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Jesse Sorensen accuses TNA of making false promises to him

Jesse Sorenson has accused TNA of breaking promises to him following his release today. Sorenson posted a fundraising campaign to trying to raise $600 for the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, Florida on October 5th, stating that he is unable to pay for the show due to his release. Sorenson posted the following in the campaign:

My name is Jessy Sorensen(Jesse Sorensen) I am a former professional wrestler for TNA Impact Wrestling seen every thursday night on SpikeTV. On Feb.12th 2012 during a live match on pay per view vs Zema Ion I suffered a sever neck injury sustaining a broke C-1 vertebrae & herniated C-5 & C-6. After a long recovery process & being promised by the President of TNA Impact Wrestling TNA Dixie Carter I would always have a job with her company, I recently was released from my current contract & shown that those promises were false. During my time away from the ring I decided to pursue bodybuilding & have been prepping for the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, FL on Oct.5th,2013 but now due to my recent released I will have to drop out of my show. A friend of mine told me about this site and if anyone would like to help and contribute I would be so grateful and appreciate any donations. Thanks and hopefully I can find something I love just as much as I did Wrestling.


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5 Responses

  1. ~J* says:

    I’m almost sure Dixie will be the first in line to donate to this worthy cause.

  2. ~J* says:

    He already met his goal on that site btw.

  3. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Why couldn’t Jessy work for that six hundred dollars at a staffing agency or something instead of asking people to help him out with his hobby…Was the neck break filed as a LNI claim, a hospital charity write-off or did this come out of his own pocket, but asking money for a competition is just lame, earn that money on your own… When people “panhandle” and they aren’t in dire straits, it’s hard to have respect for someone like that, I would rather buy a homeless person a warm meal than to fund a pro wrestler’s bodybuilding hobby,

  4. Adurka Durk says:

    I broke my neck, I’m now a body builder, TNA owes me something, SEND MONEY PLS!!!11

  5. Swayze says:

    “I’m going to complain about what other people consider worth giving money to because I’m the only person ever.”

    That’s what you guys sound like.

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