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Total Divas Recap

total divas


Total Divas start off with Them showing the Bella Twins and giving the audience a feel for what the Divas are and do in and out of the ring. They Show the Funk Girls, and now Natalya and shows that she trained for 13 years and her family linage.

The Show starts off in Tampa Florida: 10 days until Wrestlemania

Trinity is dating Jon who is also known as Jimmy Uso. They are training to get ready for their first Wrestlemania as Wrestlers.

They are showing Nattie Training in Tampa with her Dad.  And now we see John Cena at his home with his girlfriend Nikki Bella. They now show a thing about Cena and who he is.

They are showing Brie with her Boyfriend who she lives with Daniel Bryan and the dog.

They show the backstage part of the WWE and what goes into putting a show together and Nattie in her hotel room getting ready for Wreestlemania. They show that Nattie was not going to be on Wrestlemania.


We are back adnt hey show Eva Marie and Jo Jo the new Divas. Nattie sees the Bella twins in the hotel. They Show the new Divas meeting Jane- Talent Relations. They show how they treat Nattie backstage, which to me is horrible.

Ariane and her boyfriend in their hotel room talking. They talk about how Nattie has to baby-sit the new girls and the Tons of Funk girls and their boyfriends.  They show a backstage confirtation between Vincent (Ariane’s boyfriend) and almost Brodus Clay.


The Bella twins get upset with the new girls looking like them. 2 Days until Wrestlemania now and they show Eva Marie getting her hair done. She talks about how she doesn’t like the Blonde.


They show that instead of Blonde that its pure red now.  So they are walking to see Jane and they were nervous but they do end up liking the red hair. They are now showing John Cena walking the red carpet and now the Divas. Nattie is talking on the red carpet and it’s the kickoff for Wrestlemania Weekend. They show how the Bellas are taking charge against the New Divas and doesn’t like them since they are newbies. They show the Bella’s eating at a Cuban Restraunt and Nikki talks about how she is worried about dating John Cena cause she wants to get married.


After the Break they s how the Funk girls talking backstage about the accident with Brodus. Now they see Nikki and John Cena at dinner. Nikki asks if marriage could be in their future? Cena says I tried that once but he told her He makes him enjoy life. Bri and Brian go ring shopping and she wanted to know if it could be a option but she says she does love john and she sees that he loves her.

They show the count down to Wrestlemania in the arena. They show 30 mins until the Divas match. They show the bella twins watching Daniel and Kane wrestle in the ring. They are talking about how the Divas are having trouble getting ready for the Wrestlemania Match.


They show that the funk girls doesn’t have anything to wear cause their costumes are not done. They Show reviews of the Punk/Taker match as the girls run off to get dressed. They start to go to the entrance and here comes John Cena’s Music. Nattie is saying how they know something is wrong and they go to the Divas and they tell Nattie they got cut.


We are back and they show bella’s saying they got cut. Trinity says nothing worse can happen other than getting cut from Mania. They show Layla help calm the Funk girls.

They show a recap of what we will see on the show this season.

That’s the end of the First Episode of Total Divas. The Preview looks great and looks like it will be fun to watch.

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8 Responses

  1. It was actually really good! I thought it’d be too girly but I enjoyed seeing all the behind the scenes stuff.

  2. KiLLewskitt says:

    What I found interesting about it was them showing how the mixed tag match at Mania didn’t happen. I was always curious about what went on since nobody really ever reported it. Now i know what went down. Damn shame how WWE does. Maybe fans should lay off blaming the talent. Blame the company and it’s decisions on why the Divas division isn’t stable. I felt horrible for Nattie.

  3. leg lover j says:

    That Show had me flapping for a whole hour! :p

  4. Jono K says:

    D-Bry to steal the show in future eps i reckon!

  5. Adurka Durk says:

    Guys.. You are watching a fake show about women on E! That’s an exclamation point. I’m not trying to type out the logo correctly.

    A company about wrasslin, you really don’t believe they might have cut the damn match because they’re using it as the first episode of a new show?

    Jesus, you guys! Get your crap together and watch some Sportscenter.

  6. Rhys says:

    Adurka Durk aka the troll returns.

  7. killpg says:

    i though adurka finally moved out of his peanut butter fort located in a basement and gave up trolling for a living. oh well speaking of durk hey any one got jackass replant? gerwecks running low.

  8. Matt says:

    Lol defending dirt sheets over an E reality show? E reality show’s are pretty low, but places like dirtsheets are by far the worst offender at making up **** as they go along. And remember that’s against shows that are probably dramatized already. Such a damn shame.

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