrestling Syndicate Bombshells double header event on July 26th in Iselin, NJ

Ring announcer David Adams came out and met up ringside with guest timekeeper Santa whom had a sack of gifts for the live crowd. Nearly 40 items were launched into the crowd before the event kicked off live on iPPV.

Reality Check’s Shelly Martinez defeated Angelina Love in her first match as part of the Reality Check faction.

Jessie Kaye defeated Sumie Sakai with two devastating chokeslams followed by a Boston Crab

After the match former Bombshells Champion Missy Sampson stormed the ring to confront Ref Kevin Keenan demanding answers as to why he called for the bell during an impromptu Title match against La Rosa Negra at the last event where Missy did not get pinned or submit. (video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd2Zn4bs_iA). Keenan explained he was just following orders … which lead to the first ever appearance of the Bombshells Commissioner Vinny Finucci whom tastelessly berated Missy explaining that he had to do what was good for business as she does not look like a champion. As the two exchanged heated words while Missy’s trainer Heidi Lee Morgan looked on from the crowd, Vinny decided to add a stipulation to the evening’s scheduled Tag Team Match between The Backseat Girlz (Missy & best friend Annie Social whom she recruited to watch her back due the screw job on the prior event) and Amber Rodriguez & Jennifer Cruz. Amber immediately popped up on the aisle while Cruz ran through the crowd assaulting Missy from behind before Annie could hit the ring. Perhaps this was a mind game of Vinny’s to test the level of friendship between Missy & Annie by adding the stipulation that whomever scores the pinfall will be awarded a Title shot against the winner of Cheerleader Melissa & La Rossa Negra later in the evening.

The Backseat Girlz defeated Amber Rodriguez and her cousin Jennifer Cruz when Missy pinned Cruz to score a future title shot against the winner of Cheerleader Melissa/La Rosa Negra. As Missy was headed to the locker room, Rosa attacked her which lead to a backstage brawl. Meanwhile in the ring, Rodriguez berated Cruz for embarrassing her and preceded to beat her down in the ring . This lead to Jessie Kaye hitting the ring looking as if she was going to help Cruz but instead laid out Cruz with a chokeslam. Kaye told Rodriguez “THAT was a beatdown” as the two showed each other respect and exited together.

Backstage Interviewer Chasity Taylor got some quick words with PWS Wrestling Student Jen whom quickly explained she is now known as Vanity and is looking forward to debuting in Bombshells in the future.

The debuting Mistress Belmont defeated Alexxis Nevaeh in a hard hitting match after hitting her patent Slave Driver

La Rosa Negra defeated Cheerleader Melissa in an epic 20 minute battle which concluded when Commissioner Vinny Finucci became involved which resulted in Rosa blasting Melissa with the belt followed by a pinfall. After the match Missy hit the ring going nose to nose with La Rosa. Finucci stepped between them , Annie Social hit the ring going to Yakuza Kick Vinny however he ducked and La Rosa was kicked in the face.

Alexxis Nevaeh defeated Annie Social in a great back and forth match up

Mistress Belmont defeated Veda Scott via Slave Driver . After the match Alexxis hit the ring as she was bitter from her losing effort against Belmont prior in the evening. Veda and Ref Brooke Danielle helped Belmont fight back against Alexxis however it wasn’t long before Kaye & Rodriguez hit the ring and helped Alexxis lay everyone out. This trio, now known as Strength In Numbers (SIN) stood tall until Jennifer Cruz hit the ring with a kendo stick to chase them out. Will anyone be able to stop SIN ?

Chasity Taylor and ring announcer David Adams spoke to members of the crowd including guest time keeper Santa and then had an ring interview segment with South Side Playaz Club members Amber O’Neal and Craig Steele regarding their upcoming Mixed Tag Team Match against Johnny Silver and a partner of his choosing as his Russian mail order bride Silvie Silver whom was scheduled for the match was vacationing in Mexico. Johnny eventually cut the duo off and announced his partner was none other than Chasity Taylor ..which surprised everyone including Chasity. A livid Amber O’Neal flipped out on Johnny and eventually smacked the apologetic Chasity whom felt horrible about being put in this situation.As the match progressed, Craig Steele launched Johnny to the floor and followed outside to continue the assault while Chasity rolled up a distracted Amber for the first pinfall of her career. Amber quickly responded by laying out her protege and self dubbed ‘little sister’ with a high impact X Factor. What does the future hold for these two BFF’s from North Carolina after these events transpired ?

Missy Sampson fought hard against La Rosa Negra , so hard that she was even blasted by Vinny Finucci and still fought on. Eventually with the odds stacked against her La Rosa capitalized and synched in her patent submission move which lead to Missy’s arm dropping three times and the bell sounding with Rosa retaining the belt. Missy yet again did not get pinned and did not tap out. Vinny hit the ring berating Missy as well as her trainer Heidi Lee Morgan. This lead to Morgan getting in the ring and backing Vinny into a corner where he was met with a low blow by Missy and a subsequent T-Gimmick courtesy of The Backseat Girlz.

What will go down next at PWS Bombshells ?

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