More on Dixie Carter’s meeting with TNA talent last week

Jul 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

To follow up a previous report on Dixie Carter’s meeting with TNA talent before the Destination X show…

TNA President Dixie Carter and other members of management (TNA CFO/COO Dean Broadhead, Executive VP Andy Barton, and Jeff Jarrett) addressed the locker room, reports Carter noted that everyone is under evaluation and wouldn’t rule out additional cuts and added that the changes were being made for the long term health of the promotion.

Despite not being seen in TNA in quite awhile, Jarrett has maintained an involvement with the company, continuing to work out of his Nashville office. At one point, Jarrett was in charge of Gut Check.

Carter noted that some of the restructuring was being done due to the fact that the company spent a lot of money taping of the One Night Only pay-per-view events back in March. The company rushed the tapings because they wanted to complete them before their lease with Universal Studios in Orlando, FL was complete.

The overall tone of the message was considered upbeat, however, despite the positive vibe, there are still talents scrambling, seeking work elsewhere.

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