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7/27 “Rock of Jericho” with Derek Sherinian‏ recap

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Derek Sherinian segments,
they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:04 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says this is the 5th last episode on
Sixx Sense’s XM 242. He says Derek Sherinian: will be on to where he was in Dream Theater [DT],
Black Country Communion [BCC], Kiss, Black
Label Society [BLS], asks on what bands Derek hasn’t played in & calls him an amazing keyboardist to where he’s got cool
stories. He says Shinedown’s Zack Myers will return on the show next week.

Jericho says he’ll do the 1-2 punch from
“Amaryllis”: with “Adrenaline”, says the rock starts now
& says to crank it up.

2.Plays Shinedown’s “Adrenaline” & “Bully”.

3.Jericho says this is his show to where he
again introduces himself, again says Zach
Myers will be on next weeks show & says it’s hard to believe that 1 year ago, that Fozzy & Shinedown toured together nationwide last summer. He says it’s funny on how time flies to where it’s the 1st time
he has talked to Zach since then, again says
that Zach will be on next week & says he had a poll on as to
who were your favorite ROJ guests was: . He says Zach got lots of votes so if you were 1 of those that voted for Zach he says “surprise” & again says he’ll be on next week. He says he’ll play Avenged Sevenfold [AS] to where it kicks ass, says his show has begun & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show on XM 242 Sixx Sense, says the
reason for his show being cancelled due to
the Sixx Sense channel: is being cancelled & says Nikki’s [Sixx] show will continue forever, but the actual channel will
change to something else like jazz, polka, ska or something like that. He says to cherish the memories of both Sixx Sense &
ROJ, says that AS’s new CD will be out 8/27
& says he’ll now say that on 8/24, he’ll have M. Shadows to where he’s a friend of the show. He says it’s funny because 1 year ago
Shadows was writing a new CD, Synyster Gates said they wanted a CD that was mostly grooved.

Jericho continues by saying that Synyster
also said they wanted to strip everything down to make it basic & heavy like a “Black”
album: type of vibe, says that’s when they [Metallica] took their music style that they were doing & reconfigured it completely & says it was more of a grooved, based band & CD. He
says that’s what AS will do on what they’ve
done, says the new single’s called “Hail To The King” to where fans are talking about it
& calls it cool, striped down & groovy. He
says it’s from their CD “Hail To The King”: .

4.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King”, Motorhead’s “Teach You How To Sing The Blues” & Stryper’s “God”.

5.Jericho says “God” was requested by to where
it’s an unbelievable song from Stryper’s
“The Covering”: ,
says their new CD “No More Hell To Pay” will be out in a few months to where they’re on a creative peak & says Michael
Sweet’s singing better then ever to where the riffs are heavier then ever. He says if you get a chance to see Stryper on tour: to go see them
when the CD comes out, says if you’ve got
your own radio show then play it because
he won’t have a show then. He says if he did he’d play it & says Lemmy Kilmister’s recovering from sicknesses including a
defibrillator which’s a pacemaker.

Jericho says when he was at the Golden Gods Awards he saw Lemmy to where he
said [in a Lemmy impression] “let me show you my pacemaker Chris”, says it was like wow to where Lemmy’s the total God of metal but he’s also human & says Lemmy
needs time off from touring to where it’s well deserved. He sends get well wishes to
Lemmy because we love him in the metal world, says he himself loves you for sending
him requests in the last 2 years that’s got
lots of great songs & says who has
sent more requests then anyone, wanted to
hear LA Guns’ “17 Crash”. He says he never
heard it & don’t recall ever playing LA Guns
on the show. He says now’s the time to where it’s better late then never & then plays the song.

6.Plays LA Guns’ “17 Crash” & Pantera’s

7.Jericho says who’s another long time fan wanted to hear
“Widowmaker”, says he never heard the song before & says he Googled it to where
that before they became Pantera, they had
singer Terry Glaze to where they were more
of a Priest/Van Halen type of a band. He says when Terry left Phil Anselmo replaced
him to where they got super heavy & groovy, says they became the Pantera we all
know & love, asks if there’ll be a Pantera reunion & says without Dimebag, you can’t
do it. He says some fans say “maybe they can have Zakk Wylde do it” & says that none of it will occur till Phil & Vinnie Paul
get into a room & talk.

Jericho says he don’t see it happening anytime soon, says what he does see happening is more of your requests to where he asks if that was a great segway &
says he’ll play some Alice In Chains [AIC] to
where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again says it’s
on XM 242, again introduces himself & says [link don’t
work] to where he calls that a cool name. He says the name sounds like a nazi war criminal but feels that dustinshnow’s a fine
guy, says that AIC’s “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”:
is where they’ll headline this summers Uproar & says the new song’s called
“Stone” to where they haven’t lost a beat. He says it’s cool hearing the combo of Jerry Cantrell & William DuVall’s voices blending
together in the same way that Jerry did with Layne Staley years ago.

Jericho says when finding a replacement for
an iconic singer to where he sounds as good as William did, you hit the jackpot to
where AIC’s back & says they’re better then
ever to where he now plays “Stone”.

8.Plays Alice In Chains’ “Stone” & Guns N’
Roses’ “Think About You”.

9.Jericho says
wanted to hear “Think About You”, says it’s
great because “Appetite For Destruction”: has lots of great
songs on it to where everyone knows & loves it & mentions “Paradise City”, “Sweet
Child Of Mine”, “Welcome To The Jungle” &
“Rocket Queen”. He says he likes the obscure songs to where they’re not really
obscure due to fans hearing the CD thousands of times, calls “Think About You”
1 of his favorites that wasn’t a “hit” & says it’s now time for what’s also a “huge hit” to
where you know what it is. He says it’s the
jingle that’s sweeping the nation to where
he does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle.

Jericho asks on how many of you have that
jingle as a ring tone on your phone, says that 1 fan in Peoria has this to where he thanks him & does the jingle again. He says
for this weeks iPod has classic Savatage’s
’91’s “Jesus Saves”, says it’s got cool riffs to
where it’s got Criss Oliva who died 1 year later in an auto accident & says Savatage
continued for a while to where they morphed into Trans-Siberian Orchestra [TSO]. He says during Christmas you may
see them playing in your area to where they’ll do a Christmas show, says that most
of the guys that play in it used to be in Savatage, asks if Savatage will make a new
CD & then asks why should they. He says Savatage’s making lots of money with TSO so why would they want to & then plays
“Jesus Saves”.

10.Plays Savatage’s “Jesus Saves”, Living Colour’s “Tight” & Fozzy’s “Pray For Blood”.

11.Jericho says “Pray For Blood” is from
“Chasing The Grail”: to where it’s super fast & thrashy, says that Fozzy still plays the song live to where fans like moshing to it & says anytime you’d write a song about 16th century vikings eating hearts, you know it’s gonna be a good day.
He says “Tight” has a great riff from Vernon
Reid to where Living Colour reunited during the last few years, says they’re back
touring to where they’re most famous for
CM Punk: & his
theme song “Cult Of Personality”: & says if you’re a wrestling fan & didn’t know who did the
theme song, it’s Living Colour.

Jericho says he’ll play more crazy rock & roll
to where Derek will be on later, says later he’ll play some German power metal that’ll
stick it to you & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that anyone who knows him knows that his 4th all time favorite is Germany’s Helloween & says he
listed his top 20 bands 2 or 3 years ago that’s stuck in stone. He says he can’t change it because it’s gotta stay that way,
says if there’s any new bands coming in
they’ll have to work their way up the ladder
to make his top 20 & says Helloween’s #4. He says that’s show he & Shadows became
friends to where they’re both Helloween fanatics, says both got a Helloween pumpkin tattoo together & asks if that’s

Jericho calls it a tattoo bromance, plugs the
CD “Straight Out Of Hell”: to where he was
trying to get someone from Helloween on the show & says he had some success, but ran out of time. He says when his show ever
makes a comeback he’ll have someone from
Helloween on it, says he’ll just play them because he can play whatever the hell he
wants & then plays “World Of War”.

12.Plays Helloween’s “World Of War” & Gamma Ray’s “Insanity & Genius”.

13.Jericho says “Insanity & Genius” is from 1 of Gamma Ray’s CD’s [“Insanity & Genius”]: after
Kai Hansen left Helloween in ’91, says the
cool thing’s that Helloween & Gammy Ray
are touring together: & called
“Hellish Rock” & says both play to where they get together during the end for a big
jam. He says he wants to see it due to being
a big fan of both of them, says he’s also a fan of Derek who’ll be on next & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone’s is 1 of the most prolific keyboardists of all time
in metal & R&R history & says it’s Derek to where he asks on how he’s doing. Derek says he’s fine to where he asks Jericho on how he’s doing because it has been a long time, Jericho says he knows & says it’s funny
because he’s got a list of those he wanted to talk to at this years NAMM. He says some
were available while other weren’t, says he’s glad he got Derek to be on the show &
calls it cool to talk to him. Derek thanks Jericho to where it’s his pleasure, Jericho says he knows Derek’s busy & says there has been lots of stuff occuring.

Jericho says he saw the “Unblackened” show Derek did with Zakk [Wylde] will be on DVD, asks on how did he hook up with
Zakk for it & Derek says he & Zakk have been friends for a long time. He says both
met when he played with Alice Cooper in
’89 to when Zakk was with Ozzy for a couple
of years, says that Zakk & Ozzy went to Derek’s Wembley show to where he & Zakk
talked & says both have been friends since
then. He says Zakk played on 5 or 6 on Derek’s solo CDs to where both are tight during the years, says for a couple of years
Zakk mentioned about doing the
“Unblackened” show & asked Derek if he’d
be interested to where he said yes.

Derek says it was rescheduled for 5 times to
where they finally did it in January, calls it a
blast to play all of those songs & says everything was stripped down to “B3”,
“meletron” & piano for himself. He says there was lots of songs that Zakk did with
Pride & Glory that he never performed live,
called it a special night to where it was great & says the footage looks amazing of
what he saw of it as well as the sound was
great too. He says he’s looking forward to
seeing the final product, Jericho says that BLS’s more of a heavier bass thing & says if
they did the Pride & Glory stuff, that’s more
of a southern rock/Allman Brothers Band
[ABB] type of vibe.

Jericho says that lended itself to the ham, organ & “B3” for sure, Derek agrees to where Zakk’s got a Sabbath in the middle of his sound & says he also has strong influences with ABB, The Eagles & Elton John to where there’s a softer & mellower
side. He says it’s more of what Zakk explored on to where it sounded great, says
that Zakk’s voice is strong to where he’s a great player & Jericho says the funny thing’s where his point’s that if you need a
keyboardist for something like that, just call
Derek. He says it has been that way for years & says since Derek mentioned Alice, he asks if Kiss was the 1st band that gave him his “brake”.

Jericho asks if that was after Alice or before,
Derek says Kiss was after Alice to where Alice was his 1st real big break into the business & says he went from playing clubs to where Alice has top 10 albums on MTV.
He says it was the 1st time he traveled on a
tour bus, going overseas & being on a salary, called it an exciting time to where the band was great too & says Eric Singer’s
with Kiss, Megadeth’s Al Pitrelli is now TSO’s music director. He says it was a fun time in his life to where it was awesome,
Jericho asks on how he got the gig with Alice & Derek says Al who he went with to
Berkeley College & music as far back as ’83
& ’84, was hired as Alice’s music director.

Derek says Al recommended him to come
audition to where that was it, Jericho called
it a great way to not only play the biggest
level possible but to learn some things on
showmanship & Derek called it great. He
says Alice started it to where Kiss took it to
the next level, says being exposed to those
like Alice, Gene [Simmons] & Paul [Stanley]
are the ones that wrote the book on merchandising & theatrical production.
Jericho says when Derek played with Alice he asks if he was on stage as part of the show, Derek says yes because he got blood
sprayed all over himself, Jericho asks if it messed up his keyboards & Derek says yes to where Jericho says it’s R&R.

Jericho asks Derek on what he learned from
Alice when he was a young musician, Derek
says the main thing he learned was that 1 thing you’d play clubs on weekends while playing near your home & says the other thing’s when you’re touring to where you’re playing 5 nights weekly. He says it’s when you’d have to deliver a show to where you’d get a sense of professionalism,
says it’s where you’re doing it for real & says everything transforms in your attitude
by the way you play & everything. He says you do things as a pro to where it’s a memorable & special time in anyones career & says 25 years later, you become adjusted to where you don’t think about it
& bitch about a hotel that has a low thread
count on the sheet or if there’s bad internet.

Jericho says it’s funny because lots of times
when he thinks of his own early career, says
that Gene has said this to where he was asked on what was the best part of his career & says the 1st 2 or 3 years was when
everything was new. He says back then you’d have a place to sleep to where it was awesome, says you’d be working your way up the ladder & not knowing on what’s gonna happen & says 20 to 30 years later,
it’s like “oh my God, there’s no hot water for my tea, I’m suing”. He asked Derek if he
played on any Alice CDs, Derek says yes to
where he was on ’94’s “Last Temptation”: & on some classic “Greatest Hits” CD.

Derek says he’s also on the “Trashes The World” DVD: ,
Jericho says he thought “Last Temptation” was good to where it was underated in many ways & Derek says there was good stuff on it. He says it has been a while scene
he heard it to where there was good moments on it, Jericho agrees & says after that, Derek went to Kiss to where they’re another R&R education. Derek called it great to where he got that thru Eric Singer,
says that Eric then told Derek that Kiss was looking for a keyboardist & says he forgot where he was then, but his phone rang to
where [in a Gene impression] says “Eric, this
is Gene Simmons”.

Derek continues the impression by saying “I
need a keyboard player yesterday”, then after Derek’s response was “OK” he said that Gene asked him if he can come to play & says as he went there, he walked in to where back then he had the bad, long 80s
hair. He says that Gene told him “you look
like the love child of Paul Stanley & Cher”,
says his response to Gene was “OK great” &
says that Gene told him to play the intro riff
to “Love Gun”. He then makes the sounds of
the riff to where he said that Gene & Paul looked at each other, then after that he said that Gene shook Derek’s hand to where that was it & says that’s what he did to get the gig.

Jericho called it interesting because with some of the 80s stuff like “Crazy Nights”: there was some
keyboards in there, asked Derek if he played on all songs live & Derek says he played on all of them to where his function
was to double Paul’s rhythm guitar parts. He says the sound wasn’t distorted but it was a brass, analog, fat sound to where he
did lots of fits so it can re-enforce Paul’s parts. He says he also sang background vocals, Jericho called it interesting because it gave Kiss a fuller sound on stage then & Derek says while he did it, he thought to himself “you know what, they don’t really need me here or a keyboard player”.

Derek says back then it sounded fine because for some reason, they used an offstage keyboardist & says he didn’t question it because he was glad being out
there to learn. He says Kiss never needed a
keyboardist because they had the sound to
where they sounded fine, Jericho says if they did “Reason To Live” or “Turn On The Night” you can hear something in the back & if you’re doing “Love Gun”, that’s when
Derek feels they didn’t need it to where it was fine. He called it a great experience because he’d watch Kiss daily on how they dealt with during rehearsals & says with checks was that nothing got paid out unless
both [Gene & Paul] signed the check.

Jericho says he heard about that to where
Eric told him this too, Derek says he learned
something from that because we’ve heard
horror stories with bands on how managers
throws cadillacs & cornbeef sandwiches & says during that, it’s when managers spending all of the artists money to where they’re broke. He says with Gene & Paul
they were screwed early in their career to
where they learned by taking everything under their control, calls it amazing on what they’ve done & Jericho says it used to
be a cool thing when it was like “I’m just a
musician man”. He says in this day in age you have to be everything from musician,
businessman & to also sell yourself.

Jericho says if not you’ll be left behind, calls
Kiss a group of guys to learn from for that & Derek calls Gene a real, no bulls**t kind of guy to where he’s direct. He says by being around that’s exposed to him for 3 or
4 months it rubs off on you, says he tries carrying something that he learned from
everyone he has worked with & says he adds it to his own vibe to where it makes him stronger each time. He calls it something to learn from everyone to where
all of them, says it’s where they go to the top for a reason & Jericho says it gives you
llongevity to where you’re smart enough to
take care of yourself by putting yourself in
those positions.

Jericho says he talked about Alice & Kiss to
where Derek doubles for Paul’s rhythm parts, says that Kevin Moore left DT to
where they’re looking for a keyboardist & asks if he either got the call or auditioned for the gig. Derek says with Alice after the
“Trash” tour & after Kiss, that’s when all of
the Seattle stuff occured to where all the rock bands returned. He says it’s when nobody was putting out CDs due to everything was Nirvana, Soundgarden & Stone Temple Pilots, says he was unemployed in ’93 to where it was the dark
years & calls it the lowest in his career. He says he had to do something to where DT
was looking for a keyboardist.

Derek says he heard of them & their song
“Pull Me Under” but knew they were progressive, says he never really heard their stuff & decided to check them out. He
says he called them to where they told him
“OK yeah, we’d like to audition you”, says they sent him music & says when hearing it
for the 1st time, he was like “holy f**k” because he didn’t know he can play this. Jericho asks if he remembers what the song
was, Derek says no but feels it was from their 1st 3 CDs & Jericho thinks it’s
“Metropolis” or something. Derek says as he heard the song he thought “I don’t know
how am I gonna play this” & says he played
chop oriented music when going to Berkley.

Derek says ever since he got out he played
basic stuff, says as he heard the music he
thought it would be a big challenge to where he’d give it a shot & says he practiced for a week by learning it. He says
he went for the audition to where there was 3 people also auditioning, says it was
himself, Jordan Rudess & Jens Johansson who was [Yngwie] Malmsteen’s keyboardist.
He says Jordan was the 1 they wanted to hire but at the time Jordan had a kid or
something else occured that made him wanna pass on the gig, says after that they
took Derek & says for some reason he don’t
know why they didn’t hire Jens because he’s
amazing as well as Jordan.

Derek says he got the gig to where it was based on being a hired gun coming in, says
he felt after the audition it was 50/50 if he
was gonna get it or not & says he knew he
was out of his style to do it. He says they gave him the call to where he went in, says he had to learn some insane music that he
never grew up hearing & says he had to do
this in 2 weeks. He says the band only had a
couple of rehearsals before it to where he
remembers saying to himself that if he can
get thru it & pull it off with them, there’s nothing that anyone can throw at him musically that he won’t handle. He says he
ended up pulling it off after 6 months of touring which made him a full time member.

Derek says he ended up with them for 4 years to where he was on 1 studio CD, 2 live
CDs & 1 EP, calls it a great experience to where his musicianship went up 10 levels &
Jericho says the thing he likes about Derek’s DT era’s that he did a different style
to the keyboards. He says they always had the chops but Derek had a jazzy element that came into play especially on “Falling Into Infinity”: on
songs like “Lines In The Sand” & “Just Let Me Breathe”, says it had a real kind of cool
thing to where you can tell it was him on
keyboards & says to stand out in the band’s
a testiment to his choices as a player to where Derek thanks him.

Derek says the 1 thing that was important to him was he always wanted to have a sound that indentifies on who it is as soon as you’d hear solos, says that was in DT to
where he had lots of pressure that he put on himself as well as there was pressure on
the outside & says the more that he put on
himself, was that he wanted to create a voice for his instrument. He says on songs like “Lines In The Sand” was the primary writer to where you’d hear it, calls it the start of his signature sound & Jericho says
you’d hear it on “Lines In The Sand” & “Just Let Me Breathe” to where he plays “Just Let
Me Breathe” now.

14.Plays Dream Theater’s “Just Let Me Breathe”.

15.Jericho says he remembers there was lots of cool vibes on “Falling Into Infinity” to
where it was a step away from what DT was
doing, called it a nice break with songs like
“New Millennium” that was difficult to play & says when Derek fit in, he asks if it was old hat then or did he had to think while playing. Derek asks Jericho to repeat the
question, Jericho asks since he played with
them for 6 months if it got easier playing those parts & Derek says yes. He says once
he knew the music & had it on his hands it
was no problem, says it was absorbed to where during the process of learning the
songs, his retention muscle got real strong
to where he remembers 17 or 24 songs that
had millions of time changes.

Derek says however he can’t even remember his f*****g [which didn’t get bleeped out] hotel room number, Jericho calls it great because the 1st song he heard
him on was “Change Of Season” & says that’s 25 minutes long. Derek says it’s really
22 or 23 minutes which’s little, Jericho tells Derek “welcome to the band” & says another thing he appreciates is when after
Derek moved on from DT, he did lots of great solo work. He says Derek had 3 or 4
solo CDs to where 1 of them was “Inertia”: , says he enjoyed it & says back then, Derek was confident by bringing guests to where they
put together whatever it was they were playing.

Jericho asks Derek if his time in DT established him as 1 of the keyboardists to
see, Derek thinks so to where it was the 1st
time he was on the map & says with Alice &
Kiss, you’re under the radar then. He says
with DT you’re a band member to where on
the CDs it was the 1st time that fans had a chance hearing him while getting that kind of exposure. He says he’s greatful he had the opportunity which launched his solo career, Jericho asks on how many solo CDs he did & Derek says 7. Jericho asks if he’s doing another 1, Derek says no but maybe
in the future due to being busy with other
things & Jericho says the fact that he did work with Zakk.

Jericho says the 1 song he always dug was
“Evel Knievel”, Derek says that was 1 of the 1st ones they recorded & Jericho asks him to tell the story on the song. Derek says he
always loved Evel as a kid to where he was
the most bitching guy worldwide, says he
would jump over f*****g [again didn’t get bleeped] cannons & says he had a riff to where he was working with Zakk. He asked
Zakk on what would be a bitching Zakk
instrumental song that you can really feel
Zakk’s style, but it’s a bit outside of the relm on what he’d do in his own thing. He
says that’s what he came up with to where
Zakk loved it, says they recorded it & says it
had Simon Phillips on drums & Tony Franklin.

Jericho says that’s not a bad lineup, Derek
agrees & says on his solo CDs he’s proud to
where his attitude’s always been on ideas
with a famous line that goes “why scratch with turkeys when you can sore with eagles”. He says he always surrounded himself with the very best positions, says with rhythm sections & guitarists is where
he’s proud & Jericho says Derek should play
with the band The Eagles with Don Henley & others. Derek feels that’d be great to where he’d love it, Jericho asks if “Evel Knievel” is from “Inertia”, Derek says yes & Jericho plays the song.

16.Plays Derek Shernian & Zakk Wylde’s
“Evel Knievel”.

17.Jericho says he always liked that to when
he 1st got his iPod that had 12 songs on it,
says that “Evel Knievel” was 1 of them to
where he heard it over & over again & says
the solos were heavy & the keyboards were
great. He says he digs it to where it’s got good chemistry, Derek says he recalls sending him the song & Jericho says yes to it. Derek said he thought the song would be
a great theme song for him to where Jericho said for WWE, Derek says it would’ve been great & Jericho agrees. He says the song’s got lots of power to where
it’s heavy, says it’s got a cool vibe & says it’s
funny because he’s in Tampa to where he did some Clearwater radio shows.

Jericho says he was told that before Evel died he used to live down the street, says if
he was ever bored he’d show up at the studio & says Evel was a wacky old man then. He says sometimes Evel would wear his Evel Knievel jumpsuit, says if you’d break
every bone in your body that’s to be expected & Derek agrees. He says he didn’t
know Jericho lived in Tampa because he &
Billy Idol were in Clearwater last month,
Jericho asks if they played at Janis Landing & Derek said it was Ruth Eckerd Hall to where Jericho called it a great place. Derek says he’ll play 2 nights there in November
[15 & 16] with Joe Bonamassa: .

Jericho says to let him know because he’s
sure he’ll be home then, calls it a great segway because he wants to talk about BCC
& says they came from nowhere to where he had Jason Bonham on the show a couple
of months ago: .
He calls Jason a sweetheart & great guy to
where both talked on how fast & quick BCC
works, says they put out 3 CDs during 2 & 1/2 to 3 years that included a live CD & a tour & asks if it’s 1 of the reasons why they
took a break for a while & if it was too much, too quickly. Derek says no because they had lots of “strong personalities” to
where everyone wasn’t sure on what they
wanted to do.

Derek says they were originally put together by Bonamassa & Kevin Shirley to
where the purpose was to be a side project
for Joe to play with rock musicians that has
worked with Kevin as well as those that Joe
respected. He says he & Jason were asked to be a part of it, says when Kevin called him about it he told Kevin yes to where he
respected Kevin & says if he calls Derek for
anything, he’ll be there. He says he didn’t know on what was gonna happen, says they
went in to originally record a couple of songs & says they ended up staying for 1 week to record the whole CD to where it was like “OK, whatever”. He says when it came out it started to get good reviews everywhere.

Derek says the sales were good, says the next thing you’d know they’re making the
2nd CD [“Black Country Communion 2”]: & says they didn’t tour for the 1st CD [“Black Country Communion”]: .
He says when they made the 2nd CD there
was a call to do a full 3 month tour, says it’s
when they’re getting written up as “the band of the year” in Classic Rock magazine
& says it was all taking off. He says it wasn’t
supposed to be as big as it was, says that he, Jason & Glenn [Hughes] were looking at
this to where they thought it was great &
felt this was a real current band to where it’s kicking ass.

Derek says “let’s push” 3 times to where Joe’s solo career was so strong, Jericho calls
it massive & Derek says Joe liked doing BCC
as a side thing, but wasn’t gonna be his main thing. He feels that’s where the frustration came from Glenn to where he’s
the main songwriter, says he’s 62 to where
this was his last run at doing something &
says he understands. He feels Glenn was
frustrated with Joe but understands where
Joe’s at with the solo career being very massive, asks on why would Joe wanna split
it up 4 ways & have to deal with other egos
to where he’d be the boss & Jericho feels it
make sense. He says there’re those that don’t know how big Joe is.

Jericho says in Europe & England Joe’s playing Royal Albert Hall 5,000 or 6,000 for 2 nights, says he does it by himself to where
he promotes the shows, runs his record company & says everything’s within the system. He says he read an article in Classic
Rock on how Joe & his manager runs everything to where there’s no percentages
being paid to booking agents or managers,
says they’re keeping the whole pie & calls it
smart. He says he understands on why he’d
wanna split it & deal with 3 others so he’d
do it himself, Derek agrees & Jericho says
when BCC wrote songs, he asks if everyone
contributed due to Glenn being the main

Derek says Glenn was the main songwriter
to where Joe & Glenn both did the most, says that he & Jason did contribute too &
Jericho says he knows there’s lots of songs
on all 3 CDs. He asks on which’s his favorite BCC songs, Derek says on the new CD to where he can’t remember the title [“Afterglow”]: &
says the song “Afterglow” is 1 that Glenn wrote to where it’s good. He then mentions
“Midnight Sun” to where he & Jason wrote
that, feels it’s strong & Jericho then plays
“Midnight Sun”.

18.Plays Black Country Communion’s
“Midnight Sun”.

19.Jericho says it must’ve been cool jamming & playing with them to where Derek’s got a good relationship with Joe,
says that Derek & Joe are touring together & asks if it’s a USA tour. Derek says no to
where it’s a world tour that includes South
America, Europe & then the USA, says they’ll be playing till late this year & Jericho
asks if he still plays with Billy Idol, if Billy’s taking a break or did he need a replacement for Derek to tour with Joe.
Derek says no because Billy only tours 4 to 5 weeks yearly to where he’ll finish with
Billy by doing a private Vegas show on a
Saturday night & says that’ll be it for the year.

Jericho calls it amazing because Derek’s had
an unbelievable career with some of the greatest of all time even to today, says that
Derek’s resume of those he worked with’s
2nd to none & calls it something that’s very
cool for him to say. Derek says he’s blessed
to do what he loves doing while playing with not only with those that he admires as
heroes since he was a kid, but just constantly being exposed to great talent. He says he’s happy, Jericho tells Derek he
appreciates him being on the show to where he’ll be watching & looking for him
with Joe’s world tour & when he’s touring with Billy. He says he’s sure there’s other
things that Derek has occuring.

Jericho again says he appreciates Derek being on the show, Derek thanks him to where it’s great talking to him, Jericho tells
him he’ll see him soon to where he thanks
him & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again welcome back
to the show to where he again thanks Derek for being on the show, calls him very
humble & fun to talk to & says he has lots of
experience. He says anyone that has played
with Paul Stanley, Billy Idol, Zakk Wylde &
Mike Portnoy you know that Derek had to put up with he don’t know if it’s ego, but lots of “dominant personalities”. He says Derek’s always working, says that Ozzy, Tony Iommi & Geezer Butler are big personalities to where they put everything
aside & create their CD “13”: . He calls it 1 of
the best CDs in years to where Sabbath’s 1st & only #1 CD ever.

Jericho says he’ll end the show to where he
says “last song” 3 times, says he’ll play
“Dear Father” that’s from “13”, says to crank it up & says to check the song out.

20.Plays Black Sabbath’s “Dear Father”.

21.Jericho asks on what do you think of
“Dear Father”, says it don’t get much heavier then Sabbath to where it’s a time
machine & says they sound just as good as
ever. He says it’s better then their ’78 period & their “Never Say Die”: & “Technical Ecstasy”: years,
tells fans to see Sabbath on tour: & says he’ll see them in 2 nights in Tampa to where he says “so there, sit on that, ha ha”.
He again says Zack Myers will be on next
week to where he thanks fans for listening,

again plugs his Twitter for requests & says he’ll see you next week. He says to stay hard, cool & heavy, says God bless you & good night & the show ends at 7:03 PM.

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