Another report from last night’s ROH taping in Providence‏

Jul 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Emerson Witner

Dark Match: Slick Wagner Brown defeated ?

For the show to air on 8/3:

1.) Adrenaline Rush beat 3.0

-Nigel McGuinness hit the ring and explained why he had to strip Jay Briscoe of the ROH Title, but he said that the 16-man tournament will be the greatest tournament of all time. But while the title is vacant, more emphasis would be put on the Tag Team Titles.

This brought out reDragon who basically said they would put the titles on the line tonight against the Forever Hooligans, as opposed to the non-title match it had been announced as previously. The American Wolves came out and said they wanted to be champions as well.

-After that QT Marshall stormed the ring and demanded Nigel put him in the qualifying match for the 16th spot in the ROH Title Tournament. Nigel allowed it.

2.) Silas Young earned the 16th and final spot in the ROH Title Tournament, winning a Triple Threat Match over QT Marshall and Adam Page

3.) Forever Hooligans defeated ROH Tag Team Champions reDragon to win the titles. I honestly enjoyed this match more than any other match on the taping. I know there will be a lot of love for the 6-man tag in week 2, but this was one of the most fun matches I ever watched live.

For the show to air on 8/10

1.) Michael Bennett (w/Maria) beat Brutal Bob Evans. The match was meh. Maria slipped on her butt on the way to the ring.

-After the match Bennett signed some papers and threw them on Bob’s chest. No one had any idea what that was supposed to mean, but it was enough to offend one of the training school guys who hit the ring and was promptly laid out by Bennett.

2.) MsChief beat ?. The match was double meh. Since Nigel left after the first match for whatever reason, Maria stayed out and did commentary.

3.) In a 6-man Tag, Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin and Tomasso Ciampa beat BJ Whitmer and The American Wolves. This match was really long and really move-tastic. There were a lot of duplicate spots where two guys would be in the ring, do a spot, the next two guys would come in and do the same spot with a little variation and finally the third two guys would come in and do the same spot as well. The match built to Michael Elgin and Davey Richards squaring off. The way it was worked it appeared it was the first time all match they faced off, but it was impossible to tell. I preferred the tag title match to this, but I know a lot of people will think this was the best match of the tapings.

-We went to intermission at this point. When we came back Steve Corino was trying to sit down and do commentary with Kevin Kelly. Security ran out and threw Corino out of the ballroom. It’s hard to believe he got thrown out of the building since we were on the fifth floor.

For the show to air on 8/17

1.) Brian Fury won a 4-way match over Vinny Marsaglia, Kongo and Some Guy. By winning, Fury got a TV Title shot at Matt Taven on 8/24. I was really hoping Vinny would win because him and Taven are/were local guys who have wrestled each other dozens of times. I wanted to make a bad joke about seeing that match before. Anyway Kongo is is short, fat, out of shape Samoan. I am sure someone will say “Umaga was out of shape.” No. I am horribly out of shape and this guy is as bad as I am. The only difference is I am not wrestling in a one strap singlet and dropping the strap ala Jerry Lawler on my comeback while my stomach jiggles.

2.) C & C Wrestling Factory beat Two Guys. After the match the Two Guys refused to shake C & C’s hands.

-Nigel McGuinness came out with Cary Silkin and Joe Kopp (?) to introduce the ROH World Title Tournament.

3.) In a first round tournament match, Jay Lethal defeated Sonjay Dutt. So Cal Val did not run in for the interference, either to help the man she was forced to love or the man she temporarily loved for his money. This was a fun match and Lethal won with a Back Handspring Diamond Cutter.

For the show to air on 8/24

1.) ROH TV Champion Matt Taven (w/Truth Martini (w/out pants) and the Hoopla Hotties) defeated Brian Fury in a short match. Truth tried to interfere early, but Nigel stood up and knocked him out. Taven still won.

-We had a segment that was almost right out of Raw. Michael Elgin came out and basically said he would be the new ROH Champion. Kevin Steen then came out and said he will be the new ROH Champion. Michael Bennett came out and said that he will win the tournament to be the new ROH Champion. Finally Tomasso Ciampa came out and said that he will be the new ROH Champion.

After some debate by the four men, a few people, including myself, screamed that Bennett will be the king of NXT before he is the king of ROH.

Anyhoo, Teddy Long came out and announced that there would be a…TAG TEAM MATCH, PLAYA! No, seriously, Nigel sent out seven geeks for some reason. Bennett walked away without issue. Ciampa walked away without issue. Steen walked away without issue, but Elgin, the hot head, needed seven people to make sure he could walk 20 feet without freaking out and attacking people.

2.) In a first round tournament match, Karl Anderson beat ACH. This is the first time I ever saw either man wrestle live and it was quite good. The benefits of never watching ROH came in handy here since I had no idea what ACH’s finisher was and thus easily got into the near falls.

3.) In the final Main Event, another first round tournament match, Adam Cole beat Mark Briscoe. The finish seemed to be the swan song for Mark, as they did a similar finish as the Alberto Del Rio-Dolph Ziggler match at Payback. Adam hit various moves that led to Mark falling on his head, Mark unsteadily got up, insisted he could still go and got super kicked while on his knees for the win.

-After the match, Nigel thanked us for coming.

I don’t know how full of shit he is, as I imagine it’s like when Jeremy Borash says at every TNA house show that they are bringing a ppv to their city, but the ring announcer said that in two years of taping tv this was the hottest crowd they ever had for tv.

Overall thoughts: There was a lot of good wrestling on the show and I understand their desire to tape everything one show at a time, but I really wish they would just tape out of order and do all the undercard matches at the beginning and build to all the main event matches at the end. Even though we had a 20 or so minute intermission, it was hard to get into a 4-way match with lower card wrestlers after just seeing that really hot 6-man tag and by the time Matt Taven wrestled Brian Fury, I was so not wanting to see that and I think a lot of the crowd felt the same way.

I am bad at guessing crowd sizes, but I think they drew about the same as they did last year when they were in Providence, which was about 800 or so. The only difference is there were a lot more kids. And by “a lot more” I mean last time I counted 2 kids and this time there was at least a dozen.

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