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Jake Roberts on dropping 70 pounds

Jake the Snake has downward-dogged his way to a better life … the wrestling legend sweated off nearly 70lbs doing an intense yoga program … and now he’s hoping to get back in the ring.

The program Jake’s been on was created by fellow wrestler Diamond Dallas Page — called DDP Yoga — and we’re told Jake’s been doing it for about 9 months now.

Diamond Dallas tells us … a year ago when he met Jake he was “over 300lbs, on the booze, pain pills and crack.” FYI — it’s well known that Jake suffered from substance abuse for years.

DDP tells us, he started Jake on the program, doing 1 or 2 sessions a day and eating clean. He says Jake not only shed the weight … but it helped keep him clean and sober for months.

DDP says Jake now has a new goal (other than acting) — doing one more Royal Rumble.

Jake tells TMZ … he’s making that goal a reality, explaining, “I will never give up … I want a life again and I am pursuing that. The Rumble will define it.”

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