7/27 USA Pro Wrestling Results (Tomko, Headbangers, Colt Cabana, more)

Jul 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Frank Goodman posted on Facebook:

Here are the results to Tonights Jam Packed USA Pro Wrestling to the best of My Crummy Memory…. The American Tiger Defeated Justin Cage, Brandon Groom & Jayson Falcone in a 4 Way….The Nuyricans defeated The Highwayman….Both Sam Shaw & Jesse Neal were Double DQ when both were uncounsous…..Deathrow Jethrow def Angel Fear…..Tim Zbyscko def Milo Beasley….Leo The Lion won a Monster Battle Royal….Tyson Tomko & Bruce Santee went nuts and had a crazy all over the building brawl that emptied the lockeroom and turned into a massave 30 man fight…..Chico Adams def Shooter Storm to become the New USA PW Florida Champion….2 Cold Scorpio defeated Mike Cruz…..The Headbangers def Francisco Ciatso & Simon Sez to become the new USA PW Tag Champs….Vordell Walker def Colt Cabana in a 30 min amazing match as Walker is the New USA PW World Champion….Every match was nuts and the show was out of control and nuts……USAPW4LIFE!

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