7/28 WWE house show results from Brisbane, Australia

Jul 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Tim Warburton & PWInsider

Show just ended, exact same results as the Sydney show but ill add a few notes anyways.

Opener Heath Slater v Zach Ryder: Ryder wins with the Rough Ryder. Pretty slow match with a lot of rest holds, fans were really into Ryder.

Natalya beat Aksana with the sharpshooter. Aksana worked the knee the whole match argued with the ref at a point Natalya came and rolled Aksana up and flipped it into a Sharpshooter for the win.

The Great Khali beat Jinder Mahal. Short match lots of leg work from Jinder. Khali wins with the chop and brings kids in to dance at the end.

Dean Ambrose beat The Miz in a Brisbane Streetfight. This was one where the crowd chooses the match. We chose two out of 3 falls but seems no one else did. Lots of kendo stick shots both ways. The finish came with Ambrose using his finisher to win. Funny note. The crowd were ready to applaud Miz after the match and my brother told them not to bother and he sucked, so everyone sat down and didn’t bother!

Curtis Axel beat Antonio Cesaro. Easily match of the night. Cesaro was the stand out of the show worked stiff and everything looked smooth. Cesaro did the spin on axel for about 20 rotations, good stuff. Axel won after using the exposed buckle.

Daniel Bryan and Kane beat The Shield after Ambrose used a chair on Kane while going for a chokeslam. After the match, Kane and Bryan chokeslammed Rollins and Reigns. Bryan was massively over with “Yes” chants through the whole match. After the match, Bryan asked if he would win at Summerslam, which got yes chants. He asked if he does a better chokeslam than Kane and got a bunch of no chants. Then he tried to chokeslam Kane to no avail. They then hugged it out to end the match,

John Cena beat Ryback in a tables match with the FU to end the night. Cena was the most over. There were ugly colorful Cena shirts everywhere.

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