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D-Lo Brown on releasing low-level talent instead of higher priced talent

Highlight from our interview with D-Lo Brown.

On releasing low-level talent instead of higher priced talent: “That’s the million dollar question. I wasn’t in the office on the talent side. That’s a good question to put out there. I’m not sure the answer. I don’t think anyone outside of the company on that side would be privy to that. There are times when you look at it and the decisions don’t make sense. They are going to do what they need to do to strengthen the company. A lot of people will scratch their head and a lot of people will wonder and shake their head, question and build their own hypothesis and try to figure whats going on. At the end of the day, nobody in that company knows what’s really going to happen except those in charge of the finances.”

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  1. Matt says:

    He’s right. A talented person regardless of where they are on the card is never a good thing. It’s a double edged sword, It mostly boils down to a lot of other factors and where the company sees best to make the decision.

    We may not agree or like it, but we aren’t running the company. We can only speculate so far. Even if we feel a company makes silly mistakes, i’m sure underneath all the hoopla there’s some kind of reason as to why they chose which ones they did.

  2. DBRude says:

    You can’t cut the people that are currently in the spotlight, can you? How do you explain that to an expecting audience? I know they cut DOC, which is weird, considering he’s in the biggest angle there is, but that may have been a mistake. They have other people on the roster who haven’t done anything in a while, and who don’t appear to be going anywhere, and who aren’t as fresh.

  3. Bumbolee says:

    They cut Tara and she was the highest paid women’s wrestler. I know she wasn’t making Sting or Angle money, but still…..

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