Ken Shamrock on new projects, his relationship with Frank, more

Jul 27, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck posted an interview with former WWF superstar and MMA legend Ken Shamrock:

PB: Can you tell me about the documentary you have coming out?

Shamrock: I actually have three different projects coming out. One is about my brother Frank, my father, and myself. The second one is about my struggles in my MMA career and in my personal life. That one will be coming out first and it should be out the end of summer. It’s called The Greatest Fight. I am also involved with a reality show called Shamrock Security that will air on the History Channel. It follows my security and body guard company out in Reno. It’s going to be along the lines of employing up and coming athletes, ex-athletes, and ex-military personnel to do security and bodyguard work. This way it gives them a chance to make money and support their families, either after their sports career or military service is over, or until they get their break in professional sports.

PB: Can you tell me a little more about the documentary about you, your dad, and Frank?

KS: It’s going to be coming out around the Bellator fights, and I’m not sure what it will be called yet. It’s basically just going to be telling our story. Frank and I will be getting interviewed separately and together. We will each be telling our sides of the story, what things went wrong, where we disappointed each other, and to address the issues with our father.

PB: I don’t know if this is a touchy subject or not, but how is the relationship currently between you and Frank?

KS: I don’t really have any feelings about it right now. You know, for a long time I was very, very angry, but, it hit a point where I just really didn’t care anymore. It just didn’t mean anything to me anymore.

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