GERWECK.NET Trivia #2‏

Jul 27, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Firstly, last week’s answers:

Q) Who has Chris Sabin defeated in singles competition at previous Destination X events?

A) Chase Stevens (2005) and Jerry Lynn (2007). Due to a slight ambiguity in the question, one point was awarded to those who only answered Chase Stevens

With that said, here are the current top 3:

1) Samantha Allen – 6 points
2) ILMH – 3 points
3) Jorge Pernas – 2 points


Now for this week’s question. How many wrestlers have competed in more than 100 WWE pay-per-view matches? For bonus points, name them.

NOTE: Bonus points will only be awarded if you answer the main question correctly. One bonus point per correct wrestler

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