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Dixie Carter stated Taeler Hendrix was “heavy for TV”

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from Greg DeMarco

In a recent interview with The Greg DeMarco Show, Taeler Hendrix addressed her TNA release, the latest feedback from Dixie Carter, her thoughts on some current Knockouts, the mood in OVW, her upcoming return to Shine Wrestling, her most recent cancer scare and much more.

The Greg DeMarco Show with former TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix
Hosts: Greg DeMarco, Patrick O’Dowd, Su Yung & Chad Perry
Airs: Sunday nights at 10 PM on Wrestling Smash Radio and on delay Monday’s and Tuesday’s via the Real Fans Sports Network ( channel RFSN)

On her release from TNA:
It was kind of a whirlwind … a long time in the making … I was super-duper unhappy … the All-American Dream … BAM! Hit in the face! It’s not happening girl, wake up! I got papers in the mail to re-sign for another year in developmental at OVW for TNA … Before I could tell them that I wouldn’t re-sign, I got the call the day before my contract expired to tell me I was released. … Maybe they can use that spot for someone they actually know what they want to do with. … I’m not offended—I’m a lot happier.

On if the mood in OVW has changed since the recent releases:
Yes, actually. Now that I’m not signed anymore, I think I’m enjoying it more—from an OVW standpoint. … It’s home… There’s wrestling every single week, you can’t get more work than that. … I am loving my character right now, she’s awesome. … She’s like that girl we all hated in high school. … A lot of people who were released, they’re gone.

On Dixie Carter:
I do have my qualms. Don’t tell me on my birthday that I’m “heavy” to be on TV. … I’m a size 3, that’s not fat at all! … I’m a role model for young girls, there’s nothing plastic about me. … (On her size a year prior) I was too skinny! … I got really skinny just to get on television. … Someone said I looked like a skeleton, and then I started looking at my pictures and I was like “Oh my God, I really do!”… I’m taller than [most female wrestlers] but I’m not bigger than them.

On her latest cancer scare:
On top of that, my cancer stuff came back. … I had no choice to gain weight, and I’m really happy that I did. … What I’m battling right now is cervical cancer—and when I say battling I mean I’m trying to not get it. … I wasn’t setting a good example. … I felt like I was a hypocrite. … I would rather be healthy and stay cancer free.

On Velvet Sky:
She has found a way to stick it out … and she was released at one point. … Velvet Sky is money. … And if I have someone who makes me money, I’m going to keep them around. … She’s not the best wrestler in the world, but neither am I. … She makes money. … Velvet Sky has some of the most loyal fans in the world. … She has a great personality, in ring and out. … And you know what? She’s gotten much better. … I’m a fan—she can keep letting the pigeons loose. … That girl’s a hot commodity.

In addition, Taeler also discusses the internet’s reaction to her release, her upcoming bookings for Shine Wrestling, how she keeps finding family in wrestling, her goals outside of the wrestling business and much more.

This 45+ minute interview, plus Su Yung sharing the details of her Dragon Gate USA debut as Anthony Nese’s secretary, thoughts on TNA’s release of Jesse Sorensen, Daniel Bryan’s Raw push, the Dolph Ziggler-Big E Langston feud, John Cena’s mounting world title reigns and more can be found at this link:

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18 Responses

  1. Shane says:

    That makes me sick.

  2. Surprised they didn’t do a Piggie James angle with her.

  3. kent says:

    ur never too heavy!

  4. Mark Sgayfabian says:

    Dixie Carter is a butterface for TV

  5. Denis says:

    Just another idiotic statement from Dixie Carter.

  6. ~J* says:

    bixie farter said something dumb…no way!!!!!

  7. Shane says:


  8. Max says:

    This is why TNA is failing. Not all to do with Hogan/Bischoff etc. It’s to do with Dixie. She’s an idiot. Taeler is fit! If Taeler is ‘heavy’ what does that make ODB? or Kong?

  9. Scott says:

    Max, I was going to say the same thing about ODB because if what Taeler says is true, for so long TNA’s Knockout Division were billed as anti-Divas because they were not all size 0 swimwear/bikini models/cheerleaders who learned wrestling as an afterthought.

    I thought TNA was better than that because Dixie was in charge and as a woman, she shouldn’t be saying things like this because women wrestlers have a big enough challenge being accepted on merit as it is, without having to worry about their body image too.

  10. Really? says:

    Dixie has denied saying it. Taelor already changed her story once, when she said they didn’t release her, she asked for her release. Now she says she was thinking about asking and they released her before she got a chance to. The girl already claimed to have had Cancer, then changed her story to that she had a cancer scare. Now she’s trying to drudge that back up.

    I thought TNA made a mistake and missed an opportunity with her. Not anymore. She’s really coming across as a drama queen, and not a very honest person.

  11. MC Live says:

    Dixie is an idiot. Just another reason I can’t stand TNA any more. What in the blue hell is going on in her mind? If TNA wants any chance at survival, Dixie needs to be taken out of control. She can’t run a wrestling company. She just doesn’t know how. Because if she did, all of the stuff that’s been happening, would not have happened.

  12. Really? says:

    Since people are getting so riled up over something with no proof, perhaps an “allegedly” belongs in the headline for this story?

  13. killpg says:

    the people who should be gone from tna. Prichard, hogans, bichoffs, and dixie. prichard should have them behind him in the free pink slip line.

  14. Really? says:

    Taeler has now taken back that Dixie ever said it. Taeler is now claiming it was someone else backstage, not Dixie. Of course, we are not likely to get a big retraction form any of the websites hyping this story.

  15. ~J* says:

    OH MAN BRAH!!!!


  16. Really? says:

    Interviewer Greg DeMarco has also debunked this on his Twitter, said she wasn’t talking about Dixie when she said that.

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