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The Rock asked if he ever entertained offers from WCW

The Rock was asked (via Twitter) if Ted Turner ever tried to lure him from WWF to WCW:

“Yup in the beginning. Offered 2xs my WWE salary. No thank you. My goal was to ‘move the crowd’ first. Money would come later.”

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  1. Guled says:

    The Rock wouldn’t even fit in imo. he’ll be overshadowed by the Hulk Hogans & Goldbergs

  2. Adurka Durk says:

    Read his biography in the 5th grade. Never remember him mentioning WCW.

  3. ~J* says:

    It’s the boulder!!! The boulder has made it to dubba see dubba!!!!!!

  4. Chris Mac says:

    That’s mainly because WCW was that much of an afterthought to him.

  5. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    As much as I liked WCW back in the day, I just couldn’t imagine Johnson wrestling to the likes of Mike Enos, The Renegade or Van Hammer, ugh!

  6. Denis says:

    Had WCW been managed better they would still exist today and WWE would be the one out of business. That’s a fact. WCW came very close to putting Vince out of business had it not been for some idiots running the organization (from AOL-Time Warner executives to creative to certain wrestlers). If you haven’t already read “The Death of WCW.”

  7. Scott II says:

    Denis, if Ted Turner didn’t sell everything to AOL/Time Warner, WCW would probably exist today, just for the fact that WCW was Ted’s little pet. Yes, many of the factors you listed helped in bringing down WCW, but with Ted’s money, had he still ran things, there probably would have been a house cleaning and a few lean years before the WCW would be making a challenge again

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