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Ahmed Johnson considers Jeff Jarrett “extremely racist”


We are joined by a very special guest on this special edition of the show. Former WWF Intercontinental Champion Tony Norris, better known as Ahmed Johnson sits down with David Diaz for a very special in-depth career interview.

Ahmed discusses his hatred for Jeff Jarrett and how he considers him “extremely racist”, the controversial kiss from Goldust during their program and how he felt about that, breaking down racial barriers by becoming the intercontinental champion, Ron Simmons admitting to purposely injuring him, the supposed plans for Ahmed to become WWF Champion and why that never happened, what happened when he fell out with Vince McMahon, thoughts on The Rock, his WCW career, a potential comeback and his opinions on today’s WWE product in an extremely controversial interview.

Click here to listen to the interview

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4 Responses

  1. ~J* says:

    “I didn’t like working with him. He wasn’t like Shawn Michaels, he’d complain if you hit him too hard. He didn’t want to put anybody over, and on top of that, man, he was a racist son of a bitch. Really racist.”

    Oh pearl river plung to j-a-double r-e-double tj-e-double ff brah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cold says:

    So you defend racism with a racist remark?

  3. Captain Ass says:

    The race card is easily played these days. Jarrett is from the South, however, and they tend to be racist but even if he was that’s his choice and nobody has the right to judge. If he wants to be racist, that’s who he is and nothing will change it.

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