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There was an opening promo with Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan got a huge pop. Brad Maddox was out too, and he and Vince talked to Bryan about his match with John Cena at SummerSlam.

* The Shield defeated Mark Henry and The Usos.

* Rob Van Dam defeated Fandango via countout after Fandango bolted to the back.

* Kaitlyn defeated Divas Champion AJ Lee in a non-title match.

Dolph Ziggler came out and says he wants a match with Big E.

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E via DQ after AJ attacked him.

* Christian pinned Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match.

* Cody Rhodes defeated Wade Barrett. Damien Sandow came out after the match and cut a promo.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Kane by pinfall. After the match Kane chokeslammed Daniel Bryan. The Wyatt Family then came out and attacked Kane.

* Brie Bella defeated Natalya in a quick match.

* Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth. Paul Heyman cut a promo about Axel before the match. After the match, CM Punk hit the ring to a huge pop and attacked Axel.

Backstage segment with Vince McMahon, who said that he wants someone like Triple H to face John Cena at Summerslam.

* John Cena defeated Ryback in a Tables match. After the match, Daniel Bryan came into the ring and handed the WWE title belt to Cena. Cena and Bryan celebrated to end the show.

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10 Responses

  1. Guled says:

    punk/axel feud to start the fire, i like it.

  2. Mr. Black says:

    Two weeks straight without the Wyatt family? Wtf????

  3. Mr. Black says:

    Oh, they attacked Kane again. All is well…

  4. leg lover j says:

    Good now I don’t.have to waste 3hrs watching this crap!

  5. Shacoria J says:

    I dont understand why they want to keep burying Natalya she can actually wrestle and they’re putting over these airheads its crazy man.

  6. Jau says:


  7. ~J* says:

    whatever or whoever the bellas did to get pushed so much they really must be great at what they do behind the scenes.

  8. ItalianoFBI says:

    @ ~J*, the Bellas are dating Cena & Bryan.

  9. Nick says:

    Once this ridiculous relationship between the Bellas and Daniel Bryan and Cena then maybe they will get rid of these idiot Bellas!

  10. Nick says:

    ^^Once this ridiculous relationship between the Bellas and Daniel Bryan and Cena ends, then maybe they will get rid of these idiot Bellas!

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