Down Under: 7/26 WWE house show results from Melbourne, Australia

Jul 26, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Milan Greco and

1. The Miz defeated Antonio Cessaro. This match got given around 15 minutes. A solid match to kick things off. Miz was way over as a face and Cessaro drew good heat.

2. Natalya defeated Akasana. A very poor match. It was basically rest hold after rest hold until Natalya won with a sharpshooter.

3. Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal. A typical Khali match here. Another poor match.

Up next was the advertised Cena vs Ryback in a tables match. This led me to believe that Cena would wrestle twice in the show because Ambrose vs Bryan wouldn’t go on last.

4. John Cena defeated Ryback in a tables match to retain the WWE Championship. Cena won by the Attitude Adjustment through a table. Very entertaining match.

5. Curtis Axel defeated Zach Ryder and Heath Slater in a Triple Threat to retain the Intercontinental Title. An okay match. The tour definitely lacked depth and this showed by putting on a very random triple threat match.

6. Daniel Bryan fought U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose to a no contest. This was a fans choice match. The options were Melbourne street fight or a submission match. Of course, the street fight won. Kendo sticks and steal chairs were involved. The Shield came out and attacked Bryan, which led to Kane and Cena helping him. This led to a six-man tag team main event.

7. John Cena, Kane, and Daniel Bryan defeated The Shield. Basic tag match. Kane got the hot tag and won with a chokeslam.

Notes: Overall, an okay show. On a side note, this was almost sold out, so around 15,000. That’s 11 years in a row this has happened. In 2002 they had a show in a football stadium that drew 58,000. I don’t understand why we won’t get a televised Raw or Smackdown here. Italy, Japan and England have all got it, but not us. It doesn’t really matter for me now as I’m traveling to the States next year for WrestleMania, but I actually don’t get it.

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