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Possibility for the August 1st TNA mystery man

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  1. Main event says:

    Horrible idea if its Adam Pearce tna needs a shocking debut of a mystery man someone who will bring credibility to them a big name talent hopefully

  2. JLM3 says:

    I firmly believe it is a new authority figure.. be it Bischoff or Jarrett who both kayfabe “do not work for TNA” It is obvious Panda is ready to be done. One of those two mean are purchasing TNA outright soon. I guarantee it.

  3. Steve B says:

    your right main event, has to be someone big

  4. Ian says:

    There is one point early (I think around the 7 second mark) that sounds EXACTLY like Low Ki

  5. taddunbar says:

    I have an inside source in TNA and the mystery man is D Ray 3000 making his triumphant return.

    I thought maybe King Mo coming back to join Aces and Eights to fight Rampage but Mo has a fight the night before so that probably rules him out.

    It’s probably be something stupid and it wont make any sense. Alex Shelly would be cool.

  6. Greg says:

    Please be Scrap Daddy!!!!!!

  7. Kerry says:

    “A big name talent” Yeah, because every time they announce & sign one of those it’s worked brilliantly for them.

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