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Raw begins with a Recap of Raw Last week with the 3 Matches last week.  Tonight we will see Daniel Bryan vs Kane and John Cena vs Ryback in a Tables Match.

Raw starts with Vince McMahon on his way to the ring with GM Brad Maddox

Vince says we are going to have some fun tonight. He hands the mic to Brad and the fans boo. He says he would like to apologize for his bone headed decision to allow Cena to choose his opponent for SummerSlam. Vince wants to know how he really feels about Daniel Bryan and before he can answer here comes Daniel Bryan! Daniel Shakes Vince’s hand and says with all due respect Mr GM and Mr. McMahon – Those words did come from Brad Maddox but i think they came from you. Vince says You say with all due respect but you interupt me. Daniel says the little thing about Respect is its a two way street. Despite giving everything i have night after night and year after year for your company, you havnt given me an ounce of respect. Vince wants to know if he respects John Cena? Daniel says I respect John Cena as a human being and i respect him as a champion. I respect cena for picking me for SummerSlam. Would you respect Cena if he was lying about those good things about you? John Cena is lying to you and making you foolish. Are you a fool Daniel Bryan? Ruthless Aggression is what got Cena to the top and you dont have it. Can you beat John Cena? No! Do i want Cena WWE Champion? No i don’t want him to win. If i don’t want cena to win does that mean i want a troll to win it? The only way i see anyone winning this is Me. Let me get on your level and tell you…This is what is going to happen. They go to lock up at Summerslam and a spontaneous combustion happens and Daniel and John disappear and never seen again. Well Mr. McMahon is Cena is lying to me…He will have hell to pay. This is what i like about Vince McMahon…Let me get on your level.. You see your always honest with me. You always tell me what you really think but in your own words it doesn’t matter what you think…it matters what they think. The fans start chanting YES YES YES! It seems they want a New champion at SummerSlam and his name is Daniel Bryan. I want you to take your own advice and listen to the WWE Universe. Do You want a New WWE Champion? the fans chant Yes Yes Yes!

As Daniel goes to leave the ring and the fans go crazy here comes The Shield.


We are back and we see Mark Henry and the Uso’s Vs The Shield

Mark Henry dominates Dean Ambrose to start but tags in Jimmy Uso. he flys around the ring and tags Mark back in but Dean gets the upper hand quickly. He tags in Seth Rollins in and Mark Henry powers out of those two trying to tag up on him. He throws them over the ropes and Roman reigns tries to get advantage back but no he goes over the ropes too…Usos dive to the outside onto the Shield


We come back and Roman Reigns is in the ring grounding jey Uso. They tag in and out to keep Jey on the ground. Jey finally tags in Henry and he is all over Seth Rollins. He slams Ambrose to the ground but out of no where Roman Reigns spears Henry. Henry was able to tag in Jimmy and a flying Crossbody 1-2 kickout. He Samoan Drops Ambrose, he goes back to the top and a splash..No his knees are up. Ambrose hits his Finish 1-2-3! The Shield Win

Henry attacks the Shield after the match and they retreat

They show a segment of Ryback and some guys in catering.


We are back and they show a promo for The Wyatt Family.

Kane comes in to Brad and says Where is the Wyatt Family. DO you want to show them your still a monster? Or do you want your former Friend Daniel Bryan.

Here comes Rob Van Dam and he is in action Next.


Rob Van Dam vs Fandango

The match starts off with a lockup and Fandango gets the offense to start off but rvd kicks him in the face. Fandango gets back on the attack quick. He shows off a little to much and RVD kicks him right in the face. Moonsault by RVD to the outside and he is in the ring doing his RVD with the fans. He goes to bring Fandango back in but Summer Raye screams and distracts him and a kick to RVD. He is now kicking rvd in the head. ALot of kicks from both and RVD hits the rolling thunder and a monkey flip and jumps off the second rope to get a kick to the face. He goes to the top but Fandango rolls to the outside. Fandango walks to the back as the ref counts to 10. Rob Van Dam wins by Count out.

We see AJ and Big E backstage and AJ is fussing at Big E for letting Kaitlyn spear her. She wants to know if Big E likes her and likes what she does in the ring…You dont know what i will do next. She skips away


Kaitlyn Vs AJ

Katilyn is all over AJ to start the match but Aj quickly gets the upper hand. She gets a few submission arm locks and headlocks. Everytime Kaitlyn tries to make a comeback Aj grabs her arm and slams her down. AJ starts pandering the Fans and kaitlyn hits a Spear out of no where…1-2-3! Winner: Kaitlyn

AJ starts having a break down in the ring and here comes Dolph Ziggler. Hey, Congrats on your loss. Relax Your new Friend can be your shoulder to cry on. Maybe later you can return the favor cause i want a match with Big E Right now.

Up Next: Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston


We are back and Ziggler is trying to beat up Big e but E hits a huge full body clothesline. He starts punching him and hitting him. He runs but ziggler hits him with his elbow. He goes for a splash but Big E catches him and slams him to the mat. Its a very dominating performance by Big E but Ziggler keeps trying to comes back….Ziggler Sends Big E over the top rope. Aj jumps in the ring and attacks Ziggler. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler finally gets away and AJ is left in the ring screaming and Big E comes in and is yelling asking what she is doing. Ziggler sneaks back in and hits the Zig Zag on Big E.

We see john Cena on his phone backstage and here is Daniel Bryan. He asks if its true? Is Vince McMahon telling the truth? Cena asks well Daniel, Are you calling me a liar? and cena walks out of the room.


We are back and here comes Captain Charisma Christian and he is facing World Champion Alberto Del Rio

Match starts off with Del rio putting Christian in a headlock. Del rio stomps Christian in the corner. Christian tries to get back the advantage and goes for a baseball slide but del rio moves, he then slams christian into the steps and then drop kicks his arm right into the steps. We go to break as Del rio puts christian back in the ring.


Del rio is back and just attacking Christian with a bunch of kicks to the arm. Del Rio goes for a reverse suplex and turns it into his own tornado ddt from the ropes. 1-2 kickout. Christian hits a few more moves but Del rio hits a til a wirl backbreaker 1-2 kickout. Christian is calling for the spear…but del rio rolls out of the ring and Christian goes after him. He gets back in the ring a huge superkick to the face 1-2 kickout. Del Rio is waiting and ready and misses the kick and Christian goes for the killswitch, Cross arm breaker by Del Rio but no Christian rolls him up 1-2-3! Winner: Christian

Recap of Last week’s Raw that set up this weeks Main Event Matches.


Wade Barrett Vs Cody Rhodes

The match starts off with Barret and Cody going back and forth with moves until Barrett gets the upper hand when he punches Cody in the face. Barrett is all over Cody and Cody attempts a comeback but Barrett doesn’t let him. Cody finally gets a chance and goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault from the top rope. He hits Barrett with the a knee to the face 1-2 kickout. Cody counters the Pump Handle Slam and hits Cross Rhodes 1-2-3! Winner Cody Rhodes

Sandow comes out and disses Cody and talks about how he came from a family of class and scholars and Cody came from a family of Clowns.

Kane is on his way to the ring as is Daniel Bryan.


Daniel Bryan Vs Kane

Its fast paced to start off with Daniel getting Kane in some submissions.  Bryan is running around the ring and Kane hits a big boot. Kane has Daniel grounded now and Daniel tries to comes back with some punches and kicks but Kane hits him and puts him back down but he tries to come back again and hits a clothesline but Kane doesn’t fall. Kane runs at Daniel in the corner but he puts his feet up, he goes to the top and gets caught Kane goes for the choke slam but Daniel reverses. Daniel gets Kane on the outside and runs and hits the knee to the face on the outside.


We are back and Kane has Daniel in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Kane then gets Daniel up and hits a running clothesline. He runs at Daniel again and Daniel his a drop toe hold and Kane goes face first into the turnbuckle. Daniel goes to the top and hits a missile drop kick. Daniel hits a bunch of drop kicks in the corner 1-2 kickout. He goes back to the top rope but this time Kane hits him in the stomach as he comes down. Kane hits a side slam 1-2 kickout Kane goes to the top and hits the flying clothesline, Daniel reverses and goes for the Yes Lock…Kane powers out and Daniel goes after Kane’s knee. Here comes the Kicks to Kane and Kane catches the last one, he goes for the choke slam reversed into a roll up 1-2-3! Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match Kane gets up and Choke Slams Daniel Bryan. Kane goes for his Fire Pyro and he gets interrupted by the Wyatt Family. they attack Kane.


We are back and they show a replay of the Wyatt’s and Kane.

Brie Bella Vs Natalya

Nattie is so after Brie with a huge slam to the mat face first. Brie goes back off with a Kick to the face. Drop kick to the face and now brie is back in control. She stomps right on Natties arm and does it again. Brie goes for the pinfall 1-2 kickout. Brie gets her in a rear naked choke and Nattie is trying to get out of it and she gets her in a full body stretch but Brie gets out quickly, Brie hits a DDT 1-2 kickout. Brie puts her in a headlock again and Nattie finally gets back in control with a punch and  swinging body slam and a drop kick. She kicks Brie in the head and a twirling clothesline 1-2 kickout. Nattie then goes for the Sharpshooter but here comes Nikki to distract. Brie rolls up Nattie and gets 1-2-3! Brie Bella wins

We see Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel backstage


IC Champion Curtis Axel vs R-Truth

Heyman talks about the Best vs the Beast match at Summerslam. Curtis Axel is now talking about his dad and he says He is already More perfect than Perfect.

The match starts and Truth and Curtis is back and forth but in the middle of it Punk comes out and attacks Heyman and Curtis. Heyman does get away.

Stephanie and Triple H is backstage walking

Ryback Vs John Cena Up Next


We see Triple H and he says you done jerking Daniel around to Vince. He tells Triple H he wants someone to beat John Cena and Daniel Bryan just cant…Someone like you…just 23 years younger. Stephanie comes in and says I have an idea, the people did choose Daniel Bryan. She says maybe we should give Daniel a corp Make over. Vince says good luck with that one and Triple H just looks at Stephanie and says its worth a shot.

Here comes WWE Champion John Cena to face Ryback in a Tables Match

Ryback is alll over Cena to start it off and he runs at cena with the table and hits the ring post. The table breaks as we go to commercial


We come back and see Ryback give Cena a belly to belly suplex. Ryback and cena go to the outside again and ryback goes for a powerbomb but cena gets out and is punching him. Ryback turns it around and throws Cena into the stairs. Cena gets up and slams Ryback into the Ring and the wall and back to the ring. Cena goes to try and suplex Ryback threw a table, ryback reverses and Suplex cena on to the matt on the outside. Ryback gets back in the ring and Cena hits the STF and ryback gets to the ropes but the ref cant do anything so he goes threw the ropes. Cena throws a table at ryback and ryback goes under the ring. Ryback tricks Cena and hits him a huge clothesline. Ryback hits Cena with the steps face first. Ryback sets up a table between the ring and the stairs and sets up another one. Cena pushes ryback away into the announce table and Cena crawls to where the tables are set up. Cena almost goes threw one but pushes ryback and he turns the table over. Cena goes for the AA but Ryback gets out Ryback puts cena up and cena jumps over the other table. Ryback gets the stairs and breaks the table to get to Cena. Now they both have stairs in their hands, they throw the stairs at each other and now its a punching war in the ring. Cena hits a 5 knuckle shuffle while ryback is laying on stairs. Cena goes and gets a table and before he can set it up he hits Cena with a butt buster. Ryback sets up the table and he hits cena with a clothesline. Cena gets up in front of the table, Cena gets up and ryback runs and misses Cena gets the AA and ryback goes the threw table. Winner: John Cena

Here comes Daniel Bryan and grabs the WWE Championship and gets in the ring and hands Cena the Championship but no he takes it back. He tells Cena it’s his. John Cena takes it from Daniel and he points at it and Daniel starts saying YES YES YES!

Goodnight Everyone!

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